Darkest Heart Number Six

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"Understood. If you need me, don't hesitate to ring."

With a little more focus, I once again called up the little orb, and wrapped myself in a protective cloak of darkness, and began running a few formulae through my head, trying to create a small module add-in for Tobi's wards...
Linnzie touched her rifle and it didn't do anything to her...she was loving on it just as she was loving me. "Why am I acting like this? I feel some kind of lust..."

I was shrugging.
"It's because you love a balancer. And now you're one as well. You two will probably feel urges any second now." I was leaning against the wall, looking out the window, deciding the best course of action.
Linnzie was starting to lose herself. "Don't leave me...." She grabbed my leg and wouldn't let me move.

"Let go!" He started to feel it also. "Tobi help me out here!"
I chuckle. "Can't. The balancer's are going to make sure your bloodline continues. I'm not allowed to interfere."
I struggled to get away but I was pulled onto the floor. "You mean to tell me that we can't do anything about it even if we want to is because were balencer's and the line must continue!?"

Linnzie nips me. "Come on...it may be different but it could be fun." She then thanks for a moment and is in shock. "I'm only 16! I'm to young...please it's to early for both of us Tobi...""
I hear a variety of thumps coming from higher up in the mansion, and a rather muffled, but panicked voice issuing from the vents.

"Hm, any idea what's going up there, Seraphim?" I ask, curiously.
"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. I'm a hunter, not a balancer."
I broke free but Linnzie grabbed back onto me...she was crying. "Tobi...we can't do this. Were to young!"

I started to feel something. "Tobi god damn it...do something!"
"The most I could do is give you a room. Now you understand why I hate the balancers."
Linnzie started to cry harder. "Then if we have to do it then make sure no one will figure out.:

I spoke next. "And make sure you get us something to protect ourselves from anything like disease or pregnancy..."
I shake my head. "You aren't getting it. Graal, the Bloodletters have been Balancer Vessels for years. Even if I gave you a 'rubber', it would happen. Of course, this is most likely just a test for when you are old enough." Shudders. "D@mn balancers."
Shocked with my mouth hanging open. "You mean to tell me...that I am also supposed to help keep the tradition alive...even if it causes me to do something that I'll regret and even though Linnzie will be afraid and scared for a long time..."

She just gripped me and hugged tight...crying into my chest.
I nod solemnly. "Trust me, I don't want it to happen any more then you do, but it's gonna."
I walk into the room where the commotion is happening. I could hear everything due to my enhanced senses. "I agree with Tobi. Fate happens eventually. Whether it be now or decades from now, it happens."
Linnzie stops crying for a second. "Tobi...fine but please find a room where no one will hear us, see us are even be able to enter."

I hug Linnzie. "Don't worry, it's all going to be ok."
I nod and the two find themselves in a room they didn't know existed in the manor. No doors or windows, and no sound in or out. {Radio me when you're done.}
"Alright, im going to back to keeping an eye on the archangel."
We were on a bed with a candle lit room with some music playing in the background now. {Tobi...this is Graal and I have one question...was the candle lights and the music really necessary or was it to set the vibe?}

Linnzie found herself in a pretty vivid outfit. {And this is Linnzie...was the outfit really necessary?} She was looking around. "I think he's just trying to make it feel better on us and he's doing this to make us feel better. So why would I need this thing I'm wearing?"
{Candle, music...outfit? Sorry, but what the room puts you in has nothing to do with me.}

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