Techsuit Warfare, Part 3

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Side note shouldn't he be lying on the ground non functioning. Flint did damage his mind pretty bad.
Joan thinks the situation over. {He's an Unsigned! They haven't been pacified into standard society with those yellow berries. Usually, they don't get along well with regulars. I doubt that you could use that easily now, as this involves vengeance and the dead.}
{Joan, he's here for me. I killed the speedy one. His brother, as he called him.}
Bruta drops the headless warhammer and grabs Kayle by his throat, nearly crushing it to his spine. "I think it would be nice to kill the murderer of my brother first." He grins and prepares to strike Kayle with the warhammer in his other hand.
I stop my ascension and return to the ground. I didn't have enough energy to get me and Hawk out of here. Bruta was about to kill Kayle and I cannot let the happen either. He had already wounded Hawk I couldn;t let him kill Kayle. I start to form a plan.
"Listen here you oversized Oaf." I pass the insult hoping to draw his attention to me.
"Hey look at me when I am talking to you you walking mass of waste."
Captain Ginei arrives. "Listen. Grievances aside, we are only here to cure our sick. You let us take what we need, we leave."
I grin. "You forgot something." I slam my claymore's point into Bruta's gut, forcing him to drop me. Pulling my sword free, I take a step back and put some space between us. "Ow...."
Bruta glares at Kayle with such intense hatred he nearly wanted to hide. Bruta Charges, his hammer about to smash into Kayle head when he realized what Flint said. He turns to Flint. "Over sized oaf? I believe your talking about your friend over there." Bruta says as he points at Kofrin with is warhammer. Kofrin was just recovering from the blow.
"No I am talking to you. Bruta smash seems to be your only thought. I bet you couldn't even win a game of chess." I hold my ground staring strait at the native.
I jet forward again, cutting the head off the other hammer before skidding to a stop. "Flint, now!"
I remain still staring at the large native.
"What Bruta? Is what I say true?"
"No. My only thought is to gain my honor back by destroying you human infidels and to get revenge. And I am not the most intelligent. But I am more intelligent than your friend over there." Brute just drops the shafts and goes over and picks up the greatsword and a fallen rock and wields it like a shield.

Kofrin begins to review a few math questions to make sure his brain was working correctly, "1+1 is 2, 3+3 is 5, 4+4 is 3, 2+2 is 4. Yay! My head working right!"

"See, point proved. Everybody knows the proper answers for those." Bruta says.
I ponder for a moment. Honor, it will be his down fall.

"So you seek honor then. I challenge you to a contest. If you win you have defeated me thus taking me as your servant. I am a high ranking person in the main force here that should help you gain honor amongst your people. If I win you become my servant. Sound Fair?"
"What's the contest of?"

I was just arriving as I hear Flint. Man, that brute is in for some bad experiences.
"We go through three challenges. One of strength another of accuracy and final one of wits. The one who can win two of the three will win the contest."

I shake my head. {Flint, even I wouldn't take this guy on in strength.}
"Agreed." Bruta says. Too bad he will be too damaged to be even able to do anything in the rest. Bruta thinks evilly.
Trust me I know I cannot best him in strength. Accuracy and wits I can on the other hand.

"Right. You determine what the feat of strength shall be. And I shall determine the battle of wits. One of the others shall determine the accuracy test."
{If at any point it looks like he's gonna cheat, I'm taking his head.}

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