Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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"...That's what a waver is for." I say. I sign. "So when am I up?"
"I... what do you mean, you are surprised? All of the girls I have seen have seemed afraid of me. I suppose my manner may be slightly behind the times, as I have not seen any other person for some time."

Actually never, he thinks.

His voice is very rich, with a hint of a Russian accent.
Sorrow looks over at the waiter. "Sweet, and with lemon." He gestures to his duplicate. "What do you think? Can I make the dead look good or what?"
The Templar collected the files and they disappeared. "Don't worry...just have something to eat or something else and we will call you psionicly. But your opponent will be not one, not two, but three Ultralisks. We want to test to see if the new fighters will live through it or be a tasty snack for them."

I was having a hard time resisting him. "I'm...I'm really just shy and nervous and I always chicken out when someone walks over to me or I bump into someone. I'm just surprised that no one tried to come up to you before is all..." I was blushing even redder now.
Come on...not now.
He grins disarmingly. "Surely I am not that appealing, that the city has to send a welcoming committee to greet me. And you do not seem that shy to me. You seem rather interesting."

He curses himself mentally. What am I doing, standing here talking to this girl? I have a job to get done.
I put my head down trying to hide the blush. "I just arrived here myself...and brother wanted me to not shy away this time when I saw someone this time. He said that I should try to take action and not run away from everything."

I should go I think...this is not going out so well and I'm scared.
Sorrow notices Cynthia and the young man she was talking to. He uses his power to pull two chairs behind them and drag them to his table. "Take a load off, kiddies."

I watch from the shadows. I gotta remember that one. I look for anyone showing guilt, to see who it was that poisoned Joan. Whoever saw that Sorrow had one of his twisted copies would show something, right?
"Should be okay." I say. I sit down.


Character Name: Arianna

Character Race: Terran

Character Base Unit: Custom-ish

Character Armaments: Combat Knife, Particle Rifle.

Character Abilities: Mind Control: Arianna easily takes the mind of anything. If heroic/hero character, only for a limited time, anything else, forever until they die.

Character Physical Appearance: Black haired with a few blonde highlights, usually has her hair in a ponytail. Very small build, about 5' 6"

Character Backstory: When she was four her father and mother were slaughtered. Both of her brothers thought her dead until she was 10 and reappeared. She was saved by a mysterious man who unlocked her Psionic gifts early. She is not affected by the demon like her older middle sibling or his children. She is an expert and can enter any mind without setting off an alarm quickly, hence her quick and easy mind control.

Arianna lands on the planet noticing a crashed Wraith. I didn't expect Zaros to come back to Echo Six. She walks off to the large-ish city.
Dee'Em intervenes, rendering Sorrow's action useless.


"Your brother sounds like a very smart person. It is good to not run away. I do not know why everyone seems to be running away from me, but you must be very brave because I think I am very scary," he teases.
"I don't find you scary at all...I...I...I must go I...have an appointment but it's not to important."
What is with that person...I can't resist! I must get out quick. I was getting a urge but I kept it back.

The waiter came up with the tea. "Sweetened with lemon of course sir."
Is no one noticing him, with a copy of Joan swirling in gray dust?

And that's not very nice. :(

Seriously though. Da fak?
I scan the area and someone that looked identical in grey dust. It looked so much like her, but she was back at the ship. What the hell is wrong with this world?

Arianna arrives. She sees two Zerg establishments and two Terran. She decides to head to the one with all the fancy lights.
Sorrow raises his glass. "To power." He sips lightly.

Korzis then notices who the copy is next to- Sorrow, a freelance mercenary with a penchant for duplicating the dead.
Wait, I remember being told about someone who looked like that by Kentel... Oh no. A tear runs down my face. F*ck. My. Life.

"It's Korzis, the child of Zaros." -_-
Sorry. Force of habit. I'll edit.

Sorrow puts up his boots. "I love life." He turns to his Joan copy. "And I'm sure you did, too, till some heartless bastard killed you, eh?" He laughs lightly.
Arianna notices Cynthia. She walks over to her. "Where's your parents and brother?"
The owner walked down the stairs and they were still covered in a disguise of some kind...almost like waiting for the right time to reveal themselves. "Is everyone having an excellent time today at our grand opening?"

She freaked me out..."Aunt...please don't sneak up on me, you are my aunt yes? And besides parents are away...dad is doing something with work and mom is on vacation. I don't know where brother is. I was mad earlier and I don't want to talk about it..."
Sorrow chuckles. "It's a wonderful day all around. I got a new person to use outside. The tea is great, and your decor is amazing. The music is lackluster, however. Might I suggest Mozart?"
"Well the explains the Wraith being in a crater. That also explains why I can't see your parents. But why in hell are you away from home without your parents and flying a Wraith? One, neither of you properly fly a Wraith and neither of you should be going to another planet without supervision of a guardian." Arianna says to Cynthia. "And you can't lie to me." Arianna smirks.

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