Zergling & Zealots 2: Hall of Legends Part 2

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"Who said I was lying? I am just angry and because we chose to come here that's why...and everyone says I'm perfect...well I'm not for I get in trouble as well."

She's stalling me and I will never be able to get away from this man...there's something about him that I can' resist being near.

The owner walked up to Sorrow. "I'm sorry about the music I truly am...but I do a majority vote and this is what they wanted." Sorrow couldn't tell what race the owner was and couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman.
Hmmm. With all Sorrow's insensitive joking about Joan being dead, you'd think Korzis would intervene or something.

He looks up. "Sad that the majority has no taste. You look like a leper. Mind showing your face so that my copy may be realistic in event of your demise?'
"Korzis can't think of nothing to do about it. If Joan's dead, then he won't really do anything about it until the person who caused it is revealed. Now if he saw the real Joan, he would probably be happy. Happier then ever."

Arianna glances towards the man for a second and leads Cynthia away. "Happy."
The owner chuckles. "I'm sorry about that as well...but if I showed you then I would have to kill you. And I have heard what you have accomplished before as well. And here's my secret...no one has dirt on me for they don't know who I am. They don't even know my identity."

I walked away with her. "Thank you...there was something about him and I couldn't get away, I couldn't resist him. I think I'm in love?" I was becoming more nervous. "What do I do!?"
I know, but wouldn't he shake him up for being such a jerk about the dead?
Just saying.

He leans back in interest. "Really, now. My interest has been piqued." He creates a copy of Ronald Reagan to use as a footstool, and has Joan hold his drink and pack.
D. Moneybags stays silent for the ride.

"Well, Brian would probably say something extremely rude. Your dad, well he is very hard to get a good thought about. Because his personality is quite, unpredictable." Arianna replies. "I really don't know your mom to well, so I wouldn't be able to give you a good idea of what she'd say. But I guess you should probably check if it's just his looks or his personality you like."

I was sitting there. I look at Sorrow again. "Kill the specter off, please."

Fenris looks for another mission.
The owner continued to stare at Sorrow. "I truly am sorry...not even my elected cabinet officials know who I truly am..."

I was still looking at the man. "It's both aunt...it's both and there is just something about him. I have this urge to be with him forever. Please help me!?"
He looks at Korzis. "Which one? You mean the girl?" He gropes the false Joan, as if taunting Korzis. Sorrow waves the owner off.
"Well if you want I could take over your mind and reject him. Or tamper with your memories so you forget him. Or both." Arianna says.

"F*ck you." I say.

Arianna looks in my direction. She takes over my mind and makes me pound my face against the table. No using that language.

Shut up. Now let go.

Fine. But no using that language.

As my aunt lets go of my mind I pull out my pistol and aim it at Sorrow's head. "Destroy the specter. I won't hesitate to shoot you."
The owner walks off. "What a freak..."

I couldn't stop blushing toward his direction. "No...Arianna I don't want to forget him or reject him. For some reason I want him..."
"Want me to take over his mind and cause him to do whatever you want me to make him do for you?" Arianna asks.
He raises his hands. "I just use these fakes to do my dirty work for me. It's hard to fight your dead friends and family." The false Joan pulls out a Flare Cannon. "She's wonderful, isn't she? Seemed so sad in death. Like no one was watching out for her. Like she was all alone." He creates a false Aeos. "Hold my things. I wish to watch."
"Dispel her now!" I shoot Sorrow in the gut.
"No aunt...there's just something about him. I don't want anything to happen to him and no influence from others inside his head like you were planning on. There's something wrong with me! What is this feeling!"

The owner walked back to their office and a message was sent to Korzis and the Ultralisk's were getting hungry.

You're up.
He holds his gut. "Ungrateful little thing, aren't you?" He waves off the Joan fake, and has the Aeos fake start fighting him. "Jerk."
"@sshole." I walk to the arena wielding my Katana.

"Well then I have no idea." Arianna replies. She notices me go into the arena. "...Is your brother stupid?"
I turn and I see him enter. "I don't care anymore...for I care he could die and rot in a pit like that one..."

The owner got the fail safe ready. "That young lad has potential from what I've seen...I'll make sure to save him before he gets to...crushed."
Arianna glares at Cynthia. "Okay, your father could restrain from wanting your uncle dead, then you should restrain from not caring about your brother."

I step in. My Katana in one hand and my pistol in the other.
The Ultralisk's were released and they all stampeded in a formation so they wouldn't run into each other and they had razor sharp kaiser blades.

I glare back. "Fine! He deserves to be gravely injured at the brink where he might die but he wont!"

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