Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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Ravener falls, writhing in more shock than pain.

Light returns to the forest. Some victory music plays (jk), and Ravener gets up. He wipes his mouth with his sleeve.

"Apologies. I guess you can see why I was banished," he says ruefully.
"Let me take a look. And no, its not your fault. Alright Toria, move your hand so i can see whats wrong."
"IT'S WHATS HAPPENING INSIDE HER YOU IDIOT!" She pushed Micheal away. "I don't care who you think you are, but you are no healer!"
"Of course, the venom must've reached her heart. Ill get her back!"
The venom had reached my heart. I was hungry. My hand rockets up and grips Micheal's throat. I lick my lips, revealing my fangs. "A tasty treat you'll be." I smash Micheal into a tree, breaking it in half. I throw him to the ground and jump on top of him. I was about to bite his neck for some blood before tearing him apart for his meat.
Linnzie saw the whole thing in shock and fear. With all of her strength she stood up and jumped Toria, knocking her down to the ground with me on her. "STOP ACTING LIKE THAT!"
"F*ck you." I kick Linnzie off. "I'll kill you next mutt." I prepare to bite down again.
"I was afraid of this. I grab out Solareon. Sorry about this Toria..." I channel energy into Solareon and fire a concentrated beam of light energy at Toria.
When Toria kicked Linnzie off, she was kicked into the beam. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She was screaming in pain as the light hit her, her teeth baring and her claws sharp.
"Oops." I repeat the same thing, this time aiming at Toria with deadly precision.
I get blasted back. "So the foods got some fight, does he?" I pull out Shadow Hunter and blow off his leg. I didn't even care about my injury. I stick one of my nails into his stub, it was like a claw. I lick it off. The wound started healing. "So nice the taste of blood." I bite into his leg.
Ravener looks hungrily at Toria.

"May I... eat it?"
She mustered more strength again, and she jumped Toria. She was still weak thanks to Micheal. She sunk her teeth into Toria's neck and had her claws going into Toria.
I wince at her biting my leg. "Time for drastic measures. You might wanna get out of here Linnzie. This will hurt."
Ravener takes that as a yes. He leaps onto Toria and grips her in his rapidly re-enlarging jaws.
Alistair shakes his head. "No." With a swift motion, Toria is knocked unconscious and Micheal's leg healed like nothing happened. "Take her back to the manner."
"Ow. I hope nothing got in my bloodstream."
I sit there. Without a mind of what happened.

"Damn it I hate ninjas."
This is like a huge ninja fight. THis thread, that is.

ShadowFury, I'm kind of trying to eat you.


Reluctantly Ravener lets go.

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