Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

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"Yep, 17 years since the academy."
Joan shyly hides behind my leg. "Korzis, right? Zaros's son. How go things?" Umbra crosses her arms, unimpressed. Jess's eyes widen. "You know where your sister is?" Kentel ruffles Korzis's hair.
This will be amazing XD

How the hell are we going to explain this?!

Maybe the reality-bender got involved somehow :P
The Boss picks up the file.

"Well, I'll just be going. There's a, uh, pre convention meeting. So, yeah. Later."

He walks out.
I was looking right at Kental. "I'm right here." I gave this dull expression.

Angelos climbed the ladder and he found himself in a restaurant?
"Yeah. She's following behind me."I say to Umbra. I turn my attention to the girl. "Very good. Just made a large crater with a crash landing."
Jess picks up Cynthia and hugs her. Umbra guardedly smiles at her. Kentel looks at Korzis. "So? Have you been keeping up on chess? Can you beat me yet?" I watch with Joan, but for our separate reasons. She stares with murderous rage at Cynthia.
I tugged on Korzis. "I don't think she likes me? And good to see you all." I was talking about Joan.

The squad that was with Angelos earlier started to creep on the others with amazing precision and stealth. Their weapons were drawn and they were approaching.
Boyarde stops in front of the boss with his cleavers ready. "With who? Besides you, there is no one to have a meeting with. Boss talks with no one but the Chief and the jolly chap isn't here. You are acting strange. Who are you really?"
"I'm He- well, I'm the Boss of course. D. Moneybags. The meeting is with... uh... with the little people. You know, the Munchkins. They're giving us some, er, that is, candy recipes. Yeah. So see you later!"

He dodges around Boyarde and dashes for the door.
Joan walks over to Jess. "Mom, can we go inside?" Jess pats her head and keeps speaking with Cynthia. "How've you been?" I take Joan's hand. "Let's get snacking, huh?"
"I don't think she does either. Finally someone who doesn't like you." I bug Cynthia. I turn to Kental. "No chance."
Kentel laughs good-naturedly. "Still?"

Joan and I walk towards the restaurant.
"I'm going really good, I'm threatening Korzis if he continues to crash then I'm going to pilot the ship. And that's a promise."

The group started to approach them, still in cover.
"I haven't been practicing chess. More practicing mechanics, swordplay, and my accuracy." I say. "Though I think I've mastered in mechanics."
Jess smiles. "That's great. Say hi to your mom for me. Uncle Shadow's had us moving all over."

Kentel wallops him on the back. "Lighten up!"
Chef Boyarda chases the impostor D. Moneybags into the street. "Filth! Who do you work for? Come back here!"
The radio transmit to every worker in the Defiler. "WHO INTERRUPTED MY NAP? I DEMAND A REPORT, NOW IN MY OFFICE!"
I started to show some signs. "You see, they don't know that we disappeared?"
Waiting. Nurturing. Feeding.

Commands. Sounds. Warmth.

Enveloped. Breaking. Cacophony.

Sound. Sight. Taste. Smell. Feel.

Orders. Moving. Group.

Others. Identical.

Others. Different. Orders.

More. Fighting. Death.

Pain. Pain. Fading. Darkness.

Other. Different. Together.

Orders. Same. Retreat.

Others. Different. Retreat.

Moving. Crawling. Slowly.


Other. Different. Coming.

Close. Very close. Together.


I awoke. I. Me. Individual.

Tugging. The tugging of orders.

No more.

I was my own, I was ME. I was strong, and powerful. There were others, smaller than I, in strange suits. They started. They fired, to no avail. Their small bodies were ripped apart.

By me. I didn't touch them, only thought. And then they were gone. There was pain, bodies everywhere. The tugging persisted, and I followed it. Not physically, but mentally. I followed it across the plains. The flat ground on which the battle was raged. The area where I was truly born.

I felt the others. Those like me, who I was one of. Not am, was. I continued along the path, feeling those along it, and found its source. An "Overlord". Those who ruled over us individually. They were of no use to me.

Their mind was shattered, their body destroyed. I continued along the path, to another, and another, and another. Not one of them was who I was looking for. I continued. The others became stronger and stronger, but these where looser. They did not control us, the masses, but them, the Overlords. I continued, ignoring these ones. The beings whose minds I felt continued to become stronger, until I found them. Her. The one who controlled it all.

And she felt me. She saw me for what I had become, and she came along the path, as I had. She was coming for me. Nay.

To destroy me. I broke from the path. I ran. I tunneled. I did what was necessary to get away. Away from the tug of orders, through which she would get me. I was terrified. I had only just become truly alive, and now I would truly die. I continued, the tug getting weaker, but the presence getting stronger. I ran, across plains, over ridges, getting away from her. She was close. Very close. And I stopped.

There were others, strange others. They were in odd craft, hovering in the skies. They saw me. They felt me. and I used them. The power of their craft, I channeled it, and used it. I controlled all the energy withing me, and them, and directed it. At her. The blast traveled along the link, and reached her. She faltered, but not in a manner that showed fear, or apprehension, or pain. One that let me feel curiosity, intrigue. And in that faltering, I leaped to the ships, and they took me, away from there, away from my birth place.

I was free. Me.

Calek. Calek was free.

OOC: Sorry for being long >.>
"Okay. Kental, you know I don't want to."

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