Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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"...Ah. I believe they're somewhere under my bed in the wreckage of my room. No good deed goes unpunished, it appears."

I sigh, my mind finally retreating from the stream of time, and back into something a little less horrifying and disorienting.

After pausing for a few moments, "Ahm... best not to tell the others about my slight... breakdown. I'd prefer to divulge as few secrets of my past as possible. It can be rather disturbing at parts."

OOC: Last post of the night.
"Alright." I head over to Noct's wrecked room, pick up my tomes, and head back to my room to take a look at which ones i haven't read.
wow, sloooow night...

After working on my design a little more, I head down to the forge and head over to a laser cutter, grabbing some unset neosteel composite on the way.

happy now?
ooc: durasteel is starwars, not starcraft
Recap please.
Well, i stumbled upon Noct without his drink, found him brewing it, and he splashed some unprocessed form of it on me.
yep oBs covered it most of it, I'm starting a project...
So nothing major. Alright.

IC: I finish my omelet. Valencia had only taken some Orange Juice, then left, going for walk in the forest. She cut down anything that attacked her, Ignitus being a flame in her hand.
"I'm going to go clean off my clothes." I go to my room, and switch my clothes for some new ones, then head down to the courtyard for a walk and maybe kill an animal or 2.

OOC:Last post for the night.
Whether you levitate or bend spoons...Dark Heart News.
OOC: yep...

IC: I head out into the courtyard and take a walk around.
I sigh, sitting down here in the dark of the chemistry lab.

"Alistair, I know you're watching me now. No point in hiding it."

I grin. Perhaps he enjoyed watching me go insane for a little while. Anything to break the cycles of his boredom.
Instead of Alistair, someone else steps out, in a gold colored duster with chainmail armor underneath it, a chaingun based crossbow on his back and a long sword on his hip. "I'm not Alistair, though he knows me. Where might I find one Tobi Van Helsing?"
Linnzie stayed close to Tobi to avoid his sister. She was afraid and scared that she might do something.

I had decided to do some sketching and writing because there was nothing to do and I was still to weak to do another tourney match.
I grin. "Somewhere in the house, no doubt. Check the main floor."

My face becomes wary. "Who are you?"
I read one of the tomes. It explains some of Solareon's hidden powers and how to use them. "Interesting....I never knew it could do that..."
The man simply looks at Noct. "I'm an associate of his you could say. Thank you for the directions." He leaves, walking up the stairs.
After raising a curious eyebrow, I decide to follow him. Perhaps I could assist him with whatever he needs.
According to the last tome, Solareon begins to glow very bright when possible danger is near. "Well that explains a lot." I head down to the kitchen for a small snack and then go to the armory.
The man reaches the main floor, seeing me leaving the kitchen and calls my name. "Tobi, how long has it been?" I freeze on the spot, slowly turning around to face the man.

"Jarec Corellia. I heard you'd died." He chuckles, leaning against the wall.

"Dead as living can be is what I heard." He slowly drew his crossbow, leveling it with me, my hand on Argost. "I've come to show you my new profession." He fires a bolt, and I deflect it, but I can feel the dark energy through the blade. It can't be, they were all killed!

OOC: Jarec is a Anti-Hunter, working name for now, feel free to suggest something better, so he's gonna be a pain to defeat. For now, that's all we'll get to do to them.

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