Techsuit Warfare, Part 3

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I blast the one with the great sword in the chest with my disruptor sending it flying into a rock formation. I turn and charge up another shot aimed at the one with dual warhammers.
Bruta looks at the man with the cannon like weapon and smashed one of the man's arms. Breaking it. He follows up with smashing his warhammer into his gut.

Kofrin was struggling to get up.
I unload a clip into Bruta, knocking him away from Hawk and Kofrin. "Not a smart move buddy." I holster the rifle and draw my claymore. Speed and agility beat brute strength, but he's probably got plenty of those too...
Bruta glares at Kayle. He smashes the rockwall and several boulders start to fall down the hole.
I jetpack out of harms way and past Bruta, cutting of the heads on one of his hammers. "Gonna need to try harder." I spin around, taking a ready stance.
I shout out in pain as my arm breaks. I grunt as the warhammer hits me in the gut. I fall to the ground stunned. An alarm in my suit goes off as my vitals are going critical. I lie on the ground speechless with blood starting to come out of my mouth.
I see Hawk and curse. "Kofrin, get him out of here!" {Flint, we're in trouble. We're being attacked by an elite. His name is Bruta I believe.}
{I'll be there soon.}

I round the corner and see the elite. I have my defiler cast plague on the behemoth as I unload a clip of shotgun shell at him. I see Hawk on the ground bleeding. I curse loudly and assault the natives mind fiercely. He couldn't keep me out as I assault every part of his mind tearing it a part. The energy could be felt by everyone around.
{Don't you remember what I taught you concerning their culture?}
I stop my attack on the natives mind. He was little more than a vegetable now.
{Huh, what?}
I followed behind the others and I was still weak even after the transfusion. I tried to use psionics again but to no avail. "I can't help you...I'm useless right now!"
"Don't worry Cynthia. I can handle it now."
{They can't resist a game! And the loser becomes the winner's servant for life!}
Crap I had forgotten that.
{Its a little late for that. I just turned this ones mind into mush.}
I run over to Hawk. He was none responsive and his eyes were going dull.
"No Hawk stay with me. Come one man its not your time yet come one." I struggle to pick him up and get out of the hole.
Bruta rises and smashes Flint into a wall. He was now driven through pure hatred.
I walked right in front of Bruta. "Please leave them alone...why don't we do a little game. And if you win I'll be your servant and you will let them leave." Don't worry, I don't care what happens just get out.
I liquify myself passing over Bruta.

"Now that wasn't nice." I pick Hawk back up and start to ascend out of the hole slowly. My energy was getting weaker by the minute. I used to much altering the minds and attacking the natives mind.
Bruta glares at Cynthia. "You think me like the rest? I don't care for petty games. I, want, blood!" He prepares to smash Cynthia's skull in.
I push Cynthia aside. "No, his ire's with me. I killed his brother and I can kill him."
Falling onto the floor and fell onto Flint, dirt was in my mouth. "Sorry about that Flint..."

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