Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

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Race: Protoss Nerazim

Base Unit: Dark Templar, Arlank Clan

Armaments: Lenassa Warp Blade, Psi-shield
"I am a little annoyed that I have a Malak Dark Templar too.... Well I'm thinking of bringing Korzis."
By all means, do so.

I go to eat Bratwursts.
I need to be able to connect everything back to Poltergeist/Shadow, depending on the time frame. So where does this sit in the JRB accepted timeline?
09/13/2012 01:10 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Breakout's got the Defiler, a great diner if you're a Zerg. Used to be owned by the same guy that owned the hotel, but he vanished.

09/13/2012 01:10 PMPosted by KnarledOne
The Smiles Resort is a fancy hotel on Breakout Boulevard, it's pretty nice, but they won't let you in unless they deem you worthy.

Ohoho, this looks interesting.
It should. That was bait for you, Smylez.
SF, you bring Korzis I have to bring Cynthia damn you. And I shall use Angelos as well.

Where is this on the timeline? In relation to Reckoning specifically, so we know how to fit ANY char in?
Are we allowed to start whenever?
Well, I will NPC the Smiles Hotel and Defiler if you will allow me to KnarledOne.

EDIT: Who is the grinning Hybrid? I can't figure it out for the life of me. The rest are obvious.

Character Name: Korzis Ravius (Fathers last name unknown)

Character Race: Protoss, Terran

Character Base Unit: ...Custom?

Character Armaments: A Katana given to him by his father. A pistol loaded with explosive rounds.

Character Abilities: F*ck you: Psionic powers instilled into this word causes someone to go sh!t themselves then die of embarrassment. No, not really, going to figure it out later.

Character Physical Appearance: Black haired, developing Protoss tendrils. Eyes are a deep blue. His height is about 5' 9" Still in the growing stages. A small scar on the right side of his bottom lip. Not extremely muscular. Retains a skinny body and nearly visible ribs. Is about 16 1/2.

Character Backstory: Was born about a year before scheduled because of an AI. Had a bit of problems in mental development up until the age of 6. He was quickly taught how to use a blade by his father quite quickly. One day he accidentally cut his lip on the tiny shortsword he was given when he was ten.

At the age of 12 he had a tiny bit of resentment for his sister because of all the attention she got but it passed in a year. He found he preferred to be by himself. Still hung out with some people. Lacked his fathers original trait of trying to get himself surrounded with tons of people.

Sometimes yells at inanimate objects or a bloodthirsty quality in battle. He was also found out by a strange entity deemed 'the Demon'. The Demon made regular appearances throughout his child hood.

Whenever his sister was taken care of by a Zerg named Marduk he was taken care of a Nerazim named Malak, who was a good friend of his father. It is not the same Marduk as Draconus's. Now at 16 years of age he finds himself in very bad predicaments. One such was when he was on a ship filled with monsters.

Character Name: Cynthia Ravius
Race: Terran Protoss
Unit: Custom?
Armaments: A Crossbow, a tomahawk
Abilities: Psi Tap: Can use psionic energy to unlock objects or doors, send energy up the nervous system and paralyze them. Many things can be used with it.
Appearance: Silvered haired, developing Protoss tendrils. Eyes are a purple color, her height is 5' 7" Still growing slightly, she has a scar on her hand from where she sliced it open. Has a beautiful lithe build, Is about 16 and a half years old.
Backstory: She was conceived on the cruiser Vengeance. While growing up she was raised by many people and she was known as a spoiled brat, even if she would have tried her best they would still call her spoiled to make her angry.

She grew up mostly around Shadow, Umbra, and Kental when Shade was away. At times she visited Cayl on Loria. And like any siblings her and Korzis had fights, but that one year was different. When they were fifteen they got into it and almost killed each other.

And just like Korzis she plagues from the Demon.

(This is what the crossbow looks like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49607772@N06/4928633043/ )
A pair of banelings vomit on the windows and doors of the Roach Warren. Snickering, they curl into a ball and disappear, rolling far away. A hydralisk couple slithers to the establishment but it turns away in disgust at the sight of the vomit.

A pair of Zergling swarm the hydralisks and shepherds the reluctant hydralisks to the Defiler. Meanwhile, a raptor puts a sign before the entrance of the Defiler. It scurries off into the other side of the street, harassing a Marine to come to the Defiler.

[Sign decorated with a trio of zerglings chewing a piece of tasty steak on top]
Come to the Defiler where Zergs are happy to fatten you up!
Our signature Grilled Steak will defile your taste buds!

~Defiler, where Zerg Cuisine is much more.
People remember me? Heh.
"Don't be a BcInfinity. Translation: Don't think we ignore and forget you."
I know but, I mean I didn't do much cool stuff. Speaking of that, when my teachers feel it neccesary to not assign eight projects a day, I had a great idea for a rp I'd like you guys to be in, cuz, you'know, you're awesomesauce.

Another side note, I miss BcInfinity and NickDaMan, and Fwaffer. . . And HowBabysRBorn and the others and--
People are taking all my ideas!! You look in ANY RP before I joined Joeyrays and they didn't do {} for radio. and RP makers are starting to put quotes around all the people who join. (See post #3)

I wish to go down in the hall of fame.
09/13/2012 05:16 PMPosted by IraqLobster
She's still her, only we post for her because of a simple mistake and Blizzard wont fix it.
"I actually I got that from Zarkun since it makes it easier to differentiate. And I didn't really use a radio often."
#3 is actually false because as far as I know, I was the one who started it in Amnesia and it sort of carried over.
09/13/2012 05:18 PMPosted by ShadowFury
I actually I got that from Zarkun since it makes it easier to differentiate. And I didn't really use a radio often."

Yeah, Zarkun got it from me.

09/13/2012 05:19 PMPosted by smylez
#3 is actually false because as far as I know, I was the one who started it in Amnesia and it sort of carried over.

Dont bust my bubble Frownez. ;P

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