Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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Turns out, following Toria out the door might've not been a fun thing to do. Especially with that huge freaking mouth in the trees!

"What the hell is that?! Wait a second..."

I put two and two together, and come up with a little idea. I imbue a shard with a little cold memory of my childhood days, and thrust it into the shape's mouth, believing it was a certain someone I tumbled out of the ways nearby, only to have him blown clear out of the path I had intended for him.
I smell blood and follow it. I was moving impossibly quick through the trees. Pretty soon I was neck and neck with Linnzie.
Ravener is blown through the air and into a tree, causing massive damage... to the tree. THe dark creature rises, the Ancient power within it making it nigh on invulnerable. Angrily, it lunges at Alistair, sword in hand.

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I channel some energy through Solareon and it lights up, giving me vision of Toria's mind. I begin to look around.
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Linnzie turned around and saw Toria right behind her. Startled she didn't see the root and she snagged on it, hitting the ground and she got a mouthful of dirt. "What do you want?!"
After looking around somewhat, i find an area where Toria's emotions are controlled. I decide to watch it for a bit.
"I WILL KILL YOU ALL, INTERLOPERS!" The Ravener-beast screams.
"I was just wondering what the f*ck your doing. But I was also following the scent of blood... Hoped it would be a wild animal or something." I explain. I jump down from the tree.
After watching for a bit, i find another place in her mind. Apparently, i can see what she is seeing. "Ok...since when did Ravener become....that!?"
Alistair simply sidesteps, drawing Arbiter. "Ravener, if you cannot control yourself, I may have to cut out your tongue."
Linnzie looked down, she had twisted her ankle. "I just want to be left alone, but Seraphim had to chase after me and tackle me down to the ground!" She was crying again. "I WAS ACTING STUPID EARLIER AND I NOW REALIZE THAT I DON'T BELONG HERE!"
Upon seeing this, Solareon begins glowing very brightly... I take a moment to listen to what it has to say. "Alright, if you say so." Light envelops me as i phase out of Toria's mind, and reappear a few meters from her. "Whew, made it."
"You belong here just as much as me and Micheal. We all aren't totally human. You belong here. Trust me." I offer my hand out to help her up.
She swiped the hand away and she was curled up. "I'm not going back, you aren't going to force me to come back...." Her face was riddled with tears.
The monster hisses, and it opens its mouth. Its tongue, now around three feet long, stretches out and writhes like a serpent.

"Then take it, prey!"

The beast drops to all fours and strikes with teeth and blades.
"Micheal is just like you. I am, half like you. Lo-" My eyes widen and I let out a scream of pain before falling to the ground. My hand was clutching my chest.

Noticing the absence of everyone, I cast Libra again, finding everybody engaged with a gigantic mouth inside the forest. "Great." I summoned Adrammelech and flew out towards the forest.
"Oh, Hello Alistair. I was wondering where you went. Need you to act as a spotter for my weapon later..." I state, before facing Ravener, and wondering what the hell happened to the (slightly insane) man I ran into a little while ago... before getting the hell out of the way of that black mass charging towards Alistair.
Alistair sidestps again, slicing off the tongue. "Calm down."
Linnzie saw Toria drop to the ground and crawling over to her. "Toria?" She started to shake her. "WHAT'S WRONG!" She started to cry again. "This is all my fault isn't it?!"

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