The Dishonored (Part 2)

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The guard spoke into the radio. "Nobody is answering the door. I need someone to open it remotely."

After a few moments the door unlocked and opened. The explosion killed the guard and left the door completely destroyed. Multiple alarms sounded in the ship's control room. Multiple guards were dispatched throughout the area.
{Now that I have my target secured and I am back on Umoja, what do you want me to do with him?}
The radio transmission was audible and the showdown between Mark and Zanon was interrupted.

{Incognito Iron fist to Shameful.} Mark replied in code so that Zanon couldn't decipher what he said. It meant: Secretly transport Jack Desmond to Ignominy.
I had managed to find my way and through the vents over the hanger bay...seeing a ship I decided that I should take it for my course of action. Using the knife to unscrew the vent, I noticed the lack of security in the hanger bay and I jumped down. I then started to make my way towards a older looking ship that was a Wraith. Perfect, just enough room for me most likely, and it has cloaking capabilities. I made my way to the Wraith.
You notice the Hanger bay door is closed and it can only be opened through the Space control tower.

The troops had stormed the room and examined it carefully. They came to the conclusion that she had escaped through the vents and could be anywhere in the ship by now. Sergeant Jacobs issued the order to close all hanger bay doors and continue sweeping.
I opened up the storage compartment off the Wraith and jumped in...making sure that I had shut it. I was going to wait until someone takes the Wraith out and then I can make my leave.
Mark, Zanon is away, so don't do things like that. You might get an ear full.

IC: I shake my head and face the guard. "Remove the binders by the time this is done, or I'll remove your head." I walk off, looking for the missing person.
*Sigh* Okay fine. But he better show up >:(

I edited out all "Zanon" With "Man"
He will, just, be patient. I've been gone all day myself.
Well, he has been gone for five days. With the exception of one brief post three days ago.
I think he's visiting family if memory serves.
Jackson's ship returns to Umoja. He takes a shuttle back to the Ignominy.
Tracer was just about to enter the safe room when he felt the vibration of the explosion through the floor, and the alarm buzzed, causing him to flinch. He hated alarms.

Growling in irritation, he turned and pressed the comm unit next to the door. "What happened."

"Explosion in the crew quarters, room Q9. Occupant is missing, presumed to have gone into the air vents."

His scowl grew darker. "What is that damn fool girl playing at."

Tracer leaned against the door, trying to think. If she was going to all the trouble of going missing, then she would want to leave the ship so that she could stay missing. And the only way she was getting of the ship would be in a smaller craft, all of which were in the hanger.

He shook his head as he made his way to the hanger. Alright Echo, what are you doing. Why are you doing this. he wondered.

Arriving at the hanger, he scanned the massive room. Now, if I wanted to leave, what would I leave in. Something that would be hard to follow. Something that couldn't be seen when looked for. Something that could cloak.

His gaze settled on the hanger door. He glanced up at the control station and tapped his comm unit. "Alaky, has any ship left in the past fifteen minutes."

"Nope. Soon as the alarm went off I got the call to lock the door."

Tracer nodded. Pulling his BOSUN around, he lifted it to his mechanical eye. What few people realized is that you could fit a lot of stuff into a mech eye. "X-ray." he whispered, and the vision in his mech eye changed, washing the room in black, green and white. Closing his live eye to concentrate, he noted each skeletal figure that was in the room.

Including one that was curled up in the storage compartment of a Wraith.

"Thermal." he whispered, and his vision changed to a blue overtone. The body in his vision disappeared, and he grunted as he lowered his gun.

"Normal. Alaky, open the hanger door. Authorization code zero zero alpha sixer niner omega. I have an appointment I need to keep."

Silence came over the comm. "Uh, sir, your code is recognized, but I can't open the door until I get the okay from security. Protocol."

Tracer made his way to the Wraith, his vision once again normal. "Son, do you know what happens to people who keep me from my appointments."


"I make an appointment with them. My appointments tend to get messy. Would you like me to make an appointment with you?"

"Not really."

"Then open the hanger door."

Again, silence came over the comm, then a rumbling sound filled the hanger as the door opened. The atmospheric shield flickered slightly.

Tracer climbed up the ladder and into the Wraith's cockpit. "Good. If anyone asks, take it up with Markus."

Closing the hatch, he fired up the engines and released the docking clamps, gunning the fighter craft into space.

It was several minutes before he spoke. "So tell me, Echo, what the point of all this is?"
{Sir, Tracer just took out a wraith, thought you should know.} I sigh. I'd managed to find out what room it was that had set off the alarms and so now I knew it meant he'd found Echo.

{Thanks. Disable the lock down. Not much can be done to stop her. He may have gone after her.} The ensign gives an affirmative and I sigh. Things were starting to fall apart. Echo clearly wanted out, now that she'd done her bit, and I didn't really blame her. Mark was becoming d@mn near impulsive. This whole thing was turning into a giant mess that wasn't worth cleaning up. If I'd of had it my way, Yuun would be dead.
Hearing Tracer's voice and since he found me I might as well spit it out. "I wanted out of it all...and if I had changed my medical records then I would be listed as dead and they wouldn't be able to find me ever again. I wanted a way out and I didn't want to be contacted."
Tracer nodded. He could well understand that. "Then you certainly took a !@#$ty way out. If you were going to fake your death, do it in the field, not while on-board. Grab a brain, girl. Now, if you want to do this properly, then you'll need to help me keep an appointment."

He hooked his comm unit into the control panel and linked to Torvus's unit. "Seems like our pretty feminine friend wants to take a trip to the other side."
I just sighed and continued to lay down in the compartment. "Will this be guaranteed to fake my death?"
{Well, I think I'm gonna join her. This whole thing is a mess. What's your opinion on it, Tracer?} I head back to my own ship, a unique design I called a Destroyer. {Think we'd all be better off dropping this mission?}
Tracer grunted. "I think you need to find a different line of work, Torvus. You screwed us from the start. We're mercenaries, we get paid to do a job. What that job is doesn't matter. You made it personal, and now I have to clean up this mess."

He sighed as he cut off the connection. "Put it this way, Echo. You don't have much of a choice. You're sitting in a compartment of a Wraith that I am piloting through space, and I can eject that compartment at any time. Either way, you're a dead woman. The question is whether or not you want to enjoy the benefits of being so."
I was starting to panic. "You wouldn't...and I don't want to die I just want to fake my death. So that they can then never find me." I could feel that we were over the Atmosphere, I then checked to make sure that my mask and suit was secure if he tried anything.

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