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me and my friend are having this argument about marine tank composition and we wanted some help. TvZ

friend: marine tank off 3 mining base (65 scvs) should be off 4 factories and marine to tank ratio should be
1 tank: 4 marines

me: marine tank off 3 mining base (65 scvs) should be off 3 factories and the marine to tank ratio should be around 1 tank:6 marines

note the player is not maxed and has no bank so hes not throwing down production like crazy
depends what composition you face. Is this TvT or TvZ?
TvZ. Ling/bling/muta or BL/infestor/ultra.
Once you are on 3 bases and you start to progress into the lategame, marines become less and less efficient. Especially with more splash like infestors and siege tanks on the field. I also think after you get a certain number of siege tanks, adding in more is no longer worth it. Around 15 siege tanks, I would prefer to add in thors instead of more tanks, they add to your anti air capabilities and are much more supply efficient with their huge DPS and health.

As stated earlier it certainly depends since midgame TvT, you usually need that high marine count. In TvZ, we are seeing pros get away with fewer tanks as well, so going for a higher marine count is generally the better option assuming your micro is good.
Marine tank is a terrable army. It is just a core mixture. You will need vikings and medivacs added and such. Also know that vs zerg your marine tank ratio should be 1:4. You will need a very high tank count. Marines do nothing but cannon fold for the tanks. Besides if you do marine tank vs zerg you MUST be aggressive/push forward with tanks and try to snipe their bases and drop like crazy. If you can't do that just mech -_-

You guys are both right...
1:4 if you want a steady tank line
!:6 if you are a teja wannabe and whould like to try aggression crazy.
It depends on whether your opponent has more lings or more banelings. More lings=more marines, more banelings=more tanks. Also, if you have better micro you don't need as many tanks to deal with large amounts of banelings.

Factory wise 3 is already alot of 3 base. Especially if you plan on getting upgrades and medivacs. There is no way to produce 4 tanks at a time off 3 base if you want to produce double medivacs as well.

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