The Dishonored (Part 2)

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Commander, Jackson here. I see your location is my minds-eye, and am ready to give psionic support.
Tracer watched the fireball that had once been Echo plummet through the atmosphere. He had seen many people die, but it had been awhile since it had been in flames. He doubted that she would survive. If the high temperature of reentry didn't kill her, the impact with the ground would.

For the first time in years, his scowl faded completely, leaving only a pitted and scarred face filled with sadness. He had understood her better than she had realized. She wanted to be gone, and she hadn't been doing this for very long. He had been doing it for over twenty years, and he was starting to not care anymore what happened to him, or anyone else for that matter.

He pulled a small handheld computer from a pocket on his vest. A cable connected to the bottom was wrapped around it. Twisting his mechanical eye from his socket, he plugged the free end of the cable into the back of his eye. He watched impassively as images flickered across the screen, then tapped it.

Pictures of two women sat side by side on the screen. One was an older woman, appearing to be in her mid-thirties. She was smiling kindly, and an unseen light gave an almost glowing effect to her face. Her eyes were bright green, with short brown hair just brushing above them.

The other girl was younger, hardly five. Her hair was flame colored and long, framing bright green eyes that sparkled with mischief. Her smile was wide and adoring, her small hands inches apart as if she was clapping.

Tracer sighed, and he tapped a small button on the computer. The two images shrank in size, and were joined by a third. This girl appeared to be an older teenager, and had silver hair that reached down to her shoulders, appearing freshly cut. Her crimson eyes looked pained, and a streak of blood marked her cheek.

He looked at the three images for a moment, then unplugged his eye and twisted it back into his socket, flinching again as the connection was made and his full vision was restored. "Well Argeta, you have a name now. Maylene, Relasta, give her a warm welcome."

He wrapped the cable around the computer and slid it back into his pocket. He noted the comm panel blinking at him, and his scowl returned.

"This is Tracer. Echo is dead. Going off the grid for a while, got an appointment to keep."
{Probably Tracer, Mark. At least the ensign said he'd left in a wraith.} I was preping for landing when I picked up 4 pings on the radar, looked like one battle cruiser and three transport ships. {You seeing that radar? It looks like Yuun's making the big push.}
Tracer noted the small fleet. One Behemoth class battlecruiser, and three Hercules Transports. Zero cloak detection. His scowl darkened, and he piloted the Wraith towards the battlecruiser.

"Guess my appointment got moved up. Time to make a house call."

Checking the weapon systems on the fighter, he took a long loop around the battlecruiser, taking aim at the four primary engines that glowed blue before him.

His face was cold and impassive as he fired missiles into each engine, the blue glow replaced by fiery orange. Curving around, he pumped missiles straight into a hanger, the strong explosions scattering fighters and crew.

Sliding into the hanger, he pulled on a small breather mask and popped the hatch open. Kicking the shift stick forward and down, he slid down the wing of the Wraith and landed on a Viking unit, jumping from there to a Medivac as the Wraith crashed into another.

Pulling his Guass rifle around, he gazed around the hanger as the atmospheric forcefield flickered behind him. Jumping down from the Medivac, he effortlessly shot three mechanics as he made his way to the hanger entrance.
Mark watched from his fighter as these events unfolded. "aah, !#@$" Mark said in pure frustration and loss of hope. {Tracer!? Are you out of your Vulkan mind?? First you kill Echo, and now you are ATTACKING our employer!}

Mark landed in the hanger and ran to the bridge as fast as he could. Guards were still sweeping the area for Echo. Mark changed the channel to the bridge channel. {Red alert! Prepare for battle but do not engage without my say-so!}

A few seconds later the red alert alarm was sounded and everyone started to scramble. Red lights flashed as Mark turned corners and opened doors.


Aboard the Retribution (The ship Tracer is on) troops started to pour into the Hanger and fire upon Tracer.

{Torvus, Stop tracer! I'm not killing our employer without money.}
(Are you actually going to end this RP by the weekend? Either way, request to replace tracer with the following character:

Name: Relasta, goes by Nightblade

Age: 18

Race: Terran

Class: fencer

Primary weapon: dual short swords

Secondary weapon: BOSUN FN92 (Inherited from Tracer, to be acquired)

Backstory: Relasta is Tracer's daughter, born midway through the Guild Wars. Her mother Maylene had been having an affair with a Kel-Morian official, and used a Kel-Morian raid on their home town to fake their deaths while her father was at war. Despising her mother for abandoning her father, Relasta fled from home two years later and taught herself swordswork while searching for her father, only to find that he had died in an explosion a year after her own supposed death. She spent the next few years on her own in the fringe worlds, where she learned how to forge weapons, specializing in swords but also capable at gunsmithing. Her greatest achievements are her swords, which she never parts from. She became curious when rumors of an expert sharpshooter for hire who matched her father's description arose. She has been pursuing him ever since in an effort to reconnect.

Defining characteristics: sarcastic humor, expert with her swords, burning desire to meet the father she never knew, capable smith, skilled pilot.

Appearance: Short, flaming hair, slim athletic body, stronger than she appears. Always keeps her two swords strapped to her back. Green eyes, skin dark with ash from forgework. Black pants, black t-shirt, black headband, black combat boots.

Regardless of what you decide, Tracer is going to die.)
My body finally hit the final part of the atmosphere and I was on fire and couldn't stop it, I had already ceased breathing but I was not conscious at all during the final descent. The ground was cold and hard when I hit it, and I was near a mountainous area. Rocks started to fall on top of my now burned up and compressed body...

Graal was thrown into the room and Linnzie had just now woken up.
I actually am going to either end the RP by saturday or freeze it for a week while I'm gone. Kinda up to the RPers.

Make Tracer's Death epic, he deserves it.

I still dont understand how Echo is going to live.


Markus reached the bridge and as soon as the door opened a communication attempt was sent from the Retribution. Mark accepted and Yuun came up on screen.

"I am very sorry for how these events turned out." Mark Continued, "One of my men are in your hanger as we speak shooting things up and I did not order him to do that. He has gone rogue."
"I understand." Yuun stated.
"But you did try to kill us." Mark said
"That was because you were failing to do your job." Yuun challenged.
"I will talk to Torvus about that. But you put me and my mens lives in danger."
"Surely, we can come to an agreement."
"I want Double the amount of money you would have given me." Mark stated his demands and Yuun laughed.

"One of your men is currently in my hanger blowing up my ships and killing my engineers."
"I will make him pay for that. You will end up saving money." Mark persuaded.

"Tell you what," Mark had a bad feeling about what was coming up next. "If you get your man out of my hanger and make him pay for all the damage he has done, I will pay you your fares and we will part ways."

"And if I refuse?"

"That would be unwise."

"Is that a threat? My ship is just as capable of incinerating yours as yours for mine."

"Ah, but Echo's life hangs in the balance." Mark paused and was stunned by what he was saying.

"Are you threatening Echo?" Mark asked.

The communication cut out.

There was about ten seconds of silence before Mark got into battle mode.

"Spin up drives two and six. Batteries one, two and three I want on shields. The rest on RACK cannons. Get all fighters ready to launch. And all mercenaries in our most armored shuttle. I also want that shuttle outfitted with Brobdingnagian Armor and High-power shields."

{Torvus, do what you want with the targets, we might be... giving them up soon.}

Mark turned to the communication officer. "Get Nina on online."
It would be way to long to explain only that if you knew what I was talking about when I say Mass Effect 2.

IC: The door was shut behind them and Graal was trying to cut the bounds off. "We have to get out of here, they're going to kill us."

Linnzie used her one claw and her nail was scratching against the bind...cutting it.
The patrolling guard notices Linnsie cutting through the bind.

"Hey, cut that out!" He orders, aiming the gun at her.

{Prisoner B21 and B22 are discussing about escaping.}

The message got to the control room, which got to the bridge. Mark heard it and sent a message back through the chain of command.

A guard approached the cell, "Markus told me to tell you he has no interest in killing you. In fact, he just might release you and help you escape from those who do want to kill you. All he asks is your cooperation."
Tracer had left his comm unit in the Wraith, which was now a burning wreck on the hanger floor. He had anticipated that guards would becoming to kill him, you didn't make the entrance that he did without attracting attention.

He pulled a grenade from the vest of his pocket as he leaned against the doorframe to the hanger. As the door opened, he popped the pin and tossed it inside. Panicked shouts met his ears, followed by the cracking boom of the grenade.

"Thermal." he whispered, and half his vision shifted to blue, various splotches of red marking bodies and fires. Turning into the corridor, he fired the guass rifle each warm body that he saw, taking careful time to deliver a bullet into each head.

Working with thermal vision in one eye and normal vision in another would eventually give him a headache, but that didn't matter much. A headache would be the least of his problems soon enough.

As he moved through the corridors, quickly and efficiently killing every guard that passed his way, he knew that it would him some time to find his destination.

He didn't mind. He was a sniper. If anything, he was patient.
Markus swore as Tracer wasn't responding. Mark switched the channel.

{Someone get on that ship and stop Tracer, Now!}
Graal sat back down and Linnzie had quit...Graal could feel the presence of Hermes and Keeper and they couldn't keep them away from him before they act.

Vanalia was not on Linnzie when they were captured, it had stowed away somewhere on the ship and was rewriting the blood script back on the stock and barrel of the gun.

A few vans arrived at the crash site where my body was, my body was not recognizable and my organs were ruptured.
Commander, I don't think the shipboard communication systems would work. I'll try contacting them psionically, but I don't think they will send a big force, otherwise they will get more attention than needed. Jackson says psionically.
Markus doesn't have psionic abilities.

IC: {We might need the backup, Jackson! What do you mean the shipboard communication systems wont work?}
Fenris threw Joranis into his dropship and flew it towards the closest planet.
09/20/2012 03:05 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Fenris threw Joranis into his dropship and flew it towards the closest planet.

lol no.
The men dispersed from the armored vans and they had a !@#$ ton of firepower on them...they were Yuun's men... (letting you to decide Markus...)

Vanalia fired a round from her, it went straight through the walls of the ship and shot off Graal's binds...Hermes appeared in his hands from energy and he had it aimed at the guard. "You can let us go...and I can guarantee you that you wont die. We have our own tricks that can trick an entire agency."
"What's bad about that? Fenris freed Joranis and he has a Dropship. So what? Do I have to fire a million rockets?"
I sigh. Mark was demanding things from a man who only cared about vengence. {Mark, he's gone nuts. He's out gunned and you still want to give hi the prisoners. Sorry, but it's time I collect on Yuun. Next time we meet, may very well be on opposite sides of the battle lines.} I fly straight at the hangar Tracer had landed in, landing a little more carefully then he had then activating the cloaking. {Oh, and don't worry, I'll wire you everything we're owed plus some when I'm done.}

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