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So we were talking in DA, deviantArt, and thought we could do an RP where you're part of a Mafia family. What's everyone think?
So sorta like what Sixel created, except with you starting in a higher position? Could be interesting...
No, no, no. Do you even know the Mafia? Al Capone, Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel, Meyer Lansky, these guys created organized crime.
I know of them. But my opinion of the Mafia is a more organized collection of gangs.
That's your opinion. I happen to like Al Capone. So, now that I know people are interested, help me come up with a story idea.
Well, is this SC present or just today present? I could help with the story either way if you wish me to :D
SC present. There's some scary stuff available in the SC universe. And we all know the Mafia would love to get their hands on it.
Want to discuss it here or in DA? Would take up less space in the chatroom.
Here. I'll make a separate thread for the RP.
I'm assuming this will be located on Korhal or some other major city-planet.

Are they trying to take over? Eliminate other groups like them? Overthrow the government? Do stuff for sh!ts and giggles?
Maintain their turf and get more. Then eventually try and take over the planet.
Then the first main goal would likely be to overtake a military base. Seize control of some nice weapons and support, then lay low while you get control of some people to procure some more dangerous things, like bombs or chemical weapons. After that it would be an all out war to try and take control of the main areas of transport on and off-world, to keep the military out and to get around faster. Maybe a fleet could come in a some point, if it got that far, and they would have to work together to not get obliterated.

But that would probably take a ton of threads XD It would likely take a while just to take over a military base.
Well, the first step is maintaining control of your starting turf. And we'll be on...I guess Korhal, unless someone can come up with a new city planet.
Sound's interesting...
Perhaps a good deal of it could take place in a city underneath Korhal? Mengsk would not be too happy with a bunch of 'scum' on the surface, but probably would not have much control over a city underneath Korhal...
A good point, but then I'd be stealing from BcInfinity's story. That's why I'm trying to think of a name for a new City-Planet to start on and you can expand to others as the RP progresses.
That's a name in another story I've read, but I'll use it anyways. Now for types of weapons allowed...
Starting off, it should be minor weapons that would be seen with civilians: pistols, shotguns, etc. But after acquiring a link to the black market, people will be able to get standard military weapons, like grenades and canister rifles.
I like that thought. So that would be weapons. Think I should give access to like one business since you're a new Mafia family?

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