Zerglings and Zealots 2: Hall of Legends.

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I would like to know if I can trade in Malak's bonus weapon for a bonus ability.
Nice, Nik.


"Aack! Boss! HEEEEELLP!!!"
"So who was she?" I ask Jess. I was really curious. "And whoever she is, I'm happy there's finally somebody he dislikes my sister." I say the last part with a smile.
The trio of zerglings scramble down the stairs as a fulmination of curses, spits and pungent poisonous breath ooze out of the office.

D. Moneybags takes out the world's largest pipe and lights it up, placing it right between gap of rows and rows of teeth and puffs out several smoke rings.

"So Boss [name], I already know your secret. You can rest easy knowing that I will do everything to get that file back. This impostor who posed as me, I will send a message first when I get my hands on that changeling. Changelings...they are always a pain."
Boyarda clenches the impostor defiler with the four kaiser blades. "Now you are coming back with me."
Jess frowns. "How could Joan not like Cynthia? Something is up with that girl, I'm sure of it. Your sister is adorable!" She recollects herself. "Joan is my daughter."
"...This is the reason I hated my sister for that year." I mumble as I walk away from Jess.
I was surprised by all of this. "When did you have a child? And I think everyone is starting to think that I was just a spoiled brat who couldn't accomplish anything and that I was given everything." I started to cry.

The men were almost done approaching at a reasonable distance, to bad Angelos wasn't there.

Angelos climbed up and he noticed that he was in a kitchen surrounded by Zerg.
I start to follow the direction that Shadow and Joan went. I wanted to meet her personally.

"I am compelled to bring Fenris "Fear" Toons into this."
"No, you can do things. Listen, if you start feeling down, you know Umbra's always around, and Kentel or I are just a comm call away." She kisses Cynthia on the forehead.

Joan and I arrive at the door. I check it. "Locked. Are they closed?" Joan buries her nose in her book, quite visible as having Sun Tzu as its author.
I come to a stop behind Joan and Shadow. I wasn't too sure what I could say.
The fake Boss turns into goo and slides away, file inside.
"Thanks Jess." I sat down by a rock, and that's when the men popped their heads up and had their weapons drawn.

{Angelos, have you found your way out of the tunnels yet?}

Angelos went through a back door before the Zerg noticed and he grabbed his comm. {Yes.}
The defiler D. Moneybags eats a piece of steak shipped by the best producers in the business. Oddly enough, the owner was a lurker that Moneybags had passing familiarity.

"...How can I sabotage the Warren?" mused D. Moneybags.
Boyarda looks confused. He chases after the goo and tries to pick up the file.
She smiles. "No problem. You hungry? There's a restaurant over there."

Joan notices Korzis, and reflexively judo-flips him. She puts a hand to her mouth. "I'm so sorry! Dad's been training me in CQC, and you surprised me, and . . . I'm sorry."
I smiled and I started to follow Jess.

The men just watched them walk off. "You have got to be kidding me? They're just walking past us?"

Angelos made his way around the corner and saw three people, a boy, a young lass, and a grown man.
The goo disappears into the sewers along with file. Boyarda looks crestfallen. He turns around and heads back to the restaurant.
A raptor finds four newcomers and immediately walks up to the man with a flyer for the Defiler.
Kentel, Jess, and Umbra walk in a triangle, defending Cynthia.

I hold the flyer, and look at the Zerg who delivered it. "Well. Interesting."
Boyarda makes his way into the kitchen.
The others were just making a triangle around me while we walked, the soldiers were just watching with confusion. "They look so confused don't they?"

Angelos put his rifle up and walked to them. "This is not where I wanted to be at."
"No problem. Worst has happened because of my mistakes." I get back up. Genuinley happy. "Sure." I say to Shadow.

"Ya know what, f*ck it. Fenris is coming."


Character Name: Fenris "Fear" Toons

Character Race: Probably Terran, some still debate.

Character Base Unit: Custom

Character Armaments: Fear Fangs on either wrist. Predator wrist blades from Alien vs Predator. Can inject Fear Poison. Causing hallucinations of ones greatest fears.
Dual Fear Blasters. SMGs. Increased rate of fire, decreased damage done.

Character Abilities: Fear Spread: Fenris releases the Fear Poison into the air causing all who breath it to hallucinate their worst fears.

Character Physical Appearance: Several scars across his face and arms. But usually wears a full body suit to protect him.

Character Backstory: Fenris the one of Fear. He was a mechanic, a chemist, and an assassin. He developed a Fear Toxin he used often. He has caused a great deal of pain because of this.

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