Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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I simply stare at Sorrow in shock. He smiles. "I know a good way to find your culprit, as well. As it is known that I only recreate the definitely dead, I could use Joan." I smile at this. "And you walking about town with a phony Joan would trick everyone into believing she's dead. Alright, I'll bite. It won't be easy."

Joan flips through pages of another old book.

Umbra, Jess, and Kentel talk about their recent experiences at a corner booth.
"SHISHISHI! There's a fire down the block! A fire...? Wait, wait! That's the Defiler! Who set it on fire! Call the fire department! Call the fire department! [forced inside the car] Noooooo!"
Sorrow walks into Twisted Time with what is obviously one of his duplicates of Joan. As he is famous for only duplicating the dead, the entire establishment gets the point: Joan is dead. Sorrow walks through to a center table. "Waiter, an iced tea, if you may."
A waiter came up and asked a couple of questions. "Sweet or unsweetened...lemon or no lemon?" He had a notepad out and a pencil.

The meal that they brought me resembled a type of steak and it had a brown sauce with sauteed onions on it. With it they had thick sliced fried potatoes on the side with a butter sauce on it. "Well...they were nice to give it to me for free. I might as well be nice and eat some of eat." Grabbing a fork and knife I cut a piece of the steak off and put it in my mouth. "This is really good...making me feel better already."
Just as the Baneling was about to give me an answer I saw a Zergling run out of the Defiler yelling "FIRE FIRE FIRE FIIIIRE!!!!!!" before it ran off looking for a way to put out the small fire that was on its butt. "I shall save the day!!!" I yelled and I started to siren sounds fronm the speakers in my back so everyone would evacuate the area. I then slithered up to the entance of the Defiler and yelled "DO NOT FEATR THE JUKALISK IS HEREEE!!!!!!" I the helped the Zerg in the restuarant evacuate and put out the occasional fire that was burning on a Zerg.
Both KnarledOne and D. Moneybags are sitting in a jail cell. The trial is soon.

I begin playing the harmonica.
The owner heard reports that the Defiler is hot and burning up. "Well...how literal now. At least we have less competition now and I wonder if I should higher that doctor who makes those Liver and Onions?"

I take another bite but this time it was the potatoes. "This is really good...I wonder why they are doing this though?" I was to busy eating the food than seeing the fake Joan with Sorrow.

Angelos walked around and saw a Hydralisk with a Jukebox integrated into itself. "What an abomination and a freak..." Angelos started to walk towards the Twisted Time.
Find the one called Joan within the town, and win her affection. I will tell you what you must do next when that is accomplished.

The young man remembers Dee'Em's words as he walks into the town. A few local girls notice him. Two gasp and wave shyly, the other swoons. He heads for Joan's location...
I was done eating and I decided to place a small tip on the table...sneaking past everyone including Angelos I was trying to find someone. I was going to apologize first of all, but I ran into a young man instead. "I am very sorry..." Then I see a few girls gasping and waving at the man.

Knarled...this is your young man...felt like doing something...interesting.
Actually, you've given me an excellent idea CR.


"No, please. It was my fault entirely, miss..."

At the sound of his voice (which complements his appearance very well), one of the other girls joins her friend on the pavement.
I feel like this is going somewhere...


I pick myself up. "No it's my fault for I wasn't paying any attention and I'm just a klutz..." Once again noticing how weird the other girls were behaving. "I should go..."

OOC: Your choice on how to deal with that...maybe you can stop her, maybe you will let her go, maybe something is going to happen...
"No, please. Don't degrade yourself. It was entirely my fault, I've been focusing on... my work, and I haven't been watching my step. May I ask your name, Miss?"
I just walk to the new place and see the fights. "...Who the hell is stupid eno-" I see the payment if you win. My jaw drops. "I understand now."
I was blushing and I did what Korzis said I should. "Cynthia...it's Cynthia." My silver locks were in my eyes and my Protoss Tendrils were wrapped up with the hair in the back like a long pony tail for the back side while I had a decent amount of hair in the front and sides as well.
After the stream of Zerg coming out of the Defiler trickled to none. I yelled out to a passing Overlord. "Can you help me out with this fire." do?The Overlord stopped and then said "Sure ill help, ill definately get a new badge from the Zerg Scout leader so whattaya want me to do???" "Well my magnificence needs you to poor creep over the fire!!!!" I yelled back "Sure thing The Overlord then drifted over the Defiler and poored creep all over it and soon with my magnificent help of course, the fire was put out.
*is getting good with the harmonica*

The young man looks at Cynthia, stunned.

I've never seen a girl so beautiful... actually, I've never seen any girl at all this close. Surely the great Dee'Em would not make such a mistake as to leave me unprepared.

"Hello... Cynthia. My name is Daniel, or Martin. Either one. It is good to meet you. Nobody in this place has been willing to talk to me yet."
I look for some sort of sign up sheet to get into the arena.

Fenris had killed twenty men in one day through just his Fear Fangs. Today was a good day. He finishes off the last of the job and burns half of (insert random name for town here) to ash as he walks back to the main city.
This man...he seems charming and wonderful. Please don't be a coward and chicken out.

"I will call you Daniel then. And I don't see why they haven't yet...actually quite surprised." I couldn't stop blushing and it was getting annoying.
Come on...quit it. He might think I seem desperate.

A Templar was at the registration booth accepting applicants and had the sign up sheet up there...he saw Korzis and waved him over. "Welcome...I see that you are hear to fight yes?"
"Yeah." I walk over. "So where do I sign?"
The Protoss pulled out several sheets. "Here, here...and here. And don't forget...if something happens you can't sue us for your own stupidity."

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