The Dishonored (Part 2)

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“We need more soldiers that are completely unbiased.” Said the contact, “Soldiers that follow orders and nothing else.”
“We’re the ones you’re looking for.” Markus Devroy explained.
“How many guns do you have?”
“Well, yes. We have ten soldiers and over a thousand guns.” Markus explained. The contact paused. “Where is the target?”
“What’s his name?”
“Phil Turner”
“Why do you want him dead?”
“For a mercenary you sure do ask a lot of questions.” The two men stared at each other for a few seconds.
“We are The Dishonored, Not exactly your typical mercenary group.”
“Then what are you?”
“We are political soldiers who don’t have a side to fight on. We’re defenders who don’t have anything to defend. We are dishonored by worlds and hated by all.”
“Why?” The contact inquired.
“Because we are The Dishonored.” There was another pause. “What else? You clearly didn’t call us to service with the task to kill one measly peasant.”
“How do you know about Phil Turner?”
“It was on Umojan news. Everyone knows about The Daybreak.”

“Okay, well you are after a little more then just phil.”
“I will give you a list, do not fear.”
“Do I look like a man who fears other men?” Markus asked.

“Do you want the job or not?”
“We have nothing else better to do.”
“Good, meet us at the coordinates we send to your ship.”


Okay, here is the character sheet I want you to use

< name tag>
Class: (Pilot, Gunner, Heavy assault, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, Security Specialist, Sharp shooter, fencer)
Primary Weapon: (I MUST APPROVE!)
Secondary Weapon: (I MUST APPROVE!)
Backstory: (Include how you met Markus Devroy and came to join “The Dishonored”)
Defining Characteristics:
Appearance: (OPTIONAL)

NOTE: If you read Umoja’s plains. This is an extra treat for you :)

NOTE: If you were in Umoja’s plains whatever character you were playing as will probably make an appearance, even if its not you controlling him. (If you’re not controlling him I wont kill him without your permission)

This is an OPEN RP. Which means when you join, you can be and do whatever you want.
Name: Torvus Jentus
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Class: Fencer
Primary Weapon: Long sword
Secondary Weapon: Hidden Blades, throwing knives
( For reference purposes.)
Backstory: Was working freelance as an assassin for a long time when one of his jobs crossed with Markus. Working together, they made short work of the target. Decided to stick with him after words.
Defining Characteristics: Scar across his left eye and several along his arms.
Appearance: Wears leather reinforced armor. The metal is something he picked up visiting the Lorian system, light weight and strong. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes skinny, but muscular, build, sun-tanned skin.

Name: Daniel, prefers Tracer, occasionally referred to as Shadehunter in the business
Age: 47
Race: Terran
Class: Sharp Shooter
Primary weapon: BOSUN FN92 sniper rifle
Secondary weapon: C14 Impaler Guass rifle, knife
Backstory: A career soldier, Tracer began his mercenary career during the Guild Wars, after losing his right eye to shrapnel from tank fire. Determined to not receive injuries like that again, Tracer used his new mechanical eye to make high precision shots from long distance as a gun for hire. His first introduction to Markus put them on opposite sides, with both nearly killing the other. A later job put them on the same side, where they worked very well. Markus made Tracer an offer, and he accepted.
Defining Characteristics: mechanical eye, permanent scowl
Appearance: black steel toe combat boots, black combat pants, black leather vest, no shirt, black bandana. Knife sheath on left hip, shoulder strap with extra magazines for his sniper rifle. Hair color unknown, blue living eye, red mechanical eye. Darkly tanned skin, muscular, with scars on his knuckles. Tattoo on left arm of serpent coiled around a sniper rifle, with the words KILLSHOT beneath it.

Codename: Echo
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: Gunner/Pilot
Primary Weapon: Karasi SMG
Secondary Weapon: Haras Revolver, Knife
Backstory: She was a quiet and shy lass who ended up being part of a Special Forces group at the age of 16, she was pronounced KIA on a mission and decided to have a new life. It didn't matter, her life was followed by a contract from a unknown person. This person was offering a chance for fortune, and she decided to meet him. She doesn't know who Mark was, only that he found out about her.
Defining Characteristics: Always wears a gas mask and no one has seen her face before. Has crimson eyes, a mix between a lithe and athletic build.

Name: Fenris "Fear" Toons
Age: 26
Race: Terran
Class: Mechanic
Primary Weapon: Dual "Fear" SMGs. Silenced weapons he built himself, are very accurate but the bullets aren't as powerful as powerful.
Secondary Weapon: "Fear" Fangs. Think of the Predator's wrist blade in Alien vs Predator.
Backstory: A man who's always had a passion for machines. He, his machines, and weapons have always struck fear into a mans heart. He was nicknamed Fear and he named all of his weapons a "Fear" weapon. Fenris encountered Markus when he had just stolen a fair amount of goods to build a new mech he was thinking about. Markus caught him. But he showed worthy enough and Markus had him join the team.
Defining Characteristics: Dark grey eyes that always seem the kind to want to strike out at you. A few scars from accidents when building items.

Name: Thad Baker
Age: 31
Race: Terran
Class: Security Specialist
Primary Weapon: High caliber revolver
Secondary: Grenades
Backstory: Was born into a violent religious cult, and escaped at the age of 25. He doesn't talk much, especially when it comes to his past.
Defining characteristics: Tall and lanky. He is a very accurate thrower (one of the several skills he learned in his cult), hence the grenades as a secondary. Also a decent hand-to-hand fighter.
Appearance: Roughly 6'4, his black hair has started graying early before it should. Has tattoo of a trident in a circle on his tricep, and he won't tell anyone how exactly he got it.

Name: Jackson Matar (Call-sign "Ghost Walker")
Age: 35
Race: Terran
Class: Orion (Psionic with a powerful sniper and a SMG)
Primary Weapon: XM-12 Heavy Rail-rifle (Ammo can be swapped)
Secondary Weapon: G1-SMG
Backstory: After the fall of the UED, Jackson broke off and followed the Remnant, led by Nina, for a while. He left for reasons of his own, and started looking for mercenary work. Joined up with Markus and the Dishonored, finding work with them.
Defining Characteristics: Loyal, but to a point. Has a scar running from his eyebrow to his lip. Has a name printed on his right forearm.
Appearance: Similiar in appearance to a War Pig, with smaller shoulders, with face glass that shifts colors. Moderate build, 6' in height. Bald, has hazel eyes. Has a name printed on his right forearm.

Name: Zanon
Age: 27
Race: Terran, Male
Class: (Pilot, Gunner, Psionic)
Primary Weapon: Revolver
Secondary Weapon: Utility Belt - Too many items to name

Name: Relasta, goes by Nightblade
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: fencer
Primary weapon: dual short swords
Secondary weapon: BOSUN FN92 (Inherited from Tracer, to be acquired)

Backstory: Relasta is Tracer's daughter, born midway through the Guild Wars. Her mother Maylene had been having an affair with a Kel-Morian official, and used a Kel-Morian raid on their home town to fake their deaths while her father was at war. Despising her mother for abandoning her father, Relasta fled from home two years later and taught herself swordswork while searching for her father, only to find that he had died in an explosion a year after her own supposed death. She spent the next few years on her own in the fringe worlds, where she learned how to forge weapons, specializing in swords but also capable at gunsmithing. Her greatest achievements are her swords, which she never parts from. She became curious when rumors of an expert sharpshooter for hire who matched her father's description arose. She has been pursuing him ever since in an effort to reconnect.

Defining characteristics: sarcastic humor, expert with her swords, burning desire to meet the father she never knew, capable smith, skilled pilot.

Appearance: Short, flaming hair, slim athletic body, stronger than she appears. Always keeps her two swords strapped to her back. Green eyes, skin dark with ash from forgework. Black pants, black t-shirt, black headband, black combat boots.
My apologies, I just didn't want to be AFK when the first thread filled up. Make sure part 1 is filled before posting here, thanks!

Side note: This RP is still very joinable.
Tracer grunted as he pressed his palm into his eye. "Damn thing shorted again." Digging his fingers into his socket, he twisted the metallic sphere and pulled it out. "I need to replace it, but getting a mech eye ain't cheap, and I haven't exactly been in good business lately. Sides, it's got sentimental value. Got close to twenty years of sniping recorded on here."

Flipping the walnut sized orb in his fingers, he tried to work at the wires, and growled as his thicker fingers refused to grab hold.
Tracer seems to have his own treasures as well. "And there is a reason why I cover up my face...because then no one would have to worry about looking at it. Even if they worry about what I believe's just safer that way for me. And I'm sorry if you are getting frustrated with how I'm acting." I pulled out a small rock out of my pocket, it was polished onyx and I held it in the palm of my hand keeping it close to me.

I could feel Tracer's frustration. "If you want I could help you with it..."
Tracer squinted with his live eye at the tiny wires. "Frankly, how you act is your business, not mine. I just do my job, and try to stay sane. When you get to be as old as I am, your memory doesn't keep like it used to. So I record every kill that I make, especially the face. Helps remind me that one day, I'm going to be on the other side of that scope."

A spark jumped in his empty socket, and his face twitched. Finally managing to work the wires into place, he twisted the eye back into his face. He flinched again as the connection was made, and his scowl deepened as his full vision returned. "Not much can be done about this old thing. Replacement stuff like this wasn't real high on the Confederacy's list of priorities in the Guild Wars. As for your face," he tapped the side of his head, where the amber glow of the false eye stared out, "You don't got much to worry about."
I blushish and couldn't stop it. "You're just saying things now...why else would I hide it then..." I was starting to get nervous and was noticeable. The piece of stone was on a string and I held it tight with every bit of strength that I still had.
Tracer chuckled darkly. "Closed circuit camera, onboard storage. Only way that somebody gets these images is after I'm dead. And after shaking hands with him once, I'm not eager to make Death's acquaintance again. Now, if you don't mind, I need to make sure that Torvus knows what he's doing, so you had better still be alive when I come back."

Adjusting the rifles crisscrossing his back, he tossed her a mock salute and left the infirmary.
After Tracer left the door sealed, leaving the medical officers to treat Echo.
I saw the man walk away and I stopped blushing. "He was just saying stuff to see if it would make me react to it I bet...I should be ashamed on how I look..." Muttering the last words I left the infirmary with my treated wound, they injected some blood into me so I could stay awake.
"Excuse me," A medical officer says, "But you can't leave without a medical officer following you to make sure you dont pass out, or your condition worsens. With all due respect, you are in no shape to be walking."
"I'm fine!" Snapping at them I cover my face and walk out the door of the infirmary.
They looked at each other and shrugged. After discussing amongst themselves they decide its best to let her go and monitor her vitals on the ships life support systems.
After trekking through the halls I reached my quarters and locked the door. I hacked into the surveillance cams and anything the ship can use to monitor me. I thought it was about time that I left.

I found a spare mask and equipped it.
Fenris finishes his new mechanism and places it on his arm. His new Fear Fang.
Mark was tired, hungary and hot. The blazing sun beat down on Mark, Phil and his family. Just when Mark was about to move back to the city when a car was spotted coming down the highway they were on at alarming speeds. Mark was inspecting the vehicle when he realized it was coming right at him! He cloaked and fired multiple rounds at the man in the vehicle. The vehicle had sustained heavy damage after being hit with multiple shots from all directions by Marks rifle.

Finally, the vehicle came to a stop and a man got out. He looked around to try and spot Mark, but he was cloaked. The man could still feel his presence but couldn't pinpoint his exact location.

"Get your family in the car!" Phil hesitated, then rushed his family into the car. The man was walking back to the car when he felt a disturbance nearby. He paused and looked around.

While scanning the area he had an overwhelming feeling something was behind him. That is when he felt the muzzle of a small firearm to the back of his head. Without thinking, the man ducked with incredible reflexes. As soon as he ducked, the sound of a gunshot not even inches from his head rang through his ears.

He whirled around and punched the air with his fist. He was rewarded with a small grunt and Mark's cloaking device rippled, then deactivated. The two men engaged in hand to hand combat.

The man, seeing the advantage in the fact that Mark had just recieved a serious blow to the stomach, decided to continue his flurry and attempted to punch Mark's head. Mark, however, saw it coming and ducked. The man, still being carried by the momentum of his punch, almost flew right over Mark. The man caught glimpse of A butterfly knife.

Impulsively he reached across with his arm that wasn't flying past his head and grabbed Markus' wrist that gripped a butterfly knife and there ensued a struggle for the knife. Both men recovered and were fighting for the knife when Mark changed his momentum.

Both men were trying to push the knife into each other. Mark then pulled the knife towards him. Since the man had so much force trying to impale Mark, he was forced to take a few steps toward Mark's direction.

Mark siezed the opportunity to knee him in the chest and then kick him to the ground. The man quickly recovered and drew his revolver. When the man had finally gotten Mark in his sights he realized Mark had him in the sights of another gun he had pulled.

There was a pause as both men stood with guns trained on each others head.
I then logged in to my account number and I was draining all of my stash, making sure I get every credit. "I'm not going to miss them." After that was done I hacked into the medical records and listed myself as KIA.
The medical officers watched as Echo's Medical records changed. Thats when they realized Someone else is hacking into their database!

"Sweep the area for patient #45 now! She was last seen in here quarters!"

A sergeant nods and rallies his men. Within two minutes there is a guard knocking on your door.
I jumped...there were people outside the door. So I attached a bundle of frag grenades from my bag and rigged them on the door. If they would open it then they would be in a surprise. After that I grabbed my SMG and jumped through the vents, and I activated a scrambler that made it impossible for them to detect me.

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