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Chef Boyarda was a pint sized ultralisk who never fit in with the other ultralisks. They made fun of him for being so short and so they kicked him out of their herd. Abandoned and unloved, a mysterious person of interest picked up the future chef and trained him to be the best cook in the galaxy before disappearing. Grateful for the kindness showed to him, Boyarda decides to honor his savior by serving as the chef of his establishment!
"Chef Boyarda! We have more omelets ordered! Why are they taking so long?" a Zergling waiter screeches.

"Just give me a moment! I seem to have misplaced the range!" Boyarda replies. "Where could it have gone?" The mini-lisk looks around the kitchen and notices a giant hole in the ground. Was this hole ever there? Could it be where the range went?

He rings a bell. "Zergling one and Zergling two, I require aid in the kitchen. And tell everyone omelets are done for the day. We have some technical difficulties."

The two lowly paid, expendable Zerglings appear. "I want you to see where this hole goes. I can't fit and I don't remember seeing it before and I don't want Boss D. Moneybags to find out."

The two Zergling jump into the hole and begin to make their way underground. They catch a scent of a dastardly roach...
Can no one answer my question?
Obviously, ignoring Draconus is procedure now. -_-
"Ay Bozz! I godd zum ztuv vore yuh!"

I turn around.

"You stole their range?!? How did you even lift it?!?!?"

"Uvell, we wurr 'avin kinda uh cartoony t'ing goen, zo id wuddn't doo 'ard."

I inspect the hole in the floor where he popped out. "You didn't... leave a tunnel straight from there to here, I hope?"

"Nope. Corze nodd."

I glare suspiciously at him. "Well, I guess all's well then. Take the range to the kitchen, and have Gruksnikh retile the floor."
Can no one answer my question?
Obviously, ignoring Draconus is procedure now. -_-

Don't feel bad. It happens to everybody.
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I need to be able to connect everything back to Poltergeist/Shadow, depending on the time frame. So where does this sit in the JRB accepted timeline?

This question? I have no clue since each RP is only loosely connected to others.
While Angelos was walking through the field, he started to feel the ground crumbling. "EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE !@#$ING WAY!" The ground suddenly caved in around Angelos and he fell through it, the rest of the soldiers managed to get away. The hole was gone.

Angelos slid down the hole and he landed in a tunnel system, with a flip of the switch a flashlight attached to his rifle was providing some light. "Where the hell am I?"
I think you've got BcInfinitis, Drac.

Usually what's going on is people don't know the answer, so therefore they don't bother to tell you that.

I don't know and don't care, so you can make something up.
Zergling #1 finds the opening and peeks out. There were two roaches, one clearly a midget and the other clearly a fat, abnormally large obese roach who clearly had too much to eat with their backs turned. It sees a file on the counter.

Zergling #1 pops out of the ground. Tip toeing, it takes the files and scurries off.
They may have a loose connection, but a connection nonetheless. How far is this from Reckoning?
"OK, get to work. Where's Gruksnikh? Go find him."

I turn around to see Zergling footprints on the floor.

Wha... who's been tracking ketchup in here?

I sniff the tracks. "This doesn't smell like my ketchup..."

I follow the footprints. They lead to the tunnel. I'm having an increasingly bad feeling about this. I turn around and follow them in the other direction, and soon arrive at the counter.

Wait a minute... where's the file with the recipes and slideshow for the big convention?

I turn to Gruksnikh, who has just arrived. "I am beginning to experience a familiar sinking feeling." He nods sympathetically.

"Roaches always burrowing in and out of the floor... I'll have that fixed in no time."

"NO! YOU TWO!!!" I yell to three Speedlings. "GO GET THAT FILE BACK!"

They rush out the door.


They vanish from sight.

"...down the tunnel. Ugh."


"Where's Heb-Reb? Heb-Reb! Please follow them down the tunnel and get my file back."

The changeling nods and pursues.

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Angelos started to make his way through the tunnel and he spotted three speedlings. He managed to find a safe spot where he could hide and they passed him. His rifle was ready to fire if needed.
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OK. I take it my response was pleasing.
Could I enter Calek? It would be the perfect opportunity for him to be "born" so to speak :D
As soon as the speedlings left he has continued his trek down the tunnel. {This is Angelos...} The comm system wouldn't work down here, he was alone. "Damn." Muttering under his breath.
Go right ahead.

Sheesh. I keep telling people anything goes...
Character Name. Calek
Character Race(s). Zerg/Terran
Character Base Unit(s). Hydralisk/Lurker/Spectre
Character Armaments (up to 2). Needle Spines, Subterranean Spines
Character Abilities (one for now). Psionic Lash
Character Physical Appearance. A Hydralisk with spider-like legs and an aura of power. Glowing eyes :D
Character Backstory. Well.... None, yet.
Zergling #1 pops out of the hole. "Chef! Chef! Its the roaches! The fat stinking roaches! They stole our range but I found this file!"

"They took our range and you took a file? This thing better be worth millions," Boyarde sighs. He takes a look.

"I don't know what this thing is so one of you take it up to Boss D. Moneybags. I have a hole to plug. And tell him the roaches stole our range." Boyarde gives the folder to Zergling #2.

Zergling #2 has a look of utter dread as the file is handed to it. It looks to its twin. "T-t-take it to t-t-he BOSS? NOT ME! NOT ME! You do it! You go! I RUN!" In a panic, the zergling bolts out of the door.

Zergling #1 looks up at Boyarde with apprehensive eyes. Boyarde stares back at the Zergling. "You're next on the list if you don't go."

With a look of complete and utter despair, Zergling #1 heads out the kitchen door and looks at the third floor balcony inside the restaurant. The light was off. The boss was sleeping... With a gulp, the Zergling began to climb two flights of stairs.

"Perhaps creep cement will work for now?" ponders Boyarde as he dumps a pail of it inside the hole.
I get in a Wraith and start flying. I hear Cynthia, "Do you know how to fly this thing?"

"No. But there's a first time for everything!" I reply. I see a look of terror spreading across Cynthia's face as she buckles up a seatbelt. About 10 minutes later we were in a crater on Echo Six just outside a cave with a hole large enough for a man to fit through in the rocks.
Vultureling wakes up from a nap at JoeRay's, surprised to see it NOT floating in space like a Barracks.

"It was a long nap, I guess..."

"Ya think?" Joey Ray said, not looking at ALL different from when he went to sleep. 0_O.

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