Darkest Heart Number Six

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Why is it any higher being has an ego touchier than a septic boil!?

With a grunt, I try to roll onto my stomach. With a bit of success, and now pooling blood in my lungs, I stare with mis-matched eyes (through the safety of the dark shield between us, of course) at the still-quite-bright angel. "That light... hurts. Beings that should not exist are burnt away by such light. If you were such a protector of life, then could you do me this service? I'm falling apart enough as it is, and this shield's wrecking my ability to heal. Do me a favor, alright?"

I cough up another bit of blood, but its starting to die down. Not because it was healing of course...
The Holy Light dims significantly and Altun emits only a faint glow.
"Ask not for more than this."
I shrug. "Should be low enough. Now, why are you so concerned with the wards? I mean, only Ways Walkers can beat them."
I stood up. "Ok I guess then I'll just leave since I'm being ignored even when a weapon of balance is wanted the truth to be told and we stopped it."
I glance at Graal. "There's something wrong with Vanalia, Graal. A weapon of Balance wouldn't try to break the will."
With a grateful sigh, I settle back down on my back, the shield breaking into four parts, which surround me. "Thank you." I let out a dry cough. "Geez, Solaris certainly hit me hard..." With a gesture of my black, chitinous, fake right hand, The shards slowly orbit me, emitting a gentle green light.

Small green slowly erupted from the shards, and began to home in on my injuries, fusing together split flesh, and replicating spilled blood, replacing it with a black cocktail that wasn't quite far off from the original, and to me, seemed more efficient. Still scarred, I tried to stand... only to notice my legs still weren't working.

I notice the slender black threads stemming from my lower back. With a thought, they wrapped around my legs and formed a thick layer similar to my armor, and functioned as artificial muscles, until I could remove the corruption spreading through me thanks to the energy of The Ways.

With a leap, I stand back on my now functional legs. "Thank you, Archangel. That light is burning and purifying. Its quite sad to burn away living things that thrive in the dark, and most things that dwell in it are quite beneficial." I give a small bow.

"Apologies for the incident, and the occurrence's mess. Do you wish for me to clean it, or pay for repairs?"
I glared at him. "And you are oblivious like always! Hermes is acting the same way and it's fine."
"Not only ways walkers can break these wards Helsing. I had feared a fallen had come here."
"Because of Vanalia's influence. Once you repair Vanalia, things should return to normal." I face Noct. "It's fine. By the time we're done here, it will have been repaired." I then glance at Sorrow. "Sorrow will help to ensure Vanalia remains obedient." I return my attention to Altun. "No, none of the fallen come near this place. Even the demons fear it. You know of our family's history. That alone is a powerful deterrent."
"We just did what aren't you forgetting! That's it...I think I should just quit since no one even pays attention anymore to details. I'll be leaving by tonight..." I left the room and Linnzie quickly followed after me.
I sigh. "Altun, mind waiting here?" Not waiting for an answer, run after Graal. "What we did was seal her, not repair her. I've seen what's in her heart. A demonic rune of great power. Only Altun can remove it."
I kept on walking. "And you know what...if that's the case then how come Hermes agreed willingly without no influence from this 'Demon'!? And you don't know everything, so you're not seeing me again."

Linnzie was following the two silently looking back at Vanalia.
Pulling out the Night's edge, I study my reflection in the dark purple blade. With a sad look, I can't help but notice the veins near my left eye seem to have become black and sickly looking, warping the flesh nearby. With a quick shuffle, I look at my arm. It suffered even worse, looking as if a small section of The Ways's more biological growths were beginning to set in, busily consuming human blood and replacing it with a similar analogue, designed to carry dark energy.

"I may require some off time in the future... These circumstances need to be seen to as soon as possible, and this needs to be treated, and the sooner, the better." I say to Seraphim.

With an experimental hop, I get used to my new legs, and begin doing laps around the Armory, and even going as far as creating flat panels of black energy, and leaping off of them, wall climbing in the air.
OOC: Just staying back and listening to the whole conversation...

IC: I continue to pore over my tomes, whilst listening to what is happening.
I step in front of Graal, a hand resting on Argost. "Graal, Balancer weaponry, regardless of heart, affect and influence each other. So long as that rune is there, Vanalia will hold a powerful, controlling influence on Hermes."

OOC: We're not currently in the armory. Just an FYI.
"You don't know everything...for you don't see behind the reasons behind what we say. You don't trust us and you sure as hell don't believe us. Even if were right." I walk right past Tobi again and we were right at the door to the courtyard.
Settling down next to Noct, I reevaluate his wounds.
"Damn... You're right, that is definitely not looking good.. Is there anything I can do to help?"
The doors wouldn't open. "I understand things better then you do. That rune is trouble and the longer it stays, the more trouble Hermes and Keeper will be. Let Altun do his job." Suddenly there's a whisper of wind and a strange looking angel appears. I sigh. "Graal, this is the balancer in charge of you and Linnzie. He's here because you won't listen to me."
Grinning I said a few more words. "If I'm not going to listen to you, why would I listen to them?"

Linnzie was sneaking up to them and the rifle hummed on her back, making her feel safe.
I grab Ares and Athena and head down to the training hall.

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