Darkest Heart Number Six

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Mission Accomplished! With the conclusion of the first hunt, a tournament has been declared to help determine the teams. Who will win?

Tobi Van Helsing (250 HP)
Armament: Argost, Blade of God {Melee, 50 damage [+30 v Light, +300 v monsters, +200 v heroic]}, Chaos and Order, the Justice Bringers {20 range, 60 damagex2 [+40 v Armored, +200 v monsters, +100 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Valencia Van Helsing (210 HP)
Armament: Ragnarok, Shield of Faith {melee, 70 damage [+30 v monsters, +200 v Herioc]}, Etro, Ender of Darkness {9 range, 48 damage [+45 v Light, +70 v monsters, +60 v heroic]}, Ignitus, God's Rage {1 range, 70 damage [+200 v monster, + 50 v armored, +400 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's Bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Master Monster Hunter (Passive), Rapid Stike, Killing Blow, Wall of Flame, Heavy Blows (Passive)

Alistair (300 HP)
Armament: Heretic {20 range, 60 damage [+60 v monsters, +100 v Heroic, +50 v Armored}], Arbiter {melee, 50 damage {+70 v monsters, +150 v Heroic, + 40 v Light]}

Edward Livi, The Flame (105 HP)
Armament: Flamethrower {4 range, 12 damage[+12 v Light]}, Fire bombs {6 range, 20 damage[+30 v Armored]}, Oil tanks (about 2 feet long){6 range, 0 damage}, Inferno Shotgun {7 range, 30 damage}, Ragnos, the Purifying Flame {2 range, 15 damage[+90 v monsters]}
Abilities: Blue Flames, Thermal bomb (passive)

Markus Devroy (75 HP)
Armament: Standard Issue Ghost C-10 Canister Rifle with enhanced scope{8 range, 13 damage[+10 v Light]}, a butterfly knife {Melee, 6 damage}, Zeus, God's Lightening {melee, 25 damage [+80 v monsters]}
Abilities: Enhanced snipe, Psionic Hearing (Passive)

Entrent Oliver (65 HP)
Armament: Spiked Gloves {melee, 23 damage [+10 v light]}, Spiked Chains {5 range, 26 damage[+13 v Massive]}, Twin Pistols with Armor-Piercing Rounds {7 range, 15 damage [+45 v Armored]}, Hades, God's Death Bringer {10 range, 35 damage [+75 v monsters]}
Abilities: Vengeance (Passive), Deadly Grasp, Death's Embrace

Adrammalech VII (100 HP)
Armament: Hauteclare {Gun-9 range, 16 damage; Sword-melee, 25 damage}, Scion Seal Launcher { 8 range, 23 damage [+80 v monsters]}, Gladius {Gun- 7 range, 20 damage, Sword- melee, 30 damage}
Abilities: (Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech, Empyrean, Summon Adrammalech

Toria Vorias (150 HP)
Armament: Ares and Athena, twin daggers of God's Wrath {melee, 25 damagex2 attacks [+40 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Heaven's Light and Shadow Hunter {15 range, 23 damagex2 attacks [+45 v monsters, + 30 v Armored]}
Abilities: Vision of the Shadows (Passive), Call of the Huntress, The Hunt (Passive)

Graal (100 HP)
Armament: Bayonet Swords {melee, 11 damage}, Hermes, Bringer of Light {12 range, 26 damage [+80 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Keeper, Balancer's Blade {melee, 45 damage [+85 v monsters, +25 v Armored, +15 v non-balancer]}
Abilities: Bayonet Storm, Oath & Faith(Passive), Way of Balance(Passive)

Linnzie (155 HP)
Armament: Claws {Melee, 23damagex2 attacks [+14 vs light]}, Teeth { Melee, 40 damage [+15 vs Biological]}, Hunting Bow {12 range, 15 damage}, Vanalia, Love and Balance {15 range, 27 damage [+75 vs monsters, +12 vs armored, +10 vs non-balencer]}
Abilities:Shadow Walk, Vision of the Pack (Passive), Slayer's blow, True Form (Active)

Name: Michael Rondey (110 HP)
Armament: Athos and Armads {6 range, 19 damage [+12 v Light]}, Solareon, The Purifying Light{melee, 29 damage[+70 v monsters]}, Long range sniper rifle {15 range, 20 damage [+25 v Armored]}, Athos and Armads {15 dmg, 7 range, [+15 vs monster]}
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Noct (180 HP)
Armament: Night's Edge {2 range, 40 damage [+35 v monsters]}, Shards {7 range, 20 damage [+28 v Armored]}
Abilities: Shards (Passive), Precognitive vision, Overclock

Seraphim (120 HP)
Armament: Avenger {melee, 33 damage [+54 v monsters]}, Angel’s Breath {6 range, 16 damage [+30 vs Light]}, Storm Caller {14 range, 25 damage [+50 v Armored]}, Medical Kit, Firestorm Revolvers (range 7 damage 20 [+15 vs monsters])
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training(Passive), Psi Mastery LV1

Archangel Altun (165 HP)
Armament: Archangel's Blade {melee, 30 damage [+70 v monsters, +35 v light]}
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Ravener (155 HP)
Armament: The Blackrune sword "Lifeswallower" {melee, 28 damage [+75 v monsters, +23 v Light]}, Blackrune knife "Fleshgnawer" {melee, 15 damage}, Modified C-10 Canister Rifle {10 range, 16 damage [+36 v Armored]}
Abilities: Engulfing Hunger (Passive), Blackrune Tatoos (Passive), Consume, Blackrune Writing

Welcome to the first Placement Tournament! The winner will be awarded with a new ability (Math craft starts soon, but I need a professional opinion on your stats and such. Think PKA without unit limitations) and +10 damage and +1 range (except on melee).

Match 1
Graal vs. Michael Victory- Graal

Match 2
Noct vs. Seraphim Victory- Seraphim

Match 3
Toria vs. Entrent

Match 4
Linnzie vs. Adrammalech VII Vitory-Adrammalech

Match 5
Graal vs. Seraphim Victory-Seraphim

Match 6
3 winner vs. Adrammalech VII

Match 7
Seraphim vs. 6 winner

IC: I look at Graal quizzically. "What do you mean that hurt?"
"Well thats odd. Why would it hurt?"
I picked up the rifle again and I dropped it once again, only this time there was blood coming out of my hand from where I picked it up from and some blood was smeared on the rifle. "I don't think I'm being delusional..."
"How could it have hurt" I ask. I walk over to the gun.
"Something's not right with that rifle..."
Valencia looks at the rifle then gasps. "Balancer!" I look from Linnzie to the rifle and back. Then I sigh.

"Such is the curse of those who fall in love with one."
I started to wince as the blood on my hand was searing and I was on the ground on my knees. "What's going on!"
I walk up to Graal. "I don't think they could be any more ham-handed, but I'll just tell you."

I lean closer to him: "She's in love with you, Graal. The gun's probably hooked up to her emotions..."
I approach and look the rifle over. "It would seem you're being confirmed as her lover and fellow balancer."
The hand was still burning and I was in pain from that one hand. "What do you mean fellow balancer? And why would it do that to me though!?"
"I assume it means that you are her soul mate. And the fact that the hand burns you is that it relays that emotion to you. Just my guess though."
I put on a disgusted face. "Yuck. I'm lucky I can't feel such emotions. They make no logical sense! I once saw some poor maid go on a murdering spree, and kill over seventeen people on an island once, all over that cursed L-word."

I shrug. "I honestly have no idea. That's about as far as my knowledge of balancers extends. After that, its all based on empathy and emotions... Perhaps Michael is correct."
"It's the way of the balancers. Grandpa Gabriel always hated it." I carefully move the rifle back into Linnzie's holster. "Be patient. It'll pass."
"And in the mean time, I should get cleaned up. All this blood soaked into me is annoying the hell out of me. Last time I go romping around in The Ways without armor..." I head towards the exit of the room, keeping a fair distance between me and a certain Werepire...
"Tobi, this burns like a....I don't see how a rifle can do that unless it's creating a bond between both people. Maybe you guys are right....or maybe it's god damned demonic and trying to be funny."
I shrug. "Who knows? Love can do many different things."
"It's the first one. Trust me."
I then was shocked at what I was seeing. My name was being written by my own blood by itself on the barrel on the rifle, it was in a different script but it was still there. "What is this rifle...I wonder what's it's name is."
"I don't believe she's named it yet."
I held my hand. "All I know is that it burns like hell and this is crazy...I'm not even ready for this kind of commitment."

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