Techsuit Warfare, Part 3

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She keeps trying to retract her claw. "No."

I need to delete the one I made . . .
Korzis, you stay here you may never see your father again. He is alive I know it. I cannot explain why I know but trust me he is.
Flint, just shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. "GOD DAMN IT JOAN! JUST DO IT!"
She passes out. The claw extends all the way, the muscles having relaxed.
How do you know?

Now please quit pressuring Joan. She will make it, we all will. I promise.
Waiting on the DM for the native response.
The native finishes cranking the wheel. "These new ones? You told Kyajj, right?"
"Yes these ones. I wanted to place them here before telling him. I didn't want them to try something near him. They are deceitful remember. They will do anything to kill us off." I think to myself the irony behind my comment since I am holding a disguise.

Sorry about the comment though it holds some irony. I have to hold this guise otherwise our chances of us getting out of here drop pretty well which means holding their view of humans.
The native jumps in alarm. "Him?! You assume Kyajj is male?!" He pulls out a bident. "You are not from here!"
I maintain my disguise.
"No you are right I have come from another village. It has been years since I have visited this one. I only brought these two here because it was closer than my own."

If this fails again I will have to psionically kill the native. Not something I wanted to do but will do to keep the rest safe especially Joan.

Korzis help Cynthia up and pick up Joan. Things might not be working they way I would like them to.
Holding this disguise was harder since the others were here. If it was just me then I could have already had Cynthia back to the surface.
I grabbed Cynthia and helped her up. As soon as Cynthia was stable I picked up Joan.
He seems wary now. "How many Elemental Spirits exist, traveler? So I know more firmly if you are of our people."

Joan groans.
Oh great the one thing I couldn't remember. I ready myself to assault the natives mind in case I guessed wrong.
He charges. "Elemental spirits six, come to me. Fire burn and earth rend, water churn and toxin rend. Wind flee my enemy, and Nature send him back to me!" The bident pierces Flint's gut.
I whip the tomahawk at the natives head and pull it out after.
"Now that isn't nice." I attack the natives mind to make sure that it was dead even if the tomahawk didn't kill it.

"Alright we gotta move. I can cover us a little bit my keeping their minds fogged. I cannot do it for long as it is very taxing of my energy."
I start to lead the way out of the building and to the tunnels.
Joan tries to stand on her own. "I'm fine, really . . ." Her legs wobble like noodles, but she stands successfully. She tries as hard as she can to retract her claw, but it refuses to go all the way back into her wrist.
"Just take some of my health so you can walk properly at least or I'm carrying you out."
"Joan take some of his health or mine if you want to walk. If you don't one of us will have to carry you."
I start to cloud the minds of the natives as we make our way to the tunnels. I feel much of my energy being used by doing this. I am really going to need some son bathing and some nutrients.

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