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I want to start another RP but it might be too much for me. Or people might not join. If I started a roleplay right now who would join?

If I started Ghost Ship's Sequel who would Join?


EDIT: I am also DMing The dishonored btw.
I'd join. I'd just bring Daalis back.
I'd join, I'd bring Michael, and a certain someone else with me.
A certain someone?

Who else would join? I will make it if we can get a few from the original. Also it might be important to read my last post in the first Ghost Ship.




I can't respond when I have school boya....let me think about it because so many RP's can turn into chaos.
I understand CR. I dont think Cynthia and Korzis could even join. It would have to be veroer or something.

wait.... CR.... you DID just respond...

Anyone else?
Yes I just did, kinda hard to respond when you have to wait until you get home from school. -_-
ooh, okay :P

Dont forget about TD(The Dishonored) I would rather that one thrive then have two fail.

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