Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

Joeyray's Bar
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"The title is too long."

I walk over to the Roach Warren to see someone dead and just walk away.
I, KnarledOne, have taken it upon myself to resurrect this RP in the name of all our old, lost RPers, whose names we remember with gladness.

People like NickDaMan, Vultureling, IraqLobster, MockingJay, HowBabysRBrn, Wfawwer, BcInfinity (see, I remembered you), and all those other guys who are either dead or only barely alive.

So, let us begin. You arrive to find yourself in the middle of a huge temple. Massive stone statues dominate the gigantic room, arranged in a circle near the walls. A gigantic Changeling is directly in front of you, a hideous grin frozen on its stone face. Just to its left is a massive stone Overlord, its cold glance freezing you with logical horror. To its left is a huge stone Marine with a Gauss Rifle and a Psi-Blade. One step further down the line is a Spectre, and then a creature that could have been a Firebat, a Lobster, or some other things you're not sure about. Then comes a female ghost, a young girl who looks both sad and fierce at the same time. She is supporting the lifeless body of another young Ghost, this one male. A great stone tear trickles from her right eye.

The next statue is of a great, fierce man, his body enveloped in clouds and lightning. Next to him is another man, one who resembles General Warfield... or is it Arcturus Mengsk? Either way, the man's face commands great respect. Next to that is a massive grinning Hybrid. Then there is a huge statue of something that looked like the terrible offspring of a Zergling and a Vulture, and then your gaze has returned to the Changeling.

This time, you notice that a man sits at a desk at the foot of the statue. You walk up to him.

"Greetings," he says. "I am the official Clerk of the Hall of Legends. Are you here to apply?"

You nod your head dumbly, having no idea what he's talking about.

"It is very exciting, is it not? The planet always goes wild when it's announced a new statue will be added to the Hall of Legends. Actually, not many have applied so far. I guess the fact so many applicants died last time turned them off. Oh, forgive me for blithering. I need you to fill this out really quick..."

Character Name.
Character Race(s).
Character Base Unit(s).

"Thanks," he says as you hand him the completed application. "Wait, hold on a sec. I was supposed to give you something. Of course, for the first applicant it's a little bigger, but no matter."

He hands you some things, but you suddenly interrupt him before he can speak again.

"Wait. Where am I? What the heck did I just sign up for?"

He looks at you with genuine astonishment.

"I thought you knew! This is the Hall of Legends. All those statues you see represent great warriors, leaders, writers, mages, etcetera. There are many great names there... Zanon, HBRB, MockingJay, TheCommander, ThunderCrash... many great, great names. Wait, are you one of them? Well, if you're not I should tell you how things work. You will leave here once done and go to the town. There you should quest around, complete sub-plots with the other players, and generally be heroic. Well, you could be evil too, that worked for the Changeling there.
"Anyways, every now and then Dee'Em, the guardian spirit of the town and temple, will cause something to happen that will test the wits and powers of all the contestants. After a while, all the players and anyone else who happens to be watching will vote to determine which player is the worthiest. A likeness of that person's guardian spirit will be placed here in the Hall of Legends in their honor. Pretty sweet, eh?"

You think a moment. "Are there any facilities here in the Temple that will be of use to me?"

"Sure!" He says. "There's an arena back there where players can practice. You can change the configuration by saying a prayer to Dee'Em. Over there is a portal to the Bar, where you can get something to drink..."


"...and over there is the History Portal, where you can find the Original Z&Z. "












"Oh, but wait. You'll have to leave all your weapons here except two. And you'll have to refrain from using any of your special powers except two. So, which will it be?"

Character Armaments.
Character Abilities.

"...Great! Now you're set. Oh, but I'm curious. I forgot to tell you, my sight is very weak, what do you look like?"

Character Physical Appearance.

"Hmm. You sound like an interesting looking person. Tell me about yourself."

Character Backstory.

"Wow, you've lead quite the life. I can see why your guardian spirit has brought you here, you stand a great chance of winning and getting his or her statue added to the collection. Well, it's been great to meet you. I wish you good luck, now get out there and win!"

"...Oh, wait. I should describe the town to you really quick so you don't get lost. When you walk out of the temple the first thing you'll see will be the K'ang. That's a free place for travellers to stay, so I daresay you'll use it. To the left of the K'ang is Infernundy Street, and to the right is Breakout Boulevard. They join with Crash Avenue to form a triangle. The Mayor's mansion is on Crash, so if you need him or if you somehow get elected mayor, you should have no trouble finding the place. There are two other places to stay, just so you know. The Smiles Resort is a fancy hotel on Breakout Boulevard, it's pretty nice, but they won't let you in unless they deem you worthy. Their owner disappeared, so the Mayor took over until he returns. Also there's a residential area connected to Infernundy Street, if you're ever looking to be a homeowner.
"There's some nice food here too. JoeyRay's bar is right next to the K'ang if you don't like Zanon's, or if you just want to patronize the town. On Crash there's a fancy place called the Drone and Spectre, like a bar but more cultured. Its owner disappeared, though I think he was a Commander or something. Breakout's got the Defiler, a great diner if you're a Zerg. Used to be owned by the same guy that owned the hotel, but he vanished. Might come back. The Roach Warren is right next to the Defiler, they got some serious competition going. On Infernundy there's Day to Remember, that place has some real great food. Owner's a little creepy, but then again nobody's seen him for a while.
"There are some stores and assorted houses, but most are for sale to one with money and honor. I sure hope you enjoy your stay here. The Dungeon is to the west, so straight past the town once you leave here. It's weird cuz it changes all the time, we think Dee'Em does it. The rest of the directions are woods. There's a volcano past the South Forest, and the mountain east of the Temple isn't exactly forbidden. Of course, there's no prohibition on going into space as long as it conforms to the plot.
"One more thing to remember is that here, the plot is driven entirely by the players. It starts with only one plot element: the contest. From there, it's up to you to find your destiny and prove that you are the greatest of them all."

"Wait," you say. He looks up again. "What's this planet called?"

He smiles.

"Echo VI."

Tl; dr - This is your chance, relatively new people. Your statue is not yet present in the Hall. There virtually no rules or restrictions on this thread, so bring in any character you want from any RP or create a new one. All you have to do is prove your worth by developing good plots with the other players and proving your valor and cunning. Eventually everyone will vote and determine who will be immortalized in the Hall of Legends. I'm going to join too, probably.
As for you old people who are already in the Hall: you can join too. Please do, in fact. You will receive special veterancy benefits to give you a headstart. Keep in mind that your char can also fulfill a mentor role (or antagonist role) for the newer chars, thus allowing you to more heavily influence who will win.

Character signup:

Character Name.
Character Race(s).
Character Base Unit(s).
Character Armaments (up to 2).
Character Abilities (one for now).
Character Physical Appearance.
Character Backstory.

I will occasionally cause some event to speed up the Roleplaying, but remember there are few rules. Anyone can develop a crazy plotline... just don't go overboard or everyone will try to kill you.
Clarification: this means I am the DM. I may give this role to someone else if they want it and I don't. Don't worry, this thread is not governed by the DM. The DungeonMaster has two jobs: customize the Dungeon when he/she first gets control, and ensure that the thread runs smoothly by causing events and managing the Information Desk and the Board. Also, whenever a new thread is created the DM must post a fully updated description of the Hall of Legends, as well as a recap of current events.

Have fun,


Edit: Oh, crap. I posted before he did the character sheet ._.

I am ashamed...

09/21/2012 03:30 PMPosted by KnarledOne
as well as a recap of current events.

Where that recap bro?
Information desk.

Current Arena: Collosseum.

Current Dungeon: Forest.


KnarledOne and Smylez' restaurants, the Roach Warren and the Defiler, have begun an intense food war. So far, a range, some secret plans, and a few omelettes have been stolen, and a health inspector and building inspector lie dead or dying due to poisoned food. Both sides desperately need mercenaries to aid them.

Meanwhile, Umbra has infused Joan with the Essence of Pride. Shadow refuses to believe it was her, but certainly wants someone to pay for it.

A park with an underground arena was constructed.

Finally, the Lava dungeon was beaten and replaced with a Forest themed dungeon.
I followed Krozis, slightly feeling let down by what I did and what the man said to me. "Korzis, at least you're more secure about yourself than me."

And don't forget that the arena is also a restaurant.
OOC: Still standing in Roach Warren....

Still waiting for mercenary work....
Gonna be ingame awhile.
And I would like to know what was in the final chest of the dungeon.
Want to 1v1 KO?
Bring it. I'm ready to die with honor.
KO, what's in the bloody final chest?!
"Secure of myself because I am apathetic about quite a few things about me." I say as I move on.
I frowned and I continued to walk along with him. "And I'm sorry for how I acted...just seeing you two together and how I am..."
"Don't be so shy. Hell, you lose one you would probably be able to get another in a day." I smirk.
"Thanks...I guess. For I always run away from them and...." I sat down onto a bench.
Oi KO, you want a BO3?
I approach. "Either of you know where I might find the scum that dared strike Joan?"
I looked at Shadow. "I...I don't know." I turned away from his face while I was deep in thought.

Angelos decided to get up and and went to look for me.

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