Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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I scowl. "I'm a nice guy. If I wormed my way into your mind you would feel intensely violated. And besides, even if I were to check every mind here, what good would it do? None admit crimes within their minds, and it gets more complicated with my sister erasing people's memories all the time. You could have done it yourself, then ticked off Umbra enough to make her strip your memories. It's happened before, and Sister is extremely good at arranging her mind so I learn nothing from her." I decide to, on a whim, create a palace of fire and warp away, no longer caring who I came across and slaughtered.
"KO, this man is stupid don't you agree?"
I take my prize and exit the dungeon, heading back into town to finally get some food.
Angelos saw Shadow and the two people. "Have any of you three seen Cynthia?"

I squeezed tighter. "Why does it have to be me..."
"He's... Insane! Leave us alone, Shadow!"

Dee'Em, patron god of the town, looks down on his people contentedly. His town is running well. All is happy, except for those two restaurants, but a source of minor conflict is entertaining. He decides to take a peek at them to see how their mutually destructive actions have progressed.

He sees Shadow crushing the owners.

"Grr. How dare he mess with my citizens! I hear them call on my name to save them, and still he persists! I could fry him with holy lightning... but that would be uncreative. I must think of something truly special for him... and his family..."
"Shadow...these people who have had no reason to do it. Just let them go please and can you show me where she is?" Angelos was looking at the two owners squirming.

The name was final...the place would be called Twisted Time. The owner stepped out and they were ready.
OOC: I feel bad for saying this again, I just never saw an answer. Probably because I'm lazy and was playing LoL XD

IC: "Hello? Sir, do you have work for me?"
"I have no idea Cynthia." I reply to her.
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I decide to, on a whim, create a palace of fire and warp away, no longer caring who I came across and slaughtered.

"This one's hubris will be great. SHISHISHI! Don't you agree KnarledOne? KnarledOne? YOU! It matters little now! My secret plan has already come into fruition and your ruin will come! You can do nothing to stop the wheels of fate! SHISHISHI!"

Meanwhile behind D. Moneybags, the palace of fire is catches the Defiler on fire.
I find myself standing in the center of a circular arena. Deep chuckling rings throughout. Suddenly, I am approached by Iapetus, General General, Aeos, and Jackson. "What the- you're all dead!" I lash out in psionic fury, shredding them. A fifth presence descends from the outside of the arena. A man in fatigues, wearing glasses. "Call me Sorrow. Psionic to psionic, I have a deal." I curse. Sorrow goes through a person's memories, fighting them with people who they know are already dead. This is meant to be disorienting, but it's also creepy as hell. "What kind of deal?"
Reaching town, I head to a Day to Remember. "Table for one please."
"I couldn't save my life if I had to make new friends or go out with someone." My head stayed on his lap.
"All you would have to do is accept for the relationship part, and everyone calls you a friend, it's just not vice versa."
Within a realm so bizarre as to be uncomprehendable to mere mortals, Dee'Em labors. At last, he looks upon his nearly completed creation.

"Hahaha! You, my friend, will help me to bring utter ruin upon Agent Shadow."

The young man looks at Dee'Em, as much as one can look upon a formless holy being. "I am yours to command, my master." An angelic smile spreads across his handsome features."

@Smylez: "HA! Tood bad I brought a recording device. You just admitted that you've carried out some nefarious scheme against me! And I have it RECORDED!!! Eeehehehee!"
"I can't brother...I'm to scared and I know I don't deserve one..."

The owner went to their office and settled down...the grand opening was almost ready for the Twisted Time.
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"Hello? Sir, do you have work for me?"
I believe I already answered you once, but ok.


"I need someone to investigate my food sources. I think my rival may have sabotaged me."
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IC: "Ok. Where do your store or buy your food?"
"Here's the list. I import most of my stuff. If you're not into mercenary work I also need a waiter. One of mine exploded from anger."
Sorrow regards me. "It is quite simple. Your sister. I want her. Do that for me, and I will recreate Ivan." I look at him in shock.

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