Techsuit Warfare, Part 3

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She consents, and jabs her claw into Korzis's arm, draining the tiniest bit of his health, making him exhausted but in no pain. "Better?" She stubbornly walks away as well as she can manage.
"Better." I stop for a second to regain my breath before moving on.
I was expecting Korzis to demand she drain more, considering how much she gave.

Joan walks farther up the path, through the long tunnels.

A certain plant brushes against Flint, blocking his psionic influence for a split second.
Hawk had lain me down near the hole and now that I was rested, I was going in. Using the wind to help me down slowly, I land on the ground and head towards the others. {Kayle here, I'm on my way. Anything I should know about?}
I felt my psionics being blocked briefly. I see the plant that had brushed against my arm. I knew which one it was and all of its effects. I had better be careful to not brush up against these plants again simply because we were not safe until we got back to the rest of the main force.

{Just stay where you are we are coming your way. And stay on guard. You never know what might be trying to kill you. Also be careful of what plants you touch. They can neutralize your abilities depending on the type of plant. They can also kill you rather slowly and painfully to.}

I follow Kayle into the hole and stand near him with my disruptor at the ready.
"Not even here for a full month and I already hate this planet."
{Roger. Should I expect anymore large beetles or am I good in that department?} I had drawn my assault rifle. "I agree with you there, Hawk. Can't wait to rotate out of here."
{Just be ready for anything.}

"Yeah first thing I'll do when we get off of here is get a nice tall cold beer, and maybe some decent sleep after that." I scan the area looking for anything that wasn't our troops.
{Right.} I sweep the area, watching the side tunnels. "Me, I'm gonna find myself a nice game of pool and enjoy it. Maybe find a good glass of rum."
"I think I might also retire soon. I am getting to old for front line work and never been much for paper pushing. Thing is that this is all I know how to do." I sigh as I keep looking around.
"Could always train new cadets. They could use someone with your experience."
"Maybe, but for right now it is getting off this rock alive."
"Agreed." {How much longer before you get here? I have an uneasy feeling.}
Kofrin was just getting out of his little crater as two natives walked into the area with him, Kayle, and Hawk.
As Joan finally finishes walking, she teeters over. "Man, am I lightheaded." She smiles. {Shearheads only come out at night. We're fine for now.}
"Great more natives maybe we will be lucky and they are farmers." I level my disruptor with their center mass."Korfin move over here."
Kofrin stumbles over with his grenade launcher in hand and aims it at the natives.
I level my assault rifle with their head. "Identify yourselves."
The group notices an old Poltergeist logo on Kayle's armor and cringes in fear.
One brandishes dual warhammers while the other pulls out a greatsword. As the one with the warhammers comes closer his bulk is seen. "You killed my brother. Now I'm going to take your compacted skull as a trophy." He lunges at Kayle but Kofrin jumps in the way and is smashed into the rock wall instead. The one with a greatsword and charges.

"...I like mine better."
Okay, ignore my plot development. Fighting time!

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