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This is the best thing you've done for terran so far. Still not a fan of butchering the reaper and taking away D-8 charges, but at least CA makes the reaper useful again. The one thing you have to do with reapers when approaching a ramp with potentially a few marines, is scan so that you can pick them off instead of giving them the 2-3 second firing advantage to climb up the cliff.

The same with sniping sentries. You needed to use a scan, potentially more than one when trying to pick off these guys from indefinitely ff'ing you. Building reapers in WoL meant that, due to the extremely crappy build time they have, you have a relatively tiny army if you build at least one, and running up the cliffs to try to kill sentries is suicide.

This is (and the seven range) is going to help alleviate put an end to the "terran can't do !@#$ in the early game until medivacs" problem in TvP (still can't heal, so there's still the protoss advantage over trading shield hp).

Anyway, a lot of your ideas are pretty cruddy for HotS, but this is the first I'm on board with.
It's a unique ability that definitely makes sense for the reaper and makes them a little less risky to use, glad to see it being added.
now just think about what having a reaper in the mix can do. Say for earlier pushes than two medivac timings.
My only concern is TvT. CA plus healing pretty much forces gas openings. No more gasless FE's in TvT. :(
i have the beta and basically have been going reapers every time. You can technically still gasless expand but if the guy has good reaper micro he can do SO much damage. So grab a quick marauder and after that i always go for a mine and set it at the vulnerable spot where they will most likely hit.
I wouldn't mind seeing the game brought back to a little more one base play. I do find it a little annoying how nowadays, if you haven't expanded before 5 minutes it's "all-in". It makes the early game a little too pointless, and ends up getting to the deathball phase much quicker.

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