Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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As Seraphim recovers from Linnzie's attack, he sees the shadow closing in on him.
You are f*cking kidding me. Didn't you learn anything from holding Ares?
Alistair, bored from waiting for things to happen, headed out into the woods, tracking Linnzie to attempt to talk to her when he happens across Seraphim, not noticing the shadow. "I take it young Linnzie introduced you to her knee?"
With a sweep of my arm I block Linzzie's knee. As she started to run deeper into the woods, I tackled her in a bear hug, rolling so I absorbed most of the impact.
"Damn it, Linzzie! calm down!"

No ninja'd for you!
She was struggling against Seraphim's weight. "GET OFF OF ME!"
"Unlike Ares, i dont think Solareon would try and make me do something bad that i would regret..."
Both of them are startled by a hiss from behind Seraphim.
Ummmm....I already did Warhawk. But what ever.

IC: Alistair came upon a wrestling Linnzie and Seraphim. "I don't believe you're supposed to be wrestling like that."
Not going back to sleep to allow you to get out. This shall be punishment for invading my private space. I walk outside to get some fresh air. I smell something, blood...
I keep her pinned tight, but shift so she has more breathing room.
"you can't just go running off like that! Now, what happened?"

"Ha ha, very funny. not."
".... well i might as well look around..."
Linnzie can see a dark form over Seraphim's shoulder. Its huge jaw opens...

OOC: movie scene
She heard the hissing sound and she started to kick Seraphim off of her. "JUST LET ME GO!" She then noticed the figure. "GET OFF OF ME!"

I was walking slowly from the bed, my body aching.
I follow the smell of blood. I move quickly through the trees and see a dark shape over Seraphim and Linnzie. "F*ck." I pull out Heaven's Light and shoot it in the back. It sets on fire.
So many dark arts to choose
You can focus to the phobias involved in forty hues
Whether you levitate or bend spoons
Tune into the prudence of the
Dark Heart News
"..." (as I realize what's happening)
oh !@#$...
I release Linzzie, blasting holy fire into the gaping maw...
Linnzie scrambled to her feet and started to take off back into the forest deeper. Never looking back at what was going on.
Ravener's first reaction was to swallow.

Holy fire is not a pleasant thing to swallow.


Ravener swings a fist and smashes Seraphim to the ground, then lunges forward at Linnzie.
Alistair quickly draws his Heretic, firing three of the angelic power imbued explosive rounds into the shape. "Bad move my friend."
She was now going faster and was no longer in sight of the others. A little bit of blood though was dripping from her leg.

I had finally reached the door. "!@#$, this is going to take a while."

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