Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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I walk through the halls, a bit hungry from the last hunt, as well as all the effort I had to put into making this new rifle. Perhaps I should go grab something to eat...

On my way there, I notice Toria walking about. Considering the fact that she should be bed-ridden if she's got that toxin in her, how is she walking around as if nothing was the matter? Bah, a riddle for another day. I walk in, grab some stuff to tide me over, and walk out, wondering if I can find Alistair to help me test the new Hyphen.

Considering what happened last time I tested something out...
(Linzzie runs past me)
Great... now what?!?
I think to myself as I head after Linnzie.
Linnzie than ran out of the front doors and she was heading out of the courtyard and into the forest.

I was stirring and I need to get up but I couldn't. "Damn bones."
I see Noct and walk over to him. "Have anything to eat?" I ask. I was famished.
Alistair sat in his room, finishing his drink. "Why would so many of the night walkers give themselves to the demons...It makes no sense."
The first thing Linnzie finds in the forest is a track. Actually, a set of tracks, and a very strong scent of Ursadak. The tracks end very abruptly, and the trail's end is marked by a few bones, some of which are broken and all off which have large teethmarks on them. Most of the creature's bones seem to be missing, along with all of its flesh and organs.
I rush out after Linzzie, running to catch up.
She's a little far to do that with, Warhawk.
I sigh.

"Why are you thinking with your stomach?" I reluctantly hand Toria half of the Sandwich I was busy munching on.

"Better yet, why aren't you in bed? I've seen toxic transformations before, and the poor victims were bedridden for most of the process..."
"Ok....I can't get outa here..." I decide to look around where i am, seeing if i can find any clues as to how to get out.

OOC: @toria. You can hear me talking in your head.
Linnzie saw the bones, she was scared and turned around. Tears were still in her eyes.
She sees a dark form moving between the trees. Between her and the mansion.
"I don't know." I happily much on the sandwich. "Thank you."

What the !@#$? I say in my head.
"Hey Toria...not sure if you can hear this...but i think im stuck in your mind because you woke up before i could transfer myself out of your dream."
Linnzie was afraid, the air smelled musky. And as soon as she planted her feet onto the ground she ran deeper into the forest. She was moving fast, the leaves stirring around her and being thrown up into the air.
...What? What were you doing in my dream? I was getting a little pissed.
Running after Linzzie, I call out;
My voice full of concern.
"Erm...not sure. Apparently, Solareon told me to try something and i ended up here for some reason. I...dont think that he would've told me to go in here without a reason...."
Seraphim is startled by a noise from the right. A dark creature is moving amongst the trees.
Linnzie could still see the shadowy figure, so she did something she would regret later. She kneed Seraphim and he dropped to the ground, she then took off deeper so she could get away from everyone.

I had slowly risen off the bed.

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