Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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I stand behind the man, unnoticed for the moment. I draw out the Hyphen, and raise an eyebrow at Tobi. Shall I? I have yet to test this weapon. It might be wise to get out of the way...
I hear the commotion and come up to see whats happening. Immediately, Solareon begins glowing incredibly bright. "Aw crap."
Jarec spins around, facing Noct. "I thought I had a shadow." He fires off two more bolts in quick succession at him, spins and fires at Micheal as he comes up another set of stairs. I rush in, slashing for his gut, but get blocked by his long sword. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. That isn't very nice." I slide back and ready myself for his assault.

"How could you Jarec?" He just laughs, firing more bolts at the three of us. I deflect them, hoping that no one else would get caught up.
I channel a small amount of energy into Solareon, creating a shield around me. "Who the hell are you!? I assume you two know him!" I grab out Athos and Armads and begin unleashing a large volley of bullets aimed at various vital parts of the attacker.
I got the hell away from those bolts. They looked fairly painful, hooked too. "Tobi, can I use him for target practice? I've yet to test out the Hyphen MKII here!"

I take cover behind a wall.
I deflect another barrage, sheathing Argost and drawing Order and Chaos, firing my won barrage. Jarec dodged them all, still firing bolts. After a short burst, the shield around Micheal shatters, forcing him to find cover. "You could say I know him. He's supposed to be dead. Part of his vanishing act apparently though." Then I glance at Noct as bolts embed themselves in the dresser I was behind. "Feel free, but you probably won't hit him."
I take cover, and begin channeling a large amount of energy into Solareon. "Time for plan B."
Jarec has since taken cover and now we were all just exchanging fire. "Jarec, what did you do?!" He laughs hysterically.

"I am a member of a society dedicated to hunting the hunters. I shall make you pay for leaving me!" Suddenly dark energy colaces around the end of his crossbow and a large bolt is fired, clipping Micheal's leg.

"Micheal, you alright?" I fired another volley. "Some one wound him!"
"I'm alright." I aim Solareon at him, and fire a large sustained beam of destructive light energy. (will penetrate walls but will hit with less force if wall is penetrated.)(will also drain my energy over time due to the fact that i am making it continuous.)
Jarec leaps over the beam, but still gets clipped along the leg. "You're going to pay for that." He fires another bolt, this time piercing Micheal's leg. "Come out, Wanderer. I know you'd offer more of a challenge!"

OOC: That's you morrjo.
"Ow." I make the beam have a much larger radius(but with less damage) so its harder to dodge. "Try this on for size!"
"Alrighty then! I love these prototypes!

With a swing, I bring Hyphen to bear, and load a shard into its firing mechanism. With a click, it charges the shard with much, much more energy than I normal would, before wrapping it in plasma, and hurtling it towards Jarec, breaking the sound barrier as it flew.

I sense chunky salsa if that hits...
A shield of dark energy surrounds Jarec, deflecting the beam and shard away. "Childs play." He forms a pinpoint of dark energy and fires it at Micheal. "Try that instead." He then fires a thin bolt at Noct. "Have a taste of that, Wanderer."
With a twirl of my Scythe, I slice a hole in this world, laughing as the beam passes into the ways. An alien cry of pain is heard, but I shortly close the portal afterwards.

"Hmph. I made that thing to counter shattering. Perhaps I need to tweak the mass values some more."

I holster the Hyphen, and apparate a few shards, intent on testing him. If I can't pierce him, I'll absorb these.
Jarec laughs even more hysterically and holsters his crossbow, drawing his long sword. The blade was a tainted black, far more evil then anything we'd yet to face. "I grow tired of such easily avoided attacks. Fight me in melee, and we'll see what you're made of." I holster my own weapons and draw Argost. "Be careful everyone. He's not the man he once was."
With a grunt, I absorb the shards back into me, fueling my body, and dissolving one in order to fuel Prescience, reading his moves.

"Come then, child of man. Show me what apes are capable of."

I step forward, handling the Night's edge, cutting small black loci in its wake.
He simply chuckles, and a dark energy radiates out from his body, cancelling out Prescience and returning Noct to his normal state. "I hunt the hunters Wanderer, your...gifts are quite useless against me." He slashes at Nocts head.
With a twirl, I match the strike against the rod of my scythe, letting its momentum carry the sword harmlessly away from me. "Too hasty and proud. What a shame."

I whip it towards his jaw line, intent on hooking him through the mouth.
Jarec simply grabs the blade and rips the entire Scythe out of Noct's hand. "And you are far too easy to fool." He kicks Noct away, then lunges at him intent to run him through, but I intercept, catching the wicked sword on the gold of Argost.

"Leave this place." He only laughs hysterically and attacks. I deflect his blows, countering when necessary. This continues for about two minutes before I finally cut open his gut. Stumbling back, he grins manically.

"I'll be back for all of you soon enough." In a swirl of dark energy, he's gone. I sigh, then turn to Noct.

"You alright?" I offer my hand to help him up.

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