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I'm experiencing a frustrating issue where in-game my command queues lag by 1-3 seconds. It doesn't happen every game but enough times now that I'm beginning to get peeved. I play on lowest of low settings and run only StarCraft and iTunes while gaming. It's an odd issue because although the game itself does not lag (models move fluently, no "Waiting on server...", etc), whenever I assign a command, even as simple as 'Gather', my unit won't register the command for a good 1-3 seconds. This also extends into accessing the menu and telling the game to 'Surrender'. I'm wondering if this is a MAC issue or a wider bug issue, nonetheless it is frustrating and I've had to exit games because of it.

I run 10.6.8 OSX.

PS: This posted twice, apologies for that.
I am experiencing the same thing. It happens for every command. This is worse than starting 10 seconds late :(

I am running OS 10.8.1.
Try deleting your cache, as this has helped users in the past.

Clearing your Cache
    1. Navigate to Mac HD/Users/Shared/Blizzard/
    2. Move the folder to the trash.
    3. Empty the Trash.
    4. Launch Starcraft II

Also, the starting the matches late is still a known issue, which the bug forum team is researching still:

  • Not all players in a game are starting a match at the same time.
    We are still investigating the cause(s) of this issue. While we initially felt it was related to low end machines, and possibly running multiple programs, we are still investigating all possible causes.

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