Darkest Heart Number Six

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{Got it.}
Grabbing my twin revolvers, I slipped them into the holsters I'd strapped on in the armory. Following the holy energy to it's source I find the badly wounded Archangel laying unconscious on the bed.
{Holy mother!.... Did this poor SOB get in a fight with what I think he did?...}
I roll aside, dodging a Harpie then cutting it down. {Depends. Do you think he got in a fight with hell hounds and a Fade at the same time?}
I head down to the armory to modify Armads and Athos. When i finish, they now fire bolts of energy powered by a specially designed energy core that i found how to make in one of my tomes.
{Yeah... I recognize the Hellhound bites from descriptions and drawings in my notebook, but whatever the hell the.. Fade did, I doubt much of anything else would have survived. It looks like this guy got hit with something way up on the scale of psychic attacks with some sort of concussive backlash as well. (deep breath) Well I'll see what I can do for him...}
I grab Armads and Athos and go to see how the archangel is doing. "Think he'll be alright?"
{Thanks, Seraphim. I'll be back soon. Be out front when I come back. You need to be aware of what I am as well.}
"Yes, most likely. From what I know about Archangels they're tough as nails."
"Well thats reassuring. He should probably heal quickly. I just hope he doesnt get pissed off at us when he wakes up."
Pulling back the Archangel's armor, I wince at his wounds.
"Damn... this guy really got the crap beat out of him..."
Thinking for a moment, I turn to Michael;
"Michael? Would you mind using sword's healing capabilities on him? (I gesture to the Archangel) I think it'll be more effective than most of the things I've got in my kit."
{He came of his own accord, Micheal. When he wakes up, I'll talk to him.}
"Alright." I channel a substantial amount of energy into Solareon and it releases a healing wave of energy, healing most of the archangel's wounds and mostly healing others. "There we go."
Making one final inspection of the Archangel's injuries, I head out to the manor entrance.
{Alright Tobi, I think our guest will be fine. Michael's sword o healing works wonders. So what is it you want me to know?}
I drop out of the sky, landing in front of Seraphim with my wings slightly out spread. "This." I stand up and stretch my wings to their fullest. While my sister's wingspread of 7 feet was impressive, mine beat her at 12.
"Ok...you have large angel wings. So what?"
"Well, well, well. This certainly explains a bit.. From which line are you descended from?"
"Gabriel,the Van Helsing who slew Dracula, though Alistair is far older then even him." I fold them in, the wings vanishing once they were in their usual spots. "I didn't know about mine til I was about 12 though. Two years after dad's death."
"It must've been shocking."
"That's...a bit of an understatement. It did help to explain my reflexes though, among other oddities." I lead Micheal and Seraphim back inside, closing the front doors. "How's he looking? The Archangel that is."
"Gabriel, eh?"
Thinking for a moment, I suddenly chuckle a grin spreading across my face.
(quietly to self) "so that's what he always meant.. well, now I know..."
Shaking my head in amusement, I turn back to head inside.
(quietly to self) "Alright then, I wounder what 'little' secret is going to turn up next..."

"Much better, now that Michael's sword cleaned him up."
"Good. I'm going to need him to have a clear head when we talk." I look around the entrance hall, noting all the crossbow bolts. "You missed out on a bit of a party earlier, Seraphim. Wouldn't you agree, Micheal?"

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