Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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"Bah, I'm fine."

I pull myself up, with Tobi's help.

"Should have let him run me through. Would have grabbed and pinned him, and he'd be all yours!"
I shake my head. "His kind are not so easily slain." I then look up at Micheal. "He get you beside that bolt?"
"Aside from that bolt, he fired some dark energy at me. I'm ok though. Anyway, who was he?"
"Some monster supporting activists. Call themselves the Anti-Hunters, as some sort of pseudonym. Never knew they came up with a name for me... Heh."
I sigh then nod. "He use to be a hunter, and a friend. But, he, at least I thought he had, died, during our last team up hunt. A very feral and vicious Alpha of one of the lesser packs had trapped us. He had me run, knowing that my survival was more important. Unfortunately, the Alpha caught up to us before I could help him out, and when he said run, I ran. Apparently he didn't die that day though." I sigh. "Now he's a puppet to an organization that's almost more lethal then a True Demon."
"We better be wary then."
"Yuck. I've seen those. But what worries me more is that they came up for a name for Me! There's only one person who can freely travel the ways to my knowledge... And I earned that through millennium of horror and torture..."

A few memories come rushing back despite my Aurellia.

...Project Nightmare...
I shake my head. "There are others like you Noct, but most prefer a more... hermetical lifestyle then you take. They've been around longer too, so they know how to hide. You, however, are the only one they've ever encountered and you know how they find things out..."
"Well Noct, your choice if you want to fill us in."
"Yeah, but the difference between them and I is that I was human once. They just... existed. Perhaps I could tell you a bit about myself at a later date..."

I decide to shelve the conversation for now. "I have yet to be introduced to your sister, aside from a few long-sided glances from my past. Best that I get changed a bit." I say, pointing to my bloodstained back and pants. "God help me if Toria or Linnzie got a whiff of me in this state. It'd be like waggling a steak in front of them."
"Speaking of which, i wonder why she hasn't rushed in here to help? Or heard this for that matter."
I chuckle. "Valencia went for a walk and hasn't come back yet..." Almost immediately following 'yet,' she burst in the front door, Ignitus at the ready. Seeing that it appeared we'd dealt with the problem, she sheathed it.

"What happened?" Then she notices Noct. "And who are you?"
I grin widely at her speculative eyes. "I can't believe you don't remember me. Remember that man stealing some gold and being chased by an angry mob on Darkova? Or was that this reality? I can't remember! God, I had to run for miles!"

I look at Tobi, quickly explaining "Some cheapskate promised me gold for a few chemicals, and skimped on the deal. So I took it, and he whipped up a mob..."
"Well, some person that was supposed to be dead attacked us, claiming to be an Anti-Hunter."
I chuckle and Valencia stares in awe at Noct. "I know who you're talking about, but that doesn't give me a name." I face Micheal.

"He is an Anti-Hunter. I'd know the energy he used anywhere. It's twisted, even more so then Demon energy."
So what did I miss?
I laugh out loud. "This is why I never tell people that I don't know my name! They can never remember it! Call me Noct, Valencia. I'm a friend of your brother, if slightly insane at times..."
"Less me and more Alistair." At the mention of his name, he phases into the room. He looks around at all the bolts in the wall, then notices the one in Micheal's leg.

"Come with me, Micheal. You don't want that there for an overly extended amount of time." Valencia looked real close at Noct then nodded.

"Nice to meet you. Happen to know how many others I need to meet?"
I was walking back from the lounge and I saw Tobi and the others...I then saw Linnzie hiding behind something. "What the hell happened in here!?"

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