Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

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Welcome, Vultureling.


Boyarde dumps in the bucket of Creep cement. There is a large splash of slime, and he covers his eyes. He turns around and finds himself face to face with Boss D. Moneybags.

"Oh. Boss! Hi."

"Hello, Boyarde. I heard you had a file of some kind... where is it?"
"Boss? I sent the zergling up to you. You should have bumped into it on your way down. Why are you here again? You never showed up before."
Screw continuity! I am out of patience!

Shadow, Jess, Umbra, Joan Rose, and Kentel.
You know the drill.
"So Joan is about, 17?"
"What are you talking about? I haven't been up..."

A look of horror spreads across his face. "That must be a fake up there! OOH, when I get my hands on him... Send someone quick, and get me the file!"
"Uh, there's the bell on the counter Boss."
Considering she's a week younger than Korzis . . .
"Ah, so 16."

I step out of the Wraith almost like I was drunk from how dizzy I was. "Ow."
"Ah, yes, of course."

He rings the bell and a Raptor dashes in, freezing in fright as he sees the Boss.

"Go catch the Zergling carrying a file to my room and get the file from him. Bring it to me."
I make my as-per-usual pre-landing checklist. "People?" Joan giggles for a second, then gets absorbed into the old Earth book I found. Or was she giggling at its content? "Check, supplies . . . " Kentel holds up a battered silver box. "Check, weapons . . . Check. Okay."

The small dropship of my own modification touches down.
The raptor salutes and runs up the stairs. It finds Zergling #1 frozen in fear at the steps of the third floor right before the ominous door of D. Moneybags. "Boss wants the file downstairs. You can give them to me." Yelling with delight, the Zergling bursts down the stair. The Raptor stares at the file and quickly makes its way downstairs.
"Say, why did you decide to come downstairs? You never did that before," asked Boyarda.
"I heard about the file and decided it must be important. After all, the big convention is coming up, and we've got to win Restaurant of the Year. I happen to know that the owner of the Roach Warren is planning some new recipes, so I thought maybe the files would be useful."
I leave Cynthia at the Wraith as I run off.
Boyarde eyes the Boss suspiciously. Something felt odd about the Boss. The raptor shows up with the file and places it in the counter before scurrying away.
I poked my head out of the Wraith. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING!"

Angelos as arrived to a secluded part of the tunnel and he found a ladder?
"Just looking." I say as I exit the Wraith.
I drift off and when I bring my mind back. I see someone. Is that, is that Kentel? I wonder. I move forward to try and find them.
Umbra notices someone running up. "Cool, a welcoming committee." I raise an eyebrow. "Welcoming committee?" Joan Rose looks over. "Kinda looks like Zaros, from that old Academy picture."
I jumped out of the Wraith and started to run after Korzis. I caught up with him and I was tired. "Next time I pilot!"
"But I have to learn eventually." I say to Cynthia.

As I get closer I say to them, "Hi."
Oh god...

Calek is coming into existence. And the Academy happened a long time ago...


Going to edit with a bit from my hilariously bad story. Just because I liked it best :P

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