Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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"Hm, as far as I know, there's just one or two at the most that you may have missed."

I turn pensive. "Make sure you check for who's power is in use. Don't confuse me for whoever that was... That attacker seems to use something similar to me, but its not filled with evil intent. Even a basic psionic should be able to pick it up."
I look at Graal. "Oh just the usual. Someone trying to kill us. You get used to it after awhile."
Ravener is searching for something to eat.
Linnzie poked her head out and it was noticeable that she was scared. "Is...is it gone?" She was walking out of her hiding spot.

I then ran over to her. "I don't know what happened but you'll be fine..." I then gave Tobi the signal asking him what's wrong with her.
I point at my sister ever so subtly. "He's gone Linnzie. Hopefully he won't come after us again for awhile." Valencia looks at Linnzie for a moment and smiles. "You're a half-breed. Wanna know my secret?"

OOC: Three cookies to whoever can guess her secret before I post it.
She's a half-breed...?
OOC: ...I can sense something similar between her and 'Alistair'...
You're both right. Sorta. You see, there's a reason Ignitus can only be touched and wielded by her.
OOC: Would Valencia possibly be a half-breed?
Linnzie just hid behind me clutching my side and her claw was digging into me but I didn't mind. "So what are you?" I said.
I see everyone. I crack my neck. My mouth was covered in blood. "What's going on?"
I look at Toria, and slightly panicky "Nothing much. Just some jerk trying to kill us again. A weird one, this time..."

I take a couple steps back.
Valencia grins, and angelic wings sprout from her back, a seven foot wingspread. "Tobi and I are related to the angel Gabriel." I sigh, my own wings appearing, but not spreading.

"I didn't want them knowing that." I sigh and my wings flap a bit. While hers were a brilliant white, my own took after our ancestor, and were golden colored.
OOC: Didn't see that one coming...

IC: "Well that was surprising..."
My jaw drops for a half second. My little hypothesis over what Tobi and Valencia were was... utterly incorrect. "Well, that explains a fair bit..."
Just being around them made Linnzie start to choke up...she couldn't handle all of that energy despite being a half-breed. "Please...make...it...stop...."

"Maybe we should try and do that..."
The wings vanish, Valencia frowning. "Sorry, most monsters would have been incinerated though, so your being a half-breed helps." I sigh and then approach Linnzie.

"...What the f*ck?" I ask. I was completely surprised.
She was on the floor gasping for air and she managed a nod. Her claws were digging into the floor and leaving marks. She then collapsed onto the ground...running to her I placed my hand on her forehead. "So, she'll live but it might have some not so well consequences..."
Valencia looks at Linnzie, feeling bad about the sudden burst of power. "I didn't mean to, it was the only way you'd believe us." I sigh, handing Graal a pill.

"Have Linnzie take that. It'll help purify her wolf half's essence so the power we radiate isn't so painful." I then turn to Toria. "I told you I was human. Though not completely like I would have had you believe."

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