Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

Joeyray's Bar
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Immediately, Kentel runs by Cynthia and Arianna. "Hello. Have you seen my comm? Goodbye."

I frown. "Wait a second. The sandwich cooler is back there, right?" I then remember Kentel took it. My eyes widen. "She shrank the boy to protect him, but her own lack of morning concentration will result in his demise."

Poltergeist File
Oh, crap are these things evil. First and foremost, a conscious one blocks psionic capabilities entirely. Second, any force used against it only increases its muscle mass. Finally, it can change the substance surrounding its body by touching the desired substance with its second, hidden "whip tail". Encountering a flaming Tunneler is no fun at all.
I saw Kental run past. "No we haven't!" I yelled back as he ran off.

The owner then took a deep breath. "Do you wish to learn anything else? And I know...it's awkward for what I said earlier about the reproduction."
He quickly turns and grabs Cynthia, then keeps running. "Tunneler caught a lightning bolt!"
I was screaming as Kental was burning through the streets like rubber. "AHHHHHH!"
I think for a moment. "Just one, why hide who you are? Clearly you're ok with mingling."
She sighs again. "Do you know how much attention you'll get...positive or negative once they find out that your a new race in their eyes? We aren't new but we lived in secrecy and not many have seen us before."
I wake up and feel some pain course through my legs and arm. "OW!"
Joan wakes, and coughs up the key. "Breakfast bars." She unlocks the padlock, and deftly pulls the zippers apart, flooding the backpack with light. Her hand reaches around and snags Korzis and three breakfast bars. In one hand, she tightly clenches two of the bars and Korzis and takes the other in her other hand. She raises the bar to her mouth and swallows it whole. She loosens her left fist, grabs Korzis, and raises him to her face.
I quickly create two Psionic barriers. Each one keep Joan from being able to move her jaws. I start squirming out of her hands.
She raises an eyebrow. "Aa haack esch going on?" She sleepily sets Korzis in the couch, and walks over to her mirror. "Haaw di I geeh lockshaw?"
I destroy the barriers and hide under the couch.
She returns to the couch, and eats the other two breakfast bars much in the same way as the first. She reaches around where she put Korzis. "I know I grabbed four . . ."
Tunnelers that absorb energy? How original.


"Great. Now what do I do?"

Daniel walks carefully through the streets, searching for Joan and Korzis, sipping and icewater as he does.. He approaches the ship, and a Tunneler, snarling, leps at him.

No problem.

He sidesteps and pours his drink on it. The creature collapses, surprised. It gets up and jumps again, but this time its prey doesn't even bother dodging. It crashes into Daniel, but the collision only results in its own tumble. Now Daniel pours the ice directly onto the hidden tail. The creature gets out a quarter of a screech before it's covered completely in ice, the froze stasis field maintained by its own body energy.

Daniel continues towards the ship.

Complication. Your target is about to kill Korzis. The others cannot get inside to help.

"So what do I do?"

Use the Tuneller.

Daniel rushes back to the forzen tuneller. Lifting it with some effort, he carries it to the ship. He then breaks some of the ice off its tail. Before it can reform, he drops a lit match on the creature. It bursts into flames, melting the ice instantly. It turns towards him, growling. He holds up his now almost empty cup. The Tuneller's eyes widen. Whimpering, it backs away, and the heat of its flames turn the side of the ship red as it backs against it. Daniel advances, then puts his hands on the ground. The earth rises up beneath the creature, pressing it against the ship. Its heat quickly melts a hole, and Daniel allows it to drop. Carefully, he climbs through...
Joan looks at him.sleepily. "I need my damned breakfast. It is too early for crap like this." She continues searching for what she thinks is an energy bar.

Gimme.a break here. I needed something that would scare a Lurker/Changeling, but not be instantly murderous. And I have no Popsicles.
Shadow, you really need to get in there. Arianna sends Psionically.
^Look at the Tunneler description.
Joan, Shadow, Korzis, and (I think this is his name)Daniel are beyond where psionics can help. Or affect anything.
I nod. She had a point. "Well, you're really not in the Koprulu Sector here. So it might not hurt."
Joan reaches into the couch, pulls out a breakfast bar she had lost not too long ago, and swallows it whole. Now satisfied, the previous day returns to her, and she stumbles in horror at what she believes she's done. "No . . ." She puts a hand to her stomach. She laughs nervously, trying to fall back on something. "Well, nobody can say he was unable to satisfy a girl." She finally breaks down and cries. "If-if you can hear me in there, Korzis, I just want you to know that- that I really care about you. Please, send me a sign. Sh-show me you're alive."

If I don't get one of KO's famously upbeat-yet-callous reactions to this post, I'll be a little disappointed.
She smiles as best as she could. "Thanks though...at least they wont know who I truly am though because they didn't see the unmasking." She pulls out what seems to be a small crystal. "These are special among my people, I think you deserve it." An outreach hand opens up with a crystal on her palm. "Take it."
I take the crystal and examine it. "What is it exactly?"

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