Darkest Heart Number Six

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I smiled a bit but I was still upset and serious. "Who knew a room could think on it's on...and the lingerie honey looks good on you?"

Linnzie just laid down beside me and grabbed me. "I guess I like it also...but it's a little sultry for someone of my age."

Just then a great darkness befell the RP...the infamous black screen was on the move.
The sudden screen of black almost took me by surprise. The mighty Rules of the Forums were working their magic.
Listening for a moment, I turn to Noct;
"I'm not entirely sure, but I've got a feeling that.. 'things' are heating up."
I say with a wicked grin.

{What's going on? Are our the guest's friends making themselves known?}
So Warhawk...is the wicked grin for Linnzie and Graal? If it is then how can you sense them if Tobi stuck them in a room which is very private.
It's in response to post # 107.
I chuckle, inserting a pitch-black shard into the glowing orb I was holding. It flickered rapidly between a dark state and a bright one, before settling on the former, albeit with some small black cracks. I let it go, and it whizzes back into the arena.

"There. Now I can convert this world into a tesseraction point similar to the ways... And as for your rather... lewd comment... keep it to yourself!" I put on a disgusted face, before heading into the arena, and giving it a quick stress test, by hurtling a black shard at the perimiter of the arena, which bounces back, and doesn't shatter or scatter . Tobi certainly makes good wards.
grinning, I respond;
"Well.. then why did you ask?"

"Alright, I'm going to go check on the Archangel."
I see Seraphim walk in. "So far, no improvement. Hopefully, he wakes up soon."
I sigh, sadly. Oh well, more for me! With a gesture, I begin imbuing the now-capable arena with energy.

OOC: Damn ninjas!
"What? then why didn't you say so?!?"
I say coming back into the arena.
The black screen started to retreat from the manor and it disappeared once again...never leaving a trace behind it.

We were sleeping on the bed exhausted and we decided to wait and settle down before we had Tobi take us out.
I put on an insane smile, and begin pumping more energy into the arena. "I'm going to retrofit this arena into being a temporary place to house the environment of the ways. All sorts of fun monsters to play target practice with!"

A few black sparks begin to appear around me.
I look around the arena with some mild apprehension;
"Ah.. Noct? just what exactly are you calling up this time?..."
I jump a little at Seraphim's voice over the radio. {I'm afraid so. Just do your thing. I'll think of a way to deal with them soon enough.}
The power I was building was hitting a painful level. "Ihihi! I'm not calling anything! We're going to them!" And with a quick motion, unleashed a potent beam into the center of the arena, and a black aura quickly began to spread over the ground and the air.

"You might want to hold onto this!" I toss Seraphim a staff headed by a small white crystal after I stopped the beam.
"you've got to be kidding me..."

(I catch the staff)
"..What exactly is this for?"

my weapons have lightning and fire attributes. How will this affect combat? please let me know as things come up, so I can write accordingly.
"Your only chance at surviving any longer than five minutes!"

The black aura expands, and pulses quickly covering everything with its energy, including me, but seems to spill around Seraphim in roughly a meter radius. With a final pulse, the arena itself... wavered. With an effect similar to a camera losing its focus, the old arena that Seraphim and I fought in came out of focus, replaced by a sickly-white dustbin filled with some analogue of sand, and contained within a sharply raising black rock cliff face.

Dark sparks flitted through the air, and my armor quickly appeared onto me, and protectively shielded me from the environment of The Ways.

"See what I meant, Seraphim?"

OOC: The sparks are not touching you, but the ones that come close stop becoming black, and become significantly lighter, and slowly orbit around you in a small radius.
"...I see. thanks."
"Do I need to be holding on to it, or can I hook it onto my back straps?"
"You should be able to holster it. Its the only thing keeping the energy of The Ways from burning your flesh off your bones."

An alien cry is heard in the distance, and a large black shape stirs, obscuring the view of the red and purple sky. I take a quick look. "Looks like the entertainment's here." I say, pointing at the object behind Seraphim, sitting on the rocky ridge.

OOC: Damn you, B-net! *flips table*
I continue staring at the hell hounds. {Micheal, could you come here please.}

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