Darkest Heart Number Six

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I couldn't help but chuckle as Valencia headed outside. "Welcome to the real world."
"And good riddance." I walk out the door, following shortly after Valencia and head to my trashed room to get cleaned up.
"Time to grow up and be a man dude."
"That's not what I'm talking about...I don't know anything about this stuff. And it's not like your a man, dude."
"Trust your instinct...to a degree. When you feel urges, put 'em down." Valencia had been looking at the ground, trying to figure out the source of the crater.
"........ But yea, trust your instinct as Tobi said."
Altun walked out of the vampire's old home. The vampire had lived alone and provided no challenge.

He stopped suddenly.

Evil was close. It had not been when he had entered the vampire's home. Altun opened his right hand and his blade appeared within it.
"Reveal yourself."

"Your senses are good Archangel. The lesser members of your kind would have felt nothing." The cloaked figure floated into view. "You have done more in these last couple of days to cull the populations of creatures of the night than of some of the 'hunters' that Helsing boy has taken in have in the last few months. I expect nothing less of one of your kind. But you must be stopped."

"I had not expected to meet one of your kind here. Creatures like yourself normally wait for favorable conditions to engage."
Altun brought his sword around and held it in front with both hands.
"These conditions do not favor you."

"Oh no, the odds are quite in my favor. Attack."

Hell hounds leaped from the bushes, their maws trailing fire.

Altun speared one with his sword. Yelped and belched flame, but it did not die. Hellhounds were notoriously hard to kill. Altun would have had no problems with them had they been alone, but they were not. He flung the hound off and stabbed another.

There was a fade with them. "Yes Archangel, I had these requisitioned just to provide a distraction from me. You can't afford to stop fighting them." The cloaked fade drifted forward.

A hound latched on to Altun's non-sword arm and he flung the arm out so the hound's body knocked another out of the way. Another leaped onto his back, and he flung his wings out to dislodge it. Another hound chomped down on a wing. That one lost it's head to the Archangel's blade.

"Die Archangel! Fist of Darkness" The fade lashed out with one of its too thin hands. Altun threw what strength he could into moving sideways.

The blow hit him in the shoulder and sent him spinning off to one side.

"Smite Evil!"
The Hell Hounds flew off Altun in varying degrees of completeness.
Altun appeared seriously wounded, and was clutching his arm. He raised the damaged arm. "Holy Smite!" The fade seemed to dematerialize before the beam of light hit, but not entirely. Wherever the fade was, it was now seriously injured.

More Hell Hounds appeared from the bushes. Too many for Altun in his weakened state. The fade's fist had wounded him severely, and two subsequent smites had done nothing but make the injury more serious.

Altun spread his wings and raised his head. "You..are lucky Demon Hounds. I have... not the energy to... kill you now. But... I have enough for... this."

Altun began to glow brightly and the Hounds charged him. There was a flash and explosion.
The jaws of the Hounds fell on nothing but air.
There was a blinding flash in front of the Helsing residence, and when it faded, a wounded Archangel was clearly visible on the lawn.
"Though it stings my pride, I seek asylum young Helsing."

Then his injuries finally cought up to him and he collapsed, Wings still spread, on the front steps.
I just grinned. "Tobi, you can't stop every feeling...sometimes you just got to let them shown." I had managed to muster the strength to stand back up and I didn't waste no time and put the pill in Linnzie's mouth and had her swallow it. "So when do you think she'll wake up?"
"Soon." I then put the Archangel's arm under my shoulder. "Alistair." He nods and, taking the other arm, helps me get him in a bed. I look at the wounds as Alistair treats him. "D@mn, hell hounds and a Fade. Someone wants him dead."
O_O ....missed soo much, don't worry I read what I missed.
I see Tobi and Alistair carrying an archangel to a bed. "What the hell happened to him!?"
I glance out the door at Micheal. "Hell hounds and a Fade. Messed him up seriously."
"Sounds bad. Got any idea why they all attacked him at once?"
I shake my head, the air around my back shimmering like my wings wanted to appear. "I'm not sure, but something is hunting him."
"Well I'm going hunting again." I walk into the forest. I couldn't find anything.
"This sounds bad..."
I couldn't control the wings for much longer. "Micheal, stay here. I need to go out." I then sprint out the door and outside, my wings appearing and flapping hard, lifting me into the air. Who could coordinate such things so well...And why now...
As I grabbed the neosteel, I stopped feeling like an idiot.
Why make the frame when I can use an existing one...
Putting the neosteel back, I hopped over to the armory and grabbed a pair of neosteel replica peacemaker revolvers. Back in the forge, I partially disassembled them to make some... unique modifications. A little bit later, I stepped back to admire my handiwork. A pair highly customized peacemaker revolvers lined with runes and psi crystals lay on the workbench. Each of their chambers was loaded with a rune lined rod containing a powerful psi crystal.
I begin practicing aerial movements I hadn't done in sometime. Rolls, swerves, and other more advanced moves. {Seraphim, could you go check on the Archangel for me. He was pretty beat up.}

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