Darkest Heart Number Six

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I quickly relax, possible issue quickly diffused. "Well, I never knew Solaris to love armor... Ah well. What to do, what to do..." With a quick snap of my fingers, I get an idea, and decide to head to the training arena. Not alone, of course. "Oi, Michael. You want to come along?"
"Nah, i have to keep an eye on the archangel. Besides, Solareon can charge up some energy for use in a pinch."
I sigh unhappily. "If you insist. I was going to offer a bit more of a nice tale, but if you want to stay here..." I state, before walking down the hall.
"I'll catch up later when the angel is up."
Keep things slow guys, going on a date with my wife. Be back in a few hours.
09/20/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Zarkun
Keep things slow guys, going on a date with my wife. Be back in a few hours.

Remember to forget the kids.
OOC: Assuming you have them (no offense intended)
I know Zarkun said slow, but is this really it?

"Noct, I've got some new stuff to try out, so count me in."
I say following Noct down to the training arena.
OOC: Yes, this is it. No telling how long he'll take.
The fade's essence was... stretched.
Not the best description, but close enough. It felt like a rubber band ready to snap at any moment. It moaned quietly, but the sound was lost in the wind about the manor.

The hellhound next to it looked up, wondering if the moan was an instruction but returned to looking at the manor when no order came.

"Kill the first one that leaves."

The hounds rumbled excitedly. Fresh meat soon.
Ravener inspects the angel as it lies there. An interesting creature.

"It's been a long time since I saw one of these things. Very beautiful creatures. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side last time."
Solareon begins to glow very bright at the approach of the monsters outside (I dont know that they're there). "Looks like whatever injured this angel has come for us...We better stay in the manor for a while."
I could feel the dark presences outside the manor, and chuckle. The outer wards would remove any ability to move if they became overly hostile. But, I could also feel the Fade. "Alistair." He appears, his Heretic drawn. "But the Manor on level 6 alert. I don't know how wounded the Fade is, so I wish to take no chances." He nods, vanishing again. {Seraphim, Noct, what are you two doing?}
The wards on Linnzie were complete but she felt more human then both. She couldn't shift to her true form. "What did you do to me..."

I shrugged and heard some commotion. "Tobi placed a ward to help you..."
Down in the training arena, I was busy playing with a small, glowing orb that emitted a fair bit of light. I was keeping care to steady a fairly thick barrier of black energy between me and it, when suddenly Tobi's radio call interrupted my focus, too busy looking at its internal structure. With a hiss, most of that black energy burned away from me, and promptly set a variety of hot white flames dancing over my skin.

With a quick cry of pain, I danced back, the little orb went flying back into the arena, and in a flush of panic, extinguished myself. After resting for a few moments...

"Bah, I was in the arena, preparing it for a slightly different training session. What is it?"
{Wanted to make sure I wasn't coming down to another crater.} I then face Linnzie. "Until the pill takes full effect, those wards will protect you."
"The earthquake would probably be a dead give away." I smile at the bad, accidental pun. "Anyway. I'm busy adding a module to your wards in the arena. Hope you don't mind."
I was coming back to the manor from the forest, extremely hungry.
{Well, I'd prefer you wait til we not have hell hounds and a Fade at the door step, but I suppose I don't.} I was watching them through the upper window. They were determined, and the next hunt couldn't proceed til we killed them.

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