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Ok ive thought of an RP idea thats really cool. So theres the land of Roleploridas (better names would be apreciated) thats ruled over by the RP gods. Thing is these gods are based on us Joeyrayers so each of us would have a godly representation in this RP and each god fwould be the god of a few things (lie SF would be the god of needless bloodshed) and have our sacred cities, temples, and other stuff. Your status as an RPer would have a basis on how important your god is (so Zanon would probably be the head of the RP god parthenon while I would have ess of a role) But that is just the begining. Your main char is a regular mortal until he goes to the temple of the gods and he hears a voice of one of the gods telling you that a great threat is aproaching and they need you to be their champion. What RP god youll be pledged to will determine some of your powers. weaspons etc. (So a char pledged to MechaGhidrah would get a rapid fire kitten cannon and the ability to turn an oponent into a pile of kittens while a char pledged to Zanon might have a Banhammer and the ability to shoot a banblast or something like that.

We would need all the players to post the personality, special weapons for their champion for each god, etc about their god cause the best person to determine a godly representation of themselves would be ourselves. So in this RP btw you would Rp as your char and the god that represnts you. this would be a massive project that would need the help of all different RPers to launch so post critiuqe etc and hopefully we could start a thread that rivals some of the oldies in pure awesomenss
"No. I would be the god of: Darkness, night, death, bloodshed, war. While Smylez is the god of: unethical doctor practices, and the god of livers and kidneys. And Zanon would be the god of Order. And even though HBRB is gone, he is still the god of Chaos and Insanity."
What is this Greek Pantheon?

I call Kratos as my champion.
@smylez shutup
I would be the god of...

Correcting grammar mistakes? Making pacifist Zerg? >.>
cmon guys provide real critiuqe instead of jokin :(
I think it is a very interesting idea, except about half of the people would choose HBRB, and the other half would choose Zanon, most likely :P

Except for SF and smylez. They would probably choose themselves XD

And most of us have no real impact or special traits that would actually be useful :S
"Smylez would be the god of unethical doctors.. I am being serious by the way."
I'll be the god of...
[Puts on sunglasses]


Really now, this seems to work best in a mythological setting.
I'll be the god of...
[Puts on sunglasses]
I'm afraid you might bring in a certain Bacon God. -_-
"Nah, I stole his power bacon when he wasn't looking."
We all have special traits such as me loving KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: HBRB and the other dead RPers would be "Dead Gods" and there citys and shrines would be ruined and they wouldnet be worshipable but thed still be important in their own way
To be honest, I wouldn't join. I am more into the SC world when I roleplay. Not pretending im God.

The creativity is cool though :P
Now you are getting somewhere. But you still need to define the universe more. This could end up like sort of like Warhammer and that's not a bad thing necessarily.
i was inspired by ZZ 2 cause how it uses starcraft lore but in sometimes unrealistic ways (like Zerg starting a resturant) Maybe itll be like warhammer this is just a rough draft and id need more support and helpers before getting into this.
Gods vying for power and they can only do so by mortal vessels.

It tingles my senses.
kindve like the greek panthenon always squabbling
I wish to be represented by a god of these likes:
The Great Arbiter
With so many powerful beings in the world, someone is needed to keep the balance
During wars, he makes sure that no army is to utterly destroy another through manipulating the battlefield in ways as tipping structures in a certain direction, the weather, and even controlling the actions of individual soldiers.
He resides in his lair at the zenith of the world, all seeing and ever vigilante to preserve the scales of battle. He does not take sides, but distributes pains and pleasures as according to The Plan, which is known only to him.
Many believe that he is omnipotent, and influences the thoughts of all beings in the world
Balance is perpetual so long as The Arbiter lives.
(Also, other abilities that affect other Gods directly, mostly dealing with nullification, but those must be ultimately decided by other players so no one complains about "OP".)
Everyone would know me as the god of short stories based on the standard game experience of units.
Not a good god to follow.
I'd be the God of...huh, what would I be god of?

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