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I don't really have a catchphrase, but if I did.......

I'm going to enjoy this. You might, but I will.
Question 1: If you had to choose any melee weapon in existence, what would you choose?

"Katana, Bardiche, or a Broad Axe."

Question 2: If you were the most powerful being in existence, what would you do with your power?

"This one I have trouble answering myself and both I created."
Question 1: Short hand-and-a-half sword.

Question 2: Are we talking god-like power?
Question 1: Single edged long sword.

Question 2: Create worlds.
Q1: A folding chair
Q2: Create parodies of myself across different dimensions and LOL as I screw everything up.
Question 2: If we're talking god-like power, then I would remake the world into a somewhat, darker, image.
"Almost god like power. I guess I would do the same as you, Thunder."
I think you and I might have different versions of darker. Mines more.....

erotic. There's really no other word for it.
Q2: Rule 63 everything.
"...Actually only half the world would be a horrible place, the other would be an awesome good place. Kind of to reflect my mind. One part is dark and scary and lethal. The other is kind caring and calm."
1: Kilij, mathafakers.

2: Unleash the true chaos that is my mind. Pikmin running around, Zerg eating things, dragons being dragons- it'll be fun.
If you can meet God and God will answer only one question from you, what questions will you ask?
How do I become a God. Easy.
"'Can you grant me all the knowledge in the universe?' Is the question I would ask, more of a request, but a request is still a form of question in my mind."
. . . you had to choose one of your own characters to live as for five years, who and why?
Cayl, cause I could mess with peoples heads. Then I'd find a way to retain his form with my memories.
"Korzis. The only character I had planned before I even made him. I made the personality something I desire and his mastery with a sword is also something I desire.
None. I prefer me as I am. And my characters tend to be more, cavalier, about killing people.

If you had to do one thing in life, one thing only, and then immediately die, what would it be?
That one's tricky...I'm gonna say go back in time and tell my past self what not to do.
Easy. Ensure Elysium exists. That way, I live eternal in Paradise.

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