The Dishonored (Part 2)

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I shake my head. Tracer didn't know what was said in that room. The point Yuun made to let us know it was personal. I reopen the line. {Tracer, do you even know what was said in that room?}
Tracer gazed out the window as he passed over Umoja, and activated the cloaking.

"Echo, I've been a mercenary since the Guild Wars. I've done a lot worse than dump somebody into space. I've sent close to three hundred bullets into just as many heads. I drowned over a dozen people just trying to learn how to interrogate someone. I can tie someone up so that every movement is torture for them, and still be tortured by not moving at all. I have seen over a hundred children bawling their eyes out over the dead bodies of their parents, and I can see every question on their innocent faces. So trust me, dumping some faceless girl who can't handle her job into space is not that hard."

His voice was cold and emotionless, emphasizing his words.

"Now, if you want to disappear, that's fine. Believe me, I've made more than my fair share of people disappear. I myself have three different death certificates. I'm doing you the favour of giving you options."
I was afraid now. "I can handle the damn job! It's just now that it's all out of control and since you think that making me disappear is the best option permanently then why don't you just release me then!"

OOC: She's not going to die, but more or less an interesting plot twist hat I'm going to add while I control Graal and Linnzie when Echo is...out of commission.
Not getting a response, I close the channel and head back to Moria, locking onto Mark's signal. {I'm in bound on your position, Mark. Watch for my ship.}
Tracer turned his attention to the stars. He was silent for a moment.

"What's your name."

(Tracer isn't going to kill her either, but I decided to have a little fun. I don't often get the opportunity.)
Tracer asked me a question and I answered back in a sad like voice. "I don't have one, and I don't care if you just let me plummet into the atmosphere." I was more curled up than before.
Mark was still in the showdown. All hell was breaking loose aboard the Ignominy. Reports were coming in for lockdowns and a wraith leaving the hanger.

"I dont want to kill you." Markus told the assailant.
"And I, for you." He replied, "Thats why neither of us are dead."
"So drop the gun." Mark challenged.
"You first." He retorted.
"If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead."
"Then its no problem dropping the gun." Markus thought about that. What if he drops the gun and the assailant takes off running? What- He was instantly interrupted by Torvus' ship flying overhead. The assailant looked up and Mark took the opportunity to cloak, break his wrist and knock him out. The assailant fell to the ground unconcious. Mark decloaked and waved at Torvus, who probably couldn't see him but it was worth a shot.

{Torvus, what the hell is going on up there?}

OOC: I like where its headed :) I need to end this RP before saturday. But I like how this RP turned out. What do you guys think? Sequel to the sequel?
If there isn't a sequel, my Z&Z back story is a fail.

IC: {Not sure. Echo took off on her own. Yuun is most likely planning an assault on the Ignominy and Phil is in need of saving. Sums it up I think.} I land and lower the rear ramp. {Get on. I saw more of Yuun's goons coming this way.}
{Gimme a minute.}

Mark walks up to Phil and his family. "Take this car, get as far away as possible. Dont worry, I think you're safe now. I will handle Yuun."

Phil thanked Markus and Markus ran into Torvus' ship. "Thanks Torvus! I didn't want to walk fifteen miles back to my ship.

OOC: So you do want a sequel? I think this RP is turning out rather successful.
Just then the compartment started to give in, it was ripping apart and I started to beat on the compartment side from the inside of the Wraith. "HELP ME!" Just then it gave way and it ripped open, I was sucked out into the atmosphere and my mask got a little cut and was leaking oxygen. This can't be happening!

My suit immediately burst into flames and I was plummeting fast from the gravity, I wasn't going to make it...Tracer would have no time to grab me and I would be gone by the time he could.

OOC: Little twist I felt like's a surprise.
Yes we want a sequel.

IC: "Speaking of your ship, wanna go pick it up?" I could see a few vans and a...tank?! I take off, quickly getting high into the air.
OOC: Okay, It might have to be sometime next week. I am going to be AFK Saturday+

@CR: Thats a nice twist, but now how is Echo going to live?

IC: "Oh shhhhhhnitzle." Markus said. "Any ideas?"
Have you ever seen or played the very beginning of Mass Effect 2?

I was starting to suffocate and the flames were going through the mask and my lungs felt like they were burning from the inside out. This is such a terrible way to go out...I was crying but the tears evaporated as soon as they came out.
I hover over his ship, and open the rear hatch. "Jump."
Fenris opens Joranis's cell as the effects wear out. "Come with me."

"I need a recap."
Mark thought about it for a second
"Are you crazy!?"
He then got an idea.

Mark cloaked, then jumped out and landed right on the tank. The only people who heard were those inside the tank. He opened the latch and stabbed the drivers with his butterfly knife.

"Like a boss." He said to himself. "Wait... I am a boss." Mark shook his head and got in the driver seat of the tank.

"I've always wanted to do this." Mark was trying to get a feel for the tank when troops started to get a clue.
I turn on the vans, a barrage of missiles taking out four of them. {Hurry the hell up, Mark.}
{I've never seen this model before!}

Mark aimed at a van and started pushing every button in sight. The tank shook and a loud bang rumbled the whole vehicle. a van went up in flames. While Mark was in his barrage of button pressing he heard:

"Self destruct... 10... 9..."

Mark cloaked again and got out of the chair. He was headed for the latch when it opened for him. How convenient... A guards head popped down and mark shot it off. Markus crawled out of the latch as fast as he could and the soldiers started firing blindly into the tank.

Mark ran for his ship and entered it. As soon as the ramp closed and Mark turned the engines over the tank exploded. Engulfing Mark's Ship with fire. Mark pushed the accelerator and flew out of there with a bang.

{Yeehaw! I've always wanted to do that.} He said into the radio. {Now can you give me a more detailed explanation of what is happening on my ship?}
I follow Mark's ship, to the right and slightly behind. {I'm not really sure. I was busy reminding the men that when the contractor tries to kill us, all marks become escorts and are to be protected.}
{Yeah, I dont know whats up with that. If he just pays us triple I am willing to compramise. Nobody got hurt except his men. No harm no foul.}

The two were nearing the Ignominy. A wraith was spotted on the radar. "What the-" {Torvus, Are you seeing this wraith?} He asked into the Com.

Mark hits the transmission button and waits for a response.

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