Underworld Braxis

Joeyray's Bar
Name: Alfieri Franks
Age: 19
Position: Enforcer
Weapons: Gnasher Shotgun, Smith & Wesson Model 24 Revolver, Crowbar
Appearance: A bulky person, resembles a teenager more than that of a man.
Backstory: Joined the family when his parents were brutally murdered and Jared Franks, one of his uncles, showed up.
Waiting on Mark and Nik to edit in the missing, or wrong, equipment.
Thanks Zarkun. Is the hunting bow ok?
It's good. We'll start before I go to church later this morning. I'm going back to bed.
Still asleep Zarkun?
Sorry, here we go.

IC: The car pulls up in front of an old Bar, called Frank's Good Time. As you climb out, some of the larger enforcers approach and escort you all into the Bar, where Frank is sitting in a VIP section. He's in his late 40's, maybe his early 50's, you can't really tell, and is dark-skinned like a Latino and has a triangular scar on his left cheek. Easily 250 lbs of pure muscle, you're sure you aren't going to cross him anytime soon. He stares at each of you before speaking. "What questions do you have before we start our take over?" I step forward, slightly annoyed we didn't have access to better gear, although the .45 would stay with me til the day I died.

"Why don't we have better gear?" Frank looks at me.

"We aren't established well enough yet. Soon though, Tod. I'm fully aware of your preferences." He turns his attention to the rest of us. "Any others?"
I at my new boss. He looked impressive, the signs of experience all over him.

"Do we have any business ties with anyone? And how are our relations with the other groups?"
I turn to the man who was now my leader.

"What might our first objective be?"
I approached Frank and took out a hand. "Frank...good to meet you again."
giving 3 person a try again; will see how it goes...

The lithe figure in the worn dark gray and blue suit easily returned Frank's stare before looking over the present company, his ice blue eyes sizing them up. Turning to Frank, he said;
"your message didn't leave much for formalities Frank. I'm Stefen."
His hand unconsciously reached for a pocket out of habit. Stopping himself, he smoothed out an invisible wrinkle in his jacket, before clasping his hands behind his back.
"What's up Frank?"' Roman says boldly, letting everyone know that they knew each other well.
Frank stares Roman back into submission and shakes the offered hand. "Our relations with the other families are...tentative. And we currently only have my Bar left thanks to the Capone family attacking us recently. Your objective is simple. Take over the Capone family's laundromat. It's one of their more successful businesses."
"You wish for us to..... destroy a laundromat? I find that slightly demeaning, but if it brings pay...."
"Can I burn it to the ground?"
"No, not destroy...more like beating the !@#$ out of the owner and having him pay us for lets say protection. And that right Frank?"
"You want... all of us to do that? Seems kinda risky." John remarks.
"When are we gonna do it, and how many people will I kill?"
I snap my head towards the man named John.

"You think that attacking a small building used for the community cleaning of clothing will be dangerous? Tell me again what you do for a living?"
"What if there is a cop that calls in other cops and we all get arrested? What if there happens to be extra guys that day and they take one of us out? I'm just saying, I think we should scope it out or something first, before just willy nilly send everyone to go take one building."
Everyone near me heard a click sound...it was from my Colt and I had it loaded. "Why don't we listen to each other and pay attention. I really don't want to mop up the blood of a couple of dumb asses."

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