Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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"No." I reply to Shadow. I sit down beside Cynthia. "It's alright."
I storm off, leaving powerful sparks in my wake. It's become easy to see this won't end well.
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KO, what's in the bloody final chest?!
I hugged Korzis, slightly crying on his lap. "Thanks..."
Doo-doo doodoo dododaDAAAAH!!!

Your maximum life increased.

Received Lava Talisman: this item proves you were the one to defeat the Lava Dungeon. Unlocks homeowner attribute, boosts fire damage.

And Smylez, that didn't count. -_-
Never said it did. Unfortunate that your internet went kaput.
It does that, unfortunately. Normally it doesn't crash like that, though. I had to reboot my computer.
I finally lose it, and arrive in a field, pulling Gnarled and Moneybags not four inches away on either side. "I want to know which one of you slipped Joan Essence of Pride. I think only one of you would have something to gain from this."
"What the hell are you talking about and who are you? I never met you! What's an Essence of Pride? I'm just a businessman trying to beat the competition. How am I even here?"

I cause Moneybags to slowly compress. "We will do this my way or I will crush the both of you into itty bitty pieces, conglomerate your businesses, and place a Baneling as chairman! Do I make myself crystal clear, cretin?"
"I can see it now! Crazed psychopathic man killing two respected and beloved restaurant owners! Dee'Em will see! Dee'Em will know! You won't get away with this! No one gets away from Dee'EM! SHISHISHI! ACK!"
I scowl. "I am a man pushed to fury because someone poisoned my daughter. I really don't care who sees- I'm out for blood, I'll get it."
"ACK! I never seen you in the Defiler and why would I have a motive to poison your daughter if we never met? That leads to the only logical conclusion that KnarledOne was responsible in some way if you ate there. You lack a sound head for someone so powerful! Perhaps you can only bark? SHISHISHI!"
I add on the pressure. "Press me not. If you know not my appearance, I am known by reputation- the most powerful psionic in existence, Agent Shadow, with reality itself at his command. Several people have attempted to harm my employees in an attempt to get free services, but this is the first time anyone has dared near my family." Small rips in the fabric of reality appear throughout the field, displaying many parallel realities, including one in which the world we stood on was pure gold.
"It obviously wasn't me. I don't mess with people like that. Unless it gives a business advantage... Or if I get paid... Or if there's a woman involved... Or if I think it would be fun... Or if I get in a fight. Or if I think the other person is gonna start a fight. Or if they offend me... Or I'm bored... But I wouldn't do something like that for no reason at all! Moneybags is right! Dee'Em will punish you if you hurt us for no reason!"

OOC: Cookie to anyone who gets the reference.
I release them. "Here's what I will do: as it seems Joan was poisoned by effinem, I will still need to unleash my fury SOMEWHERE. Could one of you provide a sufficient target?"
Smylez, I think you will agree to me controlling your char momentarily.


*both point to each other*



Guten Nacht.
OOC: +1 KnarledOne.

"Look at the facts you blithering idiot. We hardly even know you as it is and I sure as hell never seen you or your family even walk into my restaurant. How in the world am I suspect in poisoning your family? Did you ever had takeout from the Defiler? If anything, KO would be the prime suspect if you went to his Warren."
I simply rearrange Moneybags's molecules, making him a fourteen-year-old girl human. "Here's a tip: never insult someone waiting for an excuse to harm. With your incessant sabotage, your employees were perfectly within parameters. If that is that, I wish to-" My mind spasms, opening many alternate realities portals into this one.
"SHISHISHI! You are a meathead. Are you mad? How mad are you from a scale of 1 to mad?" The defiler puffs smoke rings at Shadow's face. "Your threats do nothing against me puny human. This sleepy town has its secrets more fearsome than you can imagine."

The defiler/girl chomps down on the World's Biggest Cigar. "Prideful child, I can see your family endangered right here in the near future. That is an appropriate punishment for someone so boastful as you. And still, you tarry here doing what? Why don't you use your powers and probe everyone's minds for the perpetrator? How about that? You need instructions from a lesser being! Hah! What a joke!"

D. Moneybags spits at Agent Shadow's face. "My former boss was a bigger threat to my existence than you filth."

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