Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

Joeyray's Bar
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"It's okay." I get up. "Did you feel Shadow's voice in your head earlier?"
I nod and I got back up. "Another boy...I'm a coward and you know it's true. Every time a boy likes me I freak out and I get really nervous and shy."
"When it comes to guys liking you yes. When it comes to everything else, no. I mean you were brave enough to get into a Wraith with someone who has next to no experience flying one!"
Pull that agent out immediately.

"Yes sir. Pulling Beaming tech from Universe ST2-NG... locked on, sir."


The insect vanishes suddenly in a shimmer of light.

"What... you saved me? That's not standard."

It was Shadow. He was being irrational. He's too powerful to be excused for that, I'm not letting him kill OHM agents.
"Still alive? Good, I only need you to alive for a little longer anyway."

D. Moneybags takes out a jar. A single wormlike creature roughly the size of middle finger squirms inside.

"Open wide...SHISHISHI!"

The health inspector heads out of the room. "Thank you Mr. Moneybags. I will check your claims on the Warren and if the Warren was responsible for the death of the building inspector, then the Warren will be shut down for good..."
I reach the final door three Zelda style puzzles later. Inserting the key, I walk in and am faced with...

KO, its you.
The health inspector walks to the Warren and finds KnarledOne.

"Sir, I received reports from a concern citizen that your foods are unclean and responsible for the death of a certain inspector not too long ago. Do you mind if I check your kitchen?"

The other diners continue on with the meals...
The new place was finished and a ship was dropping down...a person walked out and you couldn't see who it was, you couldn't see if it was a man or a woman, Terran or Protoss or Zerg, no one knew who the person was and they walked into the new place coming up with a name for the place.

"At least you can get a date or get someone without chickening out..."
@Zarkun: You are in a room filled with geysers that are spitting out steam periodically. A large eye with legs stand in the middle. It spots you and squeaks in alarm, then leaps into a geyser. THe ground beneath you rumbles, and you roll out of the way just in time to avoid being vaporized by a new geyser. If you use the Bracelets to hurl a boulder into a newly formed geyser, it could force the eye out...

@Smylez: "The health inspector just left the Defiler, Boss."

"Good. Did he look dead?"

"Boss. He just left the Defiler."

"Wait - WHA??? HE'S ALIVE?!?"

"Well, he looked kinda weak and gray, and was walking kinda zombie-ish, but he's alive."

"Walking kind of... hm. Get a scan of him, now!"
The health inspector pays no attention to KO's rant and simply walks into the kitchen. Taking out his data pad, he absentmindedly begins to mark off stuff.

D. Moneybags sees through the eye of the health inspector. "Now, time for you to have a taste of the meals there."

The inspector takes a bite of a cooked meal waiting to be delivered and slowly munches on it and swallows it. He walks out to several patrons and asks if the food is good.

A crowd gather outside where the building inspector's body is located. The sound of sirens are very faint outside.

The scans show something inside the skull.
I look at Cynthia. "The only reason I didn't chicken out is because I was sure she liked me."
I rip up a boulder and throw it on the new geyser, forcing the eye out of another one. "Gotcha!" I throw a knife at it and charge it, my hidden blades popping out.
"Brother...I can't do it and I'm always going to be a coward if I'm asked into a relationship." I was walking alongside the road.

The person walked into the new place that was constructed.
A Parasite... I see. I'd better search the SC wiki and see if anything can cure it...

Meanwhile, the building inspector is laying on a bed in the back of the Warren. "Are you alright sir?"
Jumping up, I ram one blade into the pupil and then kick it away, landing on the ground as it vanishes into another geyser. "Where you gonna be next?"

OOC: KO, you again.
Oh Knarled! *Singing voice* Competition soon.

Angelos looked at the dark sky with the stars coating it...."It was stupid of me to do that...I made her run off."

The person still didn't reveal who they were and the board meeting was under way.
The building inspector simply croaks and moans in pain. He is incoherent.
"Can you remember what happened, bud? We found you in the street."

@Zarkun: Geysers jet out of the walls, and boulders fall from the ceiling.
My fury crackles around me. Thanks to Umbra messing with my memories, I was incapable of regarding her as having the guts to use chemicals on Joan. However, I was definitely out for blood.

Umbra calmly stirs her drink.
The building inspector simply coughs and utters a single word, "P-P-P-Poison..." He grasps for air.

The health inspector grabs ahold of his chest and falls to the ground spouting blood right in the middle of the diner

Several people in the diner eating begin to have fits. Onlookers look concern about their foods.

The All-Seeing D. Moneybags simply laughs with joy. "Good! Good! This will surely ruin the Warren! SHISHISHI! AND IT ISN'T OVER YET! WHERE'S THAT CUBAN CIGAR?"

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