Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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I might join so can u give me a summary????
I'm not for I can't do summaries...but you really don't need anything to show up and nothing to intense is happening except for a couple of things that only affect that person.

"Brother...I still can't do that though. I'm to afraid to even walk up to anyone who I think I will like...maybe I am useless."
"I think it would've been better if the person who gave Joan the essence of pride gave it to you. Because I wouldn't have to listen to complaining."
"Fine...since you're going to be that way even though you should be helping instead...I'm leaving, and what if you were like me then..." With that I got up and walked back away.
"Hey, I'm taking the older sibling role. It's part of my job to tease you sometimes." I say to Cynthia.
"You sounded like you mean it though..." I stopped. "And it's not funny..."
"Well I do believe it would've been better if you had the essence of pride in your system when it happened." I say to Cynthia. "Though the complaining was a little annoying, no offense."
"Like that's going to do anything...and I wont take it even if you tell me to..." I clenched my fist. "And none taken I guess."
"Hey, if I started complaining to you, you would find it annoying. Shouldn't I have the same luxury?"
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@Smylez: "HA! Tood bad I brought a recording device. You just admitted that you've carried out some nefarious scheme against me! And I have it RECORDED!!! Eeehehehee!"

"You forgot your tapes have you? Well, look at that! Your customers are vomiting outside! I wonder what happened? SHISHISHI!"

D. Moneybags takes out another cigar and smokes. "Your establishment will burn in flames!"

The roof of the Defiler catches on fire.
"And you can see why I don't ever come to you! You always criticize me and then as soon as I really do need you say that I'm annoying!"
"Sometimes your complaining is annoying. Not always, but sometimes. And I'm still a little annoyed someone gave Joan the essence of pride."
The waiter nods and I take a seat where he leads me. Looking around, I decide to relax for a bit.

OOC: Last post tonight. Night ya'll.
A very stern looking man, flanked by two other very stern looking men, walks up to the two angry businesszerg as they yell at each other.

"By the power invested in me by this city, I hereby place you both under arrest for fraud, theft, vandalism, and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Understood?"


The men slap some very shiny looking anti-Zerg cuffs on the two and start to drag them away to the county jail.
"I'm leaving...maybe staying away from everyone." With that I ran out into the night not looking back not even leaving a single trail in the ground. Solemnly walking off so I could change my life and so I could come back with something I would be proud it have.

Extravagant lights started to rise up from the park and the entrance to the Twisted Time was open and ready. The owner twirled a cigar in the air. "This calls for a special occasion...and I wonder if I should add the Liver and Onions?"
I feel like LeKroger ought to have a statue... and I feel guilty because I keep forgetting him.
Character Name: Jukalisk
Character Race(s): Zerg and Jukebox
Character Base Unit(s): Hydralisk, Jukebox
Character Armaments: Claws, Needle Spines
Character Abilities: Play Music: Plays a song, effects vary between each song.
Character Physical Appearance: Large Hydralisk with speakers on its back.
Character Backstory: Was created by a Terran scientist who had WAAAY to much free time. The Jukalisk gained sentience by all the songs that were ingrained into his brain. When the scientist died (he shared the fate of poor Elvis) the Jukalisk went to be with his Zerg buddies but he was kicked out of Zerg boot camp because he was caught playing some Terran music that was basically saying how the Terran were the best blah blah blah (ill give you a cookie if you can guess what song it is). He then wandered space until he found the planet Echo IV (srry if I said it wrong).
WARNING: Has the ego the size of a Xel Naga Worldship
Has a checklist in hand and it has a list of things to do...on it said to break a Juke Zerg's ego the size of a worldship. "How hard can that be..."

IC: Some people started to mill into the Twisted Time. And they were surprised by what they saw...live entertainment and good food. "Yes...everything is going according to plan." Put the cigar in their mouth and lights it.

I ran into what seems to be a new place and I was placed at a table by myself...I noticed the activities going around.
I slithered into town. "This small town is know perfect since the magnifecent Jukalisk has arrived" I thought to myself. Then a wonderful scent tickled my perfect nostrils and I knew I had to follow it. I slithered gracefully until I found two diners. One had a sign that said the Defiler and the other had one that said the Roach Warren. Even my wonderful nose could not pinpoint the smell,. I then saw a passing Baneling and decided to ask him for help "Excuse me but which of these two restuaraunts should I, the wonderful Jukalisk, eat at???"
The Twisted Time was going to have specials every night...excellent food with entertainment carnage. The owner still not revealed to anyone not even their trusted officers know who it is. "I want to serve that girl who's sitting by herself a special meal. She seems all lonely and I think I can help her out."

Two waiters came out and put some food on my table. "But I didn't order this..."
The one with a goatee said something. "This is on the house...the owner doesn't like it when there is a sad little girl all alone."

I smiled a little. "Thanks I guess..." The fighting was already starting in the arena of the restaurant...it was a pit in the ground and there were two fearsome combatants.

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