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"If there is a cop, I would kill him. There! problem solved."
Frank sighs. "The laundromat is a front for some...interesting activities. Trust me when I say the cops will stay out until they think they have an edge. Even then, you'll have no trouble mopping them up too."
John shakes his head and continues listening. "Okay, fine. Im just saying that in the worse case scenario we all get wiped out in one fell swoop. I apologize for opening my mouth."

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"Frank, I was raised by this family for years after my parents died...they were good friends to this group and I wish to voice my opinions. Are you sure it's the best idea to send these inexperienced twits out there?"
"Yeah Frank, are you sure we should even trust these guys? What if one of um is a snitch?"
The Colt was in Roman's face. "I was talking about all of you." I lowered the revolver.
"If one of us is a snitch, then they are going to be waiting for us, to take us out in one fell swoop."
"Heh, that's a funny joke...please do remember that my father, blessed be his soul, was one of the top men of Frank."
One of the enforcers steps up behind Boreli, but Franks waves him down. "I trust you and Roman for several reasons, mainly because of our families friendship, and Roman being my best friends son. The rest, well, this will be a test. Tod is to shoot anyone who hesitates out of anything but fear, or anyone who runs. The rest of you be sure to do your job."
"That means that he could have just gotten closer to him and stole everything he had...I might not be newer at this...but I know what I'm doing a hell've lot more then you. And I will do this Frank...tell me what to do and I'll carry it out."
"I like that, you question everyone, and everything...but know where to draw the line. Why would a made man, and one of the best assassins in the business decide to turn on his family?"
Jared, everyone.

IC: Jared simply shook his head. "At this rate, you'll never be able to contribute to the family. Roman's father was loyal and honest. At least to us. The other families...they never knew when he was lying. Now, are you alright with the mission? I would recommend letting the street sweepers do their job before you go in."
I put the Colt back into my pocket. "I'm sorry if I was only trying to protect the boss...in this world no one is exempt, not even I."
to heck with 3 person.. too hard.

Ignoring the idiocy around me I look levelly at Jared.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you want us to get into the 'back' of the laundromat, steal everything we can, smash the rest and generally convince its owner's they want to be with us?"
It's Jared, Franks is the last name.

IC: He nods. "That is exactly what you need to do. Also, kill any of the Capone men you come across."
"Of corse! thats simply implied by hitting one of their places."
I say with cruel grin.
"So I should have my Daibo out?"
Jared nods. "Then you're going to need to get your street sweepers to figure out a good time to hit them. I don't want us taking it over while the clients are still there."
"Very well.. Mr Amir? I would recommend that you and I stake the place out so we can find a ourselves a window of opportunity In which to hit.."
I listen then nod, heading for a roof top to search for any tails. It wouldn't be good for us if the boss was hit while we were away.

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