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For the past few days whenever I join a game, I get patches of "lag" where the game will lock up (sometimes for half a second, sometimes for up to 2 seconds) and then go in fast motion to catch back up with the game.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate this?
Anyone have any ideas? I turned my graphics way down and I still get it. I should mention I'm on a mid 2012 macbook pro with 8gb of RAM.
Yeah I've been having probably the same issue, although it was fine last time I played (about a week ago). pretty much every 5-15 seconds it freezes up for half a second or so. I usually play on medium setting, but I even put everything on low and it didn't change the issue. I'm on a 3-4 year old iMac, but I assume its a similar problem to what you're having.

For me at least it doesn't seem to matter whats going on on screen. It may get slightly worse in big engagements, but generally speaking it seems consistant no matter whats going on. It makes it really hard to do any precision micro and what not.

I used to have this issue all the time, and the solution I found to fix it was to restart my computer before every play session, and open no other programs (aside from iTunes) until I was done. If I played for 3+ hours it would sometimes start lagging again and require another restart. Unfortunately, this trick doesn't seem to work anymore [as of today].

Aside from my specs, that's all the information I can give (and well post specs if requested). Hopefully we can get this solved, but I know it's pretty complicated to pinpoint and fix.

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