Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

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Um, you're newer than I am, Markus, and with less of a footprint. Do I get a statute? No. So neither do you.

The drips claim they are oceans.
Sad Face
"And I am basically the resident sociopath. I don't get a statue. So don't complain."
Don't be sad. Every great warrior was once a defenseless child, so it is with posters in the Bar.

You don't need to tell me that was my most cheesy and gimmicky line to date.
I almost had a statue. It was torn down by Ace though.
09/13/2012 01:10 PMPosted by KnarledOne
and then a creature that could have been a Firebat, a Lobster, or some other things you're not sure about.

You do have a statue.
Back and Mark. I was using {} For radio before you showed along.
^So was I.
Hmmmm might join. Will it be okay with u KO that my char is a Jukealisk (Hydralisk+Juke Box) I like the idea of a JukeZerg and was wondering if this would be ok
My beautiful bubble has been burst!

Hey, can ya'll critique my story? Devroy Manufacturing is now on Chapter 2
Practically any char is fine, Mecha, as long as it is submitted properly and does not conflict with the rules.

And I believe I was the one who first used


... which was eventually shortend to
Can ya guys critique memories too, while you are at it? It's getting lonely with only story posts...
So is Cynthia in also Knarled? And how are we doing this because I really never did read a single Z&Z and I feel ashamed.
You can start whenever you want. There are practically no restrictions on what you do; I've just provided a starting point.
Can I do a unique entrance? I am going to be landing a squad of Underworld Angel members and Angelos near a certain point of conflict.
Go ahead. I would prefer normal intros for initial joiners, but almost anything is permitted.
A pair of banelings vomit on the windows and doors of the Roach Warren. Snickering, they curl into a ball and disappear, rolling far away. A hydralisk couple slithers to the establishment but it turns away in disgust at the sight of the vomit.

A pair of Zergling swarm the hydralisks and shepherds the reluctant hydralisks to the Defiler. Meanwhile, a raptor puts a sign before the entrance of the Defiler. It scurries off into the other side of the street, harassing a Marine to come to the Defiler.

[Sign decorated with a trio of zerglings chewing a piece of tasty steak on top]
Come to the Defiler where Zergs are happy to fatten you up!
Our signature Grilled Steak will defile your taste buds!

~Defiler, where Zerg Cuisine is much more.

Repost since KO didn't read.
A fire bursts in the sky, and small gunship was dropping out of atmosphere, it was heading to land down on the surface. The commanding officer of the operation was Angelos Boriel and he had led several guerrilla raids against the Dominion and UED forces. His most accomplish feat was holding out for 72 hours against constant Zerg reinforcement with his squad and two others. For they are the Underworld Angel's.....even in hell there shall be an angel.
I did. I forgot about it. I shall respond now.

I climb down from my apartment above the Warren restaurant area, and the first thing I see (and smell) is a large quantity of high-acid vomit on the windows. There is also, unfortunately, a large puddle of acid on the floor. After examining it, I realize one of my Baneling employees must exploded with righteous anger.


This will never do, I think. I'll get those bloody Creeps in the Defiler back for this...

A chef in the Defiler begins fixing an omelette. He turns away from the pan for a moment, then when he turns back, he realizes the omelette is gone.

What the... I could have sworn there was an omelette there. I must have dozed off and dreamed the whole thing. Unperturbed, he begins making another omelette. He turns around for a plate, and when he turns back the omelette is gone.

Something weird is going on. He begins fixing another omelette, but this time keeps a close eye on it. He finishes the omelette, then hands it to a waitress. He turns back to find the range has vanished.

A Roach snickers and burrows away, cargo in tow.
Cynthia shall wait until SF gets on.

IC: The gunship landed just outside the town and the squad prepped their gear. Angelos stepped out with a rifle with a mask on his face. He then tapped the comm.
{Make sure all of your comms are working.}

The rest of the men check their gear and comm, they were ready to rock and roll. Surprisingly it's night time and they could have sworn it was still morning.

They formed a five meter spread and they were walking through the field, the laser sights were on and the guns were off of safety.

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