The Dishonored (Part 2)

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I pull out an IV and put in Linnzie's arm, pumping nutrients to speed the healing into her body.
Mark turned a corner, punched in the code and the door opened revealing a dark hallway with cells on both ends. At the end of the cells there lay dead bodies of guards who were patrolling and captains who were guarding when the jump happened and they were killed.

Mark scanned each cellar and found the one he was looking for. Inside lay Jack Desmond. He was unconscious, most likely dead.

A scream echoed from further down the hall. It was distant, and through walls, but not one that Markus would forget any time soon. Moving quickly, Markus bent over and checked a pulse on Jack. It was weak, but there, and that was good enough.

Mark was reaching down to pick him up when he moved. Mark sprang back and hit something... something fleshy.

Fear flowed through his spine. Markus slowly turned around to see a guard standing there. The two locked eyes for a moment. Something was off in this guards mind.

"Hello?" Mark greeted. The guard didn't respond, he just slowly leveled his gun to his head. "What are you doing!?" Mark demanded. The guard didn't even flinch, he just resumed pulling the trigger. "Whoa, hey sto-!" Markus was interrupted by the ringing sound of a pulse rifle.

That guard just shot himself, why would he do that?!

Another Scream from beyond. Mark grabbed Jack in the firemans carry and ran for the door.
We could hear the screams from the ship. {Mark, what the hell was that?!} I had left Linnzie's side and drawn Chiller, watching the entrance to the hangar.
{I dont know, something... happened. We have to leave! I saw a guard shoot himself in the head... for no apparent reason.}

Torvus could hear something running to the Hanger entrance.
He brushed her forehead, some hair dangling down. "What was that?" Hermes and Keeper was starting to hiss and that was new, they were turning black with the darkness and the blood red script glistening on the blade. "That's new..."
I didn't hesitate. That wasn't armored boots. A det knife flew into the darkness and hit something fleshy, then exploded. A screech could be heard. {Mark, hurry your @ss up!}
"!@#$ Torvus, what was that for!?"

Mark emerged from the shadows.

"Lets go!" He had Jack on his shoulders.

OOC: Sorry, about that :P Shoulda been more clear XD It was funny though! The Marker will slowly turn the dead bodies into.... them. But not for like three days.
You're forgetting the infectors, or whatever they're called.

IC: "There was something else there." As soon as Mark is onboard, I close the ramp and take off, trusting that they were strapped in. [This is your captain speaking, we'll be landing on the unknown storm planet soon.]
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You're forgetting the infectors, or whatever they're called.

yeah, but they haven't gotten to the Ignominy yet :)


All survivors sat in their seats. Nobody knew the horrors that awaited them on the planet.


If anyone has anything to do before the RP ends. Speak up now.
Alrighty then! This Rp is officially a rap! Thank you so much everyone and I hope to see you in the triquel! Which... by the way is the same as Ghost Ship's Sequel!

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