Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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"That sounds... interesting. Mind filling me in later? Might be good enough to curb some boredom."
"I can just hand you the tomes. Although only i seem to be able to read them for some reason."
Alistair, removed a needle and drew some of Toria's blood, untouched yet by the venom and stored it away. Then he drew some of the infected blood. "Master Tobi will want to see this."
I head back up to take a look at Graal.
"And what's that suposed to mean?"
I say to Linnzie, barely managing to keep the grin off my face.
"I'm here to check up on Graal's recovery"
I arrive and find Seraphim there. I then notice the situation. "I'mmm gonna leave u guys alone...."
Linnzie tried to back off a grin. "Nothing....." She looks back into the room. "And he's doing fine and you can just leave him in my care." With that she slowly closed the door and locked it back up while jumping onto the bed and cuddling up next to me again.

I was looking around. "Who was that?"

"No one silly...."
OOC: and to reiterate... O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O

IC: I head up to my room, gather up the tomes i read, and head back down to give them to Noct. "Here you go. Have fun reading these...if you can."
"Thanks. You want me to try and translate them into easier script? Or what?"

I open one of the books, and frown at the contents.

"This looks like it could be fun, but I've got other plans for a while. Maybe later."
"Your choice. It seemed to translate in my mind for some reason."
"Some texts are weird like that. Subconscious translation of text generally happens around that type of material..."

I turn towards the black orb sitting on the desk, with many needle-like tendrils whipping around it.

"Bah, look what happened now. Now I've gotta wrestle this damn thing back into a gun!"

With a leap, I go and attack the orb.
"Ok.....I'm going to go back and check up on Toria and see if she's ok. Cause i have nothing else to do." I head back up to Toria's room.
I drift again. I dream, but it was no nightmare. I saw myself as one of the greatest huntresses. Having kill some of the most dangerous of demons and creatures.
"Looks like you're asleep." At that moment, Solareon begins speaking to me in my head. After listening, i decide to do what it says. I'm enveloped in a flash of light and dissapear. I appear in Toria's dream. "Ok...where am i?"
With a sigh, I shake my head.
Linzzie's right, between what I did for him and whatever the heck Michael's sword did, Graal will be fine.
And with that, I wander off to find Noct.
I wonder what Noct's up to now... Well, whatever it is its not going to be boring...

morrjo, I hope you have something suitably crazy planed. :D
With a quite audible roar from me, that damn sphere pierces my chest.

No matter, I've been through worse.

With a quick motion, I thrust my arm into it, and grasp a small shard inside of it, and begin drawing it out. As I do, a lance-like object begins to separate from the sphere, growing as its parent shrinks.

With a final motion, I tug it out, revealing a long, thick cannon or rifle of sorts.

"Tah dah! Now off to go test it!" I say, wearing a maniac smile.
Linnzie nipped me and I winced in pain again. "Can you quit that, it's getting annoying!"

She gave these eyes and some tears were showing, she unlocked the door and ran out.

"What did I do?" I put my hand on my head. "I didn't mean to be mean or anything but it's to late now, she's already running out."
I wake up. Micheal found himself stuck within my head.

I walked out of the armory, having imbued my weapons using the souls of the werepyres the scions had collected. Hauteclare had been imbued with Adrammelech and Gladius with Shemhazai, the process working out quite nicely. As I walked to the dining hall I ran into Linnzie, tears streaming down her face. "What happened?"
Linnzie just pushed him out of the way and continued to run.
I walk downstairs. I was hungry. Really hungry. As I pass by Graal's room I smell Linnzie. As I peak my head in she isn't there. Wait, what? I continue downstairs and look for something to eat. Nothing. Great.

"Alright then." I take the time to cast Libra on myself, seeing Toria having woken up. I reach the kitchen and find her there, searching for something to eat. "You really shouldn't be out of bed. Venom probably almost to your heart by now."

"I don't care." I say to Adrammelech. I walk away looking for something else to eat.

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